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I am now finishing my third week of being 80/10/10. This has already been a rough journey. But I am always up for a challenge.

I am very grateful to have come by this though and I have faith it will work out in the end.

As far as complications go, I certainly have a list...haha

Let's begin with all the infections that came about  the second week. I had a severe infection in my gums that spread to my throat. Very painful. I hate antibiotics, I know they are awful for anyone and create problems for your digestive system and your immune system but the infection got so bad I had to take them! Even I, who is completely convicted in hating the medical industry for everything that they have become had to take medicine.

Quite humbling I might add.

Moving on to the constant nausea I get every time I eat fruit. Any fruit. Any combination. Mono or not. Doesn't matter. It is only getting worse and I have asked around and no one seems to know what it could be from. Someone on here suggested that it might be fructose malabsorption but I don't have all the systems. But I won't rule it out completely. If that were so, it would be very inconvenient for my life style.

This is really upsetting me actually. Every time I eat even just two bananas I get this very tight nauseating chest pain that is extremely uncomfortable. I feel like I might throw up. Has anyone else experienced this from fruit? It is so bazaar!

Other than that I am very happy about how my co workers are responding to me now and they are getting very excited about eating healthy in their own lives too. One of them even made a vegan dish and brought it to work for everyone! I am so proud of them! :P

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Comment by Chris P. on February 22, 2012 at 6:42pm

Hi Kim, I'm glad that adding greens seems to have helped! LOL! The peeing thing, yeah it can be annoying! :)

I'd definitely ping Don Bennett to ask about nausea/chromium (or other things) connection, he has a lot of information on various vitamins/minerals. I'm so sorry you've been having the nausea, it's no fun to feel that way at all! I'm glad you are finding ways to get enough to eat without feeling sick all the time! Hang in there, I'm sure you'll get things sorted!

Comment by ali8un on February 22, 2012 at 1:09pm

Yes! Definitely get your chromium checked if you are having sugar absorption problems. HAve a look on Don Bennetts website - I think he has explanations on there as to why it is important. I am feeling a lot better since taking chromium supplements. 

Comment by Kimberley Marie on February 22, 2012 at 10:26am

Hey everyone thanks for the feedback and support! I really appreciate it!

The nausea started before I got the infection so I know it had nothing to do with it. I followed some of Chris's advice and added some broccoli to my smoothie today and it actually helped a lot. I still got nauseas but it wasn't nearly as painful as it has been.

I found a thread on here someone posted and it looked like they experience exactly what I was. Chris explained it to.

To answer Chris's questions :)

1-I pee ATLEAST 12 times a day. haha. I know I could always drink more water but I pee so much that it gets annoying.
2-the bananas are very ripe. That hasn't made a difference
3-I am eating greens but they were seperate from the fruit. I am trying to add them together now and it seems to be helping.

4-I've been eating a lot of smoothies too and just waiting through the nausea. I gotta eat, ya know!
5-dates are actually the fruit that makes me the most sick! But I love them!
6-yes I have tried that too
7-yes basically all the fruits I eat make me nauseous. I did a test yesterday because I thought maybe I had fructose malabsorption. and it is all of them. Mangos, bananas, dates, oranges, grapes, melons.

I started adding in yams at because I really needed to eat something without getting sick. I steam them a little with some broccoli. My stomachs feel great after eating that and never get sick from it. I can even eat as much fruit as I want after eating a yam and I am fine.

I learned yesterday that yams are high in chromium could that be it?

Anywaysssss thanks everyone I really appreciate the help! Seriously yall are great :D

Comment by Greenmama on February 22, 2012 at 8:46am

Did the nausea start before or after the infection/ antibiotics?

Comment by the Phenomenal Lauren G on February 22, 2012 at 2:30am

Chris said it all.  I just wanted to give some support.  Follow Chris' advice and stay in the forums.  I usually add in a veggie salad or even a bit of rice when I am experiencing sensitivities.  I'm told in the forum that all sensitivities will pass with time.  Your body needs 11 months to totally renew itself. Hopefully it takes less time than that to pass the sensitivities.  

Comment by Chris P. on February 21, 2012 at 5:26pm

Hi Kim, wow way to hang in there! Also, it’s so wonderful that your work mates are starting to join in with support! That is to be treasured for sure! Well, let’s see, you need calories from somewhere!  We want you to be really well so you will feel great AND be able to help those wonderful people around you!

I realize I only am getting a snapshot here so if I am off base on any of this that could be part of why. So from what I’ve read, my big concern is that if you don’t get in enough calories you’ll crash and burn and so even if you lose that few more pounds, you’ll end up gaining it back and more and more importantly continue to have compromised immune system, quite possibly from not enough fuel, possibly leading to other illnesses.

I don’t think you should feel bad about taking the medicine; a gum infection is nothing to play around with. Are there other ways of dealing with infection? Sure, but would they have worked for you in your present circumstances? Maybe not. So the real trick would seem to be preventing such things from even happening!

So there are 4 things to talk about, food (calories), hydration, sleep and exercise. Exercise is important because it keeps things moving, circulating and really helps you eliminate, but let’s leave that off for now, as it seems you have some bigger issues to deal with. Running your engine on high revs when there’s hardly enough gas to move would seem counterproductive.

OK, so I'll ask some questions that you probably have already covered but just to be certain. Also, I want to help provide a base for others to see, so they can chime in with their experience and any tips they may have found helpful. For specific, immediate crisis things like gum infection, etc, Don Bennett pops to my mind as he has years of experience in dealing with specific issues.

1 - How is your hydration? Are you drinking enough to pee maybe 10 times a day?

Some people find that taking a liter of water 20 – 30 minutes before eating, helps with pain on eating fruit.

2 - The bananas you have tried to eat, do they have lots of brown spots on the skin?

Have you tried organic bananas?

Have you tried different types of bananas?

3 - Are you eating any greens?

Some people have found eating greens to be helpful with pain on eating fruit.

4 - Have you tried smoothies as a way of eating your fruit?

“Green smoothies” would be an easy way to get fruit and greens.

5 - Can you tolerate dates? 

Dates are calorically dense, so you don’t need as much “bulk” to get a good amount of calories in from them.

6 - Have you tried taking dates blended in water?

7 - What other fruits have you tried? Do they all make you nauseous?

I feel like you’ve approached this with great gusto and obviously enough enthusiasm to even get other people interested. That is awesome! :) Also, you’ve been slogging it out despite some pretty trying circumstances.  What I’m really hoping is that people here will be able to share and help you have a MUCH easier and more enjoyable time of it!

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