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I completed my first 21 Day Water Fast!!!

Well, I finally did it and I made it through my first long fast of only water! It was not easy at times but it sure was achievable and well worth the benefits long term!

I got out of my body's way and I let it heal and heal and heal...I am sure there was more to go when I ended the fast, but I needed to get home to my family and start my life again. I also think  that 21 days is pretty substantial for a first timer..

I now know what to expect and I am no longer afraid anymore. I know it can be done and I do believe that at one time or another every creature on the planet should undertake at least one long fast to get rid of built up toxins over the years!


With all of my years as a runner, running distances of 26.2 miles or more and training all of the time and including swimming and biking and eating a predominately all fruit diet, I was still never able to shed the 20 unwanted pounds that riddled my body for years and years..The reason that was so, was because I had so many built up toxins stored into my fat cells and my deep tissue.  What toxins you may ask? Well, they didn't all come from just bad foods over the years...They included things like stress, anger, antiperspirants with aluminum and air pollution and the list goes on and on....so now I see what the problems were..It was not me after all it was the garbage waste that was stuck inside me and I could not release it without a water fast no matter how many mono meals I ate.


Water fasting without any nutrients and calories at all allows your body's vital force to heal...No digestion in the way to stop it from working full time as the digestion takes as much as 50% of your body's energy to work  on digesting alone..Brain function is around 35%...not really enough to get that body healed..The most healing you really ever do is while you sleep b/c your body is at rest and not taking in anything to slow down the process! I find it important to eat a few hours before going to sleep for that reason alone.


I also want to add that although this is personal I need to add my biggest wakeup call during my fast..I had at least 1 bowel movement if not 2 per day the entire 21 days of my fast!!! That showed me how much waste was stuck inside my colon and for who knows how long??  I have a new relationship with foods now..I now know what foods and toxic products were doing to my poor body.


I am a runner and I had so much waste that I was carrying around like a bad backpack!! No longer do I want to feel like that..I worked really hard and spent a lot of money and time away from my family to mess this all up now.


I have the taste buds of a new born baby now and I want to take full advantage of that and taste how wonderful fruits and veggies really are. I want to experience the greatness of life that I have never known before.  I am going to become a fruit hunter/chaser and go to where the best fruit on earth is or have it delivered  to my home! It is the way I want to live..I want to live clean and free from the bondage of what cooked foods had done to me over the years..The msg that lured me in and seduced all of my senses before my brain could say no. MSG is a drug and it is not better than any other drug, just harder to give up

b/c it is put onto food..If you were to sprinkle cocaine on food you would eat that food for life and nothing else..even if that food were cat food. It would not even matter to you..That is what MSG is..Don't be fooled like I was..Never again!


My fruit days are ahead of me and I wanted to share my experience with you all. I know this can be done and I urge you to all read what you can about it and find out as much as you should about it and find the best place you can fast whether it be a clinic or a retreat with a supervisor..take the time to be well, so you won't have to take the time to be sick later!  Happy days ahead!!!!


With Love,

Victoria Arnstein





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Comment by soular00t on July 11, 2014 at 1:21am

Currently on my 3rd day of water fasting.

The longest fast I have done was only 6 days. My fast included both veg/fruit juice from the blender, and a minimum of a gallon of water a day. For 5 out of 6 days I had ZERO bowel movements.

It's interesting you had so many bowel movements, you make me feel like I already had a major detox.

Comment by SarahLynn Bradley on May 29, 2012 at 4:27am

How inspirational!!!! I like doing 24 hour water fasts. 1 time I did a 3 day water fast with my husband. We just weren't hungry we couldn't feel true hunger. so we knew it was best. :) Way to go!!

Comment by Anastasia/Champagne Mango on February 4, 2011 at 8:59am

Victoria, I'm happy for you. A lot of toxicity=no good.

I can personally relate with being a runner and still not seeing an extra 10-15lbs not come off.

I'd be curious to see if the weight stays off; I hear a lot about regaining after fasts. It seems that's all I hear from people actually, when I start out on a fast.

Glad to see you got that physical, spiritual and emotional rest. ;)

Comment by NinaB on January 21, 2011 at 11:11pm
Congrats on your fast!!  Can't wait to hear what it is like back home, having a new relationship with food....and wow!  I understand what you mean about the extra pounds that just don't come off!!!
Comment by Adam on January 16, 2011 at 3:20am

Hey Victoria


Congratulations, it is a fantastic achievement. Glad you have found it such a rewarding experience. Look forward to hearing more about your experiences.


It is unfortunate that you have decided to take down your thoughts about your experiences at tanglewood with Loren. I didnt get to read them. Perhaps it might be useful for you to try and construct your thoughts without you feeling like they are a 'rant' if you are worried about being unfair. ultimately, we cannot be neutral or unbiased. There is no such thing. Either we have an opinion about something one way, or we have an opinion about something another way. Either way, we will always have an opinion, even if that changes over time. That opinion may include balanced perspectives, for fairness, but part of that balance will include your own concerns, feelings and perspectives.


Ultimately, if you are interested in encouraging people to fast, it is important that you give people an opportunity to learn as much as possible about a supervisor and a centre before going. The only way people can accurately do that is by hearing peoples honest personal experiences, so that people can make informed decisions. If fasting is to become a popular decision taken by people, people must ensure their safety and ensure that they have a positive experience. If that experience becomes tainted, they may discourage others from fasting at all, rather than just fasting at that particular centre. Remember that there are heaps of places to fast. People can still choose to fast with Loren. And they can choose to fast with a different supervisor (eg. Nicholas tancheff, doug graham, alan goldhamer etc).


I hope you will reconsider and post a fair account of your experiences with tanglewood and loren, that accounts for your decision to leave early.Perhaps just list the pro's and cons and try to separate your interpretations and judgements of your experiences with the facts, ie. what actually happened, which may help you to be more objective and unbiased, so that you can feel like your account is fair and accurate.


I strongly believe that will be of benefit to you - and to other people who may be thinking of fasting and trying to evaluate which centre will be best for them to ensure they have an optimal experience.


Take care


Adam x

Comment by Victoria on January 14, 2011 at 1:42am
I meant your own hands..lol
Comment by Victoria on January 14, 2011 at 1:41am

I have decided to take my rant about Loren Lockman to stay neutral. I think if anyone decides to choose where they would like to fast that is their choice and I don't want to taint anyone's views.I was angry for my reasons and I don't think I should place that any of you in the name of fairness. Loren had been helpful to me at times and I had my disappointments that have nothing to do with any of you. I wish to promote healing and fasting for good health and I don't want to sway anyone in any way that would turn them off from something that could benefit so much. I apologize to you and to Loren about my rant. Please note that everyone has their own experiences with different people and it is all relative..What was not good for me could be good for someone else. Here 's to taking your health into your won hands!!! I hope you make the choices that lead you to good health..Be well


Comment by Victoria on January 12, 2011 at 12:47am
thanks everyone! I am finally home and I surprised the kids..they had no idea I was coming home a week early..never slept better in my life than in my own bed,,,good decision to come home rather than stay where I could no longer take it.
Comment by Patryc Willis on January 11, 2011 at 3:14pm
thats an awesome feat - good job
Comment by Alicia on January 11, 2011 at 3:13pm
Congratulations, Victoria! I'm so happy for you. Big hugs!


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