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I planned pretty poorly for the day. And my food choices sort of reflected that. Ah well --- back to it tommorow! I started off the day as usual, but then got stuck out with my Mother and son and ended up eating a bit of fast food for lunch. This put me in a food "coma" for a few hours. I napped with my son. Typically, my parents eat late. So I was totally starved prior to dinner (which is no good!) and my Mother fixed me a bowl of homemade icecream. It is just a lesson I am not quite there yet. Come to think of it...I stayed up late the night before and my son got up ultra early. Part of it likely boils down to lack of sleep too! Lesson learned. I want to be candid, and record these things, because this is the only way I will grow and learn from my mistakes. Anyways here is what I had today:

Breakfast: Banana, strawberry and date smoothie (coffee with soy creamer)

Lunch: French fries, side salad with dressing and lemonade (at chick fil a)

Dinner: More lettuce wraps with rice, grilled vegetables, salsa and guac + Mom's ice cream

Who am I kidding!? Today went terrible. LOL. Too much cooked, too much fat, sprinkled with dairy. At any rate, tommorow is a new day. I said I must come up with a plan so here it is:

Breakfast: Bananas and grapes

Lunch: Watermelon

Dinner: Head or romaine topped with oranges and hemp seeds

I'm hoping to stick to my gunz tommorow. I will politely decline and remind my fam if they offer me any cooked/dairy concoctions (They're not crazy enough to ever offer meat!)! Another thing I can do is make sure I fit in my ZUMBA. Also, continue to eat even if meals aren't served on time. I should have eaten fruit prior to chick fil a and just had a side salad. Wow I thought of many things I could have done better---I'm learning, holding myself accountable. YAY! Can't wait to get back to my fresh watermelon for lunch. I am feeling pretty heavy at this point. UGH! I always feel so much better on raw vegan fare. I think I need to get rest now. Good night 30BAD!



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Comment by Lala M. Apples on June 6, 2012 at 12:06am

Thanks Grapenut!


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