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I have been able to keep track of my diet fairly well for about five days or so. I am really happy with myself. However, somethings are apparent. I haven't been making it to the gym most days of the week. My energy has not been high enough. I really want to explode with energy!!! And I am probably just missing my daily coffee high. Anyways---it is fairly evident I am not getting carbed up. I just watched the vid by Teri L about eating enough calories, and I haven't been. Secondly, my sleep is not awesome. I want to start going to bed at 9PM on the dot. That way I can get up, and get things done before my son wakes for the day. I am slowly taking in more and more water! I'll get there!!!!!! So hopefully soon I can get the eats/rest/water ish down pat!

I went shopping today and bought a case of organic nanas from Whole Foods, which ended up costing me almost 30 dollars. I also got pink ladies and caracara oranges. I have a lot of young organic spinach from Cosco too. Yay. My meals this week are going to be simple banana based meals with the main goal of taking in 3000 cals/day.

Thank you all for your support/advice! Peace and Love!

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Comment by Greenmama on April 3, 2012 at 1:22pm

Mmmmm... Cara Cara oranges!  Hey, let's spend a little more time celebrating how you just busted through to 100% raw and no coffee.  You were fighting those Soy Lattes and making excuses about the expresso machine, and all of a sudden, you beat that addiction to the curb.  So inspirational!

Finally, I swear to you, it is soooo much easier to sleep well when you have enough carbs.  I notice a huge difference.  I never would have believed it if I hadn't experienced it.  And of course, you will feel like exercising with more carbs and more sleep.  So eat up and the rest will follow!  You will explode with energy like you want to.


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