30 Bananas a Day!

This is how I see it :

I am running on a little road, a track, muddy with stones to avoid if I don;t want to fall, the surroundings are nice tough. I am behind the hill and it is quite dark because the sun is shining on the other side and the track is going up the hill.

I have options in front of me :

- stop running and walk up the hill

- keep running/walking/crawling whatever to get on top of the hill whatever

- stop running and go back to the starting point

- sit down on the side of the track and whinge

- leave the track and make it to the top of the hill whatever

 and so much more...

So this is my choice : I am going to get over that hill whatever the way I get there, keep running and stuff myself with fruits until I reach the 2500 calories a day each day.


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