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gut bacteria as source of b12, k and cholesterol etc

Gut bacteria and simple sugars (fructose)

simple sugars of which fructose is a simple sugar

there exists a relationship between gut microbiota and food nutrients. For example, Prevotella is related with carbohydrates and simple sugars, indicating an association with a carbohydrate-based diet more typical of agrarian societies, while Bacte

roides enterotypes is associated with animal proteins, aminoacids and satured fats, typical components of a Western diet. That means that depending on the nutrients consumed in diet one enterotype will dominate over the other.

specifically ...

When fructose not absorbed in the small intestine, it gets transported into the large intestine, where it gets fermented by the colonic flora.

from here we know that gut flora and bacteria eat carbohydrate material including simple sugars that would include fructose. These same gut bacteria provide us with vitamin K and b12 in healthy individuals.

lesser known and understood, is that b12 as well as K can come from the same sources.

Other frucotse uses...

The beauty of fructose is that our bodies do have multiple uses for fructose. When we eat starchy foods like grains and potatoes, our bodies can only convert those to glucose, and that triggers insulin production. In some sensitive individuals, this can lead to high blood sugar, weight gain, and other problems.

However, with fructose from fruits, our bodies will absorb what it needs and manufacture different things as needed. If glucose and glycogen is needed, it will produce that. On a vegan diet, we still need cholesterol, and fructose can be converted to cholesterol and triglycerides as needed too. There are several other beneficial metabolites for fructose as well.

The rest will feed our gut bacteria which in turn provide us with nutrients such as b12 and K.

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