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Fruitarianism, Water and why still not 100%

From the wall of the Fruitarian page on facebook:

I am under the name "Fruitarian" here (facebook named me so because I created the page :)

Jane E Marchant
Does anyone, especially Lena have some solid research on eating fruit to get your water versus drinking water. I have read the Bragg book on water (pro-drinking), but a book called "Health Revolution" says that water is best obtained from fruit. I want to know what is ideal, not most
convenient. Thank you.

Results of my personal research (which is not deep enough though) that I could summarize as: you should drink as minimum 1.5 liter of water a day regardless what you eat, are quite opposite to my own experience. I can go for weeks and months without drinking any water (I do not drink anything else, no other drinks) and feel fresh and wonderful even in a very warm weather. It does not effect my training, even when I run ~10 km (6 mile) or more without haven had anything prior to the exercise. It even feels unpleasant to drink some water after a long period for the first time.

Some of my friends, that are into 8-1-1 diet, are strongly opposed to this. But I listen carefully to my body, and I do believe that the best water is in fruit - naturally filtered, and full of nutrients. More than that, I am against the common differentiation between food and water, I think it is applicable only to modified foods with lots of addings (like spices, salt, etc.) There is a data that we cannot define clearly thirst from hunger, and it causes many people to eat when they actually need fluid. I think, it may have something to do with natural craving for ONE source of water and food - exactly what juicy fruits are.
It seems to me irresponsible to advise to drink lots of fluids to a fruitarian. On some days I eat, for example, 6 pound of watermelon and nothing else, it would be stupid to make myself drink few glasses of water on top of that without having any thirst, wouldn't it?
There was a tendency in dietology a couple of years ago to advise drinking 8 glasses of water a
day! Only later it was criticized heavily. So, those people who followed the advise must had put their organs to overwork for nothing.
We should also remember, that water can have high in minerals, which are in the "inactive" form and can even damage our body.
Few months ago I got in touch with many mono-raw vegans, many of them eat lots of fruit and drink water rather seldom.
As for me, I regularly (almost every day) practice no drinking or eating till 1-2 p.m. and feel very good.

Jane E Marchant
Thank you so much for your thorough and long reply. I highly regard and appreciate it.

I have been getting a sore stomach from drinking water for about two years now: even on an empty stomach, in the daytime. It caused me to wonder.

Glad if my experience could be a piece of a bigger picture on the subject for you Jane.
Yes, sometimes I had similar feelings. As a fruitarian one develops higher than normal sensitivity...

Jane E Marchant
I am sensitive to everything except juicy fruit. Also I have multiple (hundreds of) chemical intolerances. btw, do you eat bananas and figs, they are flowers not fruits?

That's interesting, I wish I had something like that to have a reason to reject some vegan food tasting :)
They are flowers botanically? I eat both very seldom.

Jane E Marchant
"The fig is commonly thought of as fruit, but it is properly the flower of the fig tree. It is in fact a false fruit or multiple fruit, in which the flowers and seeds grow together to form a single mass." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ficus

I was wrong about the bananas though: they are fruits. The original bananas contained large seeds (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Inside_a_wild-type_banana.jpg), that have been bred to be tiny now. Sorry about that.

That's interesting - next time I see figs I look much closer :)

Hm, I am not buying cut flowers for decoration, you know, and nobody who knows be ever give me flowers, knowing my views - but I ate figs. I think the main thing here, that the fig tree produced the figs to be eaten (and seeds spread) by animals, so it's part of gradually developed interdependency... You see, my fruitarianism comes from mind :)

Jane E Marchant
Aren't (reproductive) seeds produced after pollination then fertilisation? Botanically fruit is produced from parts of a fertilised flower. Figs are pollinated by wasps. I have yet to see a wasp-fertilised fig in shops.

But I am now totally with you on not buying cut flowers! We need our flowers to come to fruition, so to speak!

Hm, I saw a big documentary on fig tree exclusively, but it was too log ago to remember such details, I do remember that the tree was profiting from animals using its fruit/flowers. I just checked this out: http://www.crfg.org/pubs/ff/fig.html a little, and still think spreading of pollinated seeds is possible, they are in the "fruit". I'll look into it deeper some other time.

Each time I feel sad to look at those flowers in WholeFoods... I think it is sad to look on them dying slowly on your eyes at home.

Alchemilla RawVeganWater is inorganic. We need to drink it from fruits. Water in its inorganic state is literally food for trees...

Jane E Marchant
Wow! Great info Alchemilla! I was suspecting this, you said it so good.

Alchemilla, water is by definition inorganic substance, so please explain what do you mean by that.

Light is also a food for trees, it does not mean though we do not need it (we definitely do, beginning with vitamin D synthesis).

Jane E Marchant
Perhaps inorganic as in not very assimilable on it's own by the human body? I think we still need water, but through the fruit?

Alchemilla RawVegan
@ Fruitarian: We need Sunlight to live but we do not eat directly the Sun. What we get is filtered sunlight.
The same happen to water. We need water but better get it filtered through the labor of trees.
Trees have the incredibile power to give life to inorganic stuff.
We need to eat Life if we want to live.

I do not recall last time I drank a glass of water.
Usually it happens in the summer when I'm not hungry and dont feel like eating a fruit, but it's very rare u know...

Try this: at morning, eat first of all an apple. Wait some time and then drink a glass of water. Tell me how u feel, tell me if u feel water like floating into ur guts.

Fruit come with water, it is a complete food by definition. U do not need anything else.

Lena, i read that sometimes u eat some cooked food also: I think u still feel the need to drink water cos ur body goes into acid U are not the first fruitarian/raw foodist that sometimes eat cooked vegan and u know, I still can't understand how u dont feel bad or disgusted by such dead stuff... I cannot even THINK to eat a steamed veggie or pasta or...anything else that's not fruit! Either raw or cooked.
I'm 8 months fruitarian and have been 1y and half high raw.

Do u know about the perils of cooked food?
U put ur body in serious danger everytime u ingest cooked food.

Fruitarian @Alchemilla:
"We need water but better get it filtered through the labor of trees."

- I agree with each word of it!

"Usually it happens in the summer when I'm not hungry and dont feel like eating a fruit"

- the same for me, but in all seasons :)

Oh yes Alchemilla, each time I taste cooked vegan stuff or raw with spices I have immediate wish of water!

Yes, it is a social thing... I know no raw vegans (some are soon to be) nor fruitarians in real life, and very very few vegans... I refuse totally even for testing all non-vegan food (6 years ago I still have not reject cheese totally, and feel awful about that but can not change the past).

Good for you Tanya! 8 month is a good term - I wish you total success in a long run.
As for me I am not sure yet I am going to refuse to taste a spoon or piece
of something vegan if my friends offer me too. There is some greater
social good I still see in sharing vegan food especially with

Another example: two weeks ago I was sitting next to a non-vegan friend of mine while she was preparing vegetables for a soup and when she was finished, there were leaves left from the roots to throw away - I ate some of them. It is not fruitarian, and I don't buy not-fruit
vegetables nor sprout seeds, but in that moment it felt right.

I am going to follow the moral low in me, maybe it is going to change one day.

To be truthful I need to add that sometimes I do that for emotional reasons only:

1. because it seems to me to be the easiest way to disillusion myself about taste of an attractive type of food, by tasting I realize that the real non-fruit dish is not that delicious at all;

2. to understand again, that it influent my body and mind in a way I don't want too.

Jane E Marchant
I think the state of our current health plays a big role. The moment I eat non-fresh-fruit I get very sick and incapacitated.

Alchemilla RawVegan We need to detox also from non fruitarian friends.
This is not being "racist" but it's important to stay with other fruitarian so that we can renforce our natural tendencies.
If we date, meet only with cooked-vegan and we are the only fruitarian, I'm afraid sooner or later we will go slowly back to cooked vegan or
raw vegan (most likely)..

We have surrounded by many poisons, in all area of our life.
Gotta pay very much attention to any single thing we do.
Even the hardest stone can be eroded by a constant drop of water with time.

Fruitarian That's true, Jane, and I felt the same many times when I ate such food. I feel the best - wonderful - on fruit and nothing else, I proved it to myself by many experiments over the years (some of them were foolish :).

Jane and Alchemilla (Tanya), I copied our conversation in a blog and we already have new conversational partners (http://wwwhttp://www.30bananasaday.com/profiles/blogs/fruitarianism-water-and-why#comments). I know Tanya has profile there, but if, Jane, you don't have or don't want to create one, we can continuer here, just checking on other
fruitarians' opinions.

BTW, there (in the end of the blog article) you can find my report on all bad things I did in my diet recently.

And naturally, all visitors of our page are invited as well.

Jane E Marchant
Alchemilla. Your words are like medicine to my soul. I so understand about detoxing from non-fruitarian friends, and the other things you said. We need
every drop of support we can: it's a narrow enough path as it is!

Lena. Thank you very much for going to the effort to pasting this thread into
a blog post. I joined 30bananas a few days ago as "Jane". See you on

Alchemilla, somehow I missed your comment!

I must agree with you. People we meet influence us unconsciously, even if we take very good care about clarity and freedom in our minds. I notice
it way too often.

:) It is marvelous to be in touch with fruitarians!


PS (by Lena): I was evaluating my "nutritional" mistakes by making a timeline with exceptions in the past months and periods without them, how I remember it, and decided to share them with you. I am already feel sorry for the readers - it may sound disappointing, it kind of was to me. I feel like I should not post it on a lfrv site, but I publish it here for the sake of honesty in sharing experience.
I am not counting occasional food tasting (tiny amounts). All other meals I had were fresh fruit (and little nuts seldom, lately - none).
I still don't know in each case, why exactly I did that.

Here it goes:

October 2008 - January 2009: 100%;

February: a small vegan dish - once;
(reason: made for me by a very good friend);

March: brown rice (cooked) with cayenne, tofu with curcuma - few times;
(reasons: emotional crises; attraction specifically to curcuma and cayenne, before eating them on other food I tried to drink them with water)

May - July: 100% (not sure; if there was an exception, then I just don't now what it was and when anymore);

August: corn chips (baked), carrots (raw) with humus (not-raw) - few times each;
September - mid October: carrots (raw), guacamole (raw, fresh, but spicy), cabbage (raw) - few times each;
(reason: by corn and cabbage it could be emotional attachment, childhood memories, together with weakness after a coldness/flu, could be wish "to belong", because it was in a social situation);

mid October - mid February 2010: 100% (and strictly mono-eating, experiment)

mid February - April: cabbage (raw) and some raw and non-raw vegetables, bread without yeast (felt not that bad as expected, but without big satisfaction - disappointment), green peas or artichokes (caned; felt very bad from both!) - all few times;
(reasons: by the first cabbage salad with other vegetables it was what I call a "taste crises" - fruits became way too sweet and "tasteless" to me at the same time, I became very sensitive to flavors of spices I recognized around me and I was unsatisfied in a strange way, so eating the salad felt good, but it was salty and made me feel pretty uncomfortable afterwords; as for others: traveling in places with too little ripe fruit evaluable, bad organization, nervousness).

BTW, I felt worse emotionally when I had raw carrots and cabbage (not fruits, to eat them are against one of my main principles) than eating not raw peas (but they were way to salty or felt like that to me and it disturbed my water balance badly).

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Comment by Maria K on May 6, 2010 at 7:08pm
Lena and Jules,
I urinate even when I don´t drink. What do you think about it? Perhaps my kidneys are not healthy?
Comment by L∃N∀ on May 6, 2010 at 2:58pm
PS: Nora Lenz is so right on mono-eating:
"I now realize that the desire to mix foods together in complex combinations has nothing to do with hunger and everything to do with an inappropriate and unnatural need to stimulate or entertain ourselves with food."

She is very positive. I did not like her narrowed photographs though :)

And interesting, many people start to have "cleansing events" when they go 100% raw (I do not hold "crisis" for only cleansing but that's another story), but I feel perfect. My periods of bodily discomfort correlate with times I am down with my spirit or non-raw picking.

BTW, a little about perspiration - I have it much less that other people I observed, even if I run long time, even in hot weather, and it starts to be noticeable later than by others.
Comment by L∃N∀ on May 6, 2010 at 1:42pm
Thank you Jules!
The site is so interesting, I am going to read her bio soon.

Eating many watermelons last 2-3 months I am by 7 too. And I am totally agree with her on sleep! I researched the subject recently, and and to think that uninterrupted sleeping process (it is not just resting, it's a hard work in some phases) is more important health factor than nutrition. I wake up at night almost never, and feel ready to go from the first minute of awakening, my mind is clear and sharp, and I want it to be this way as long as possible.

I realized today that most of my dietary wrongdoing is due to inability to get proper fruit- ripe, right kind(s), fresh, tasty, right quantity, in right time. And then I usually need some stability and nice place to be, harmonious relationships or quite loneliness. And even if I manage for a long time to provide myself with all of it, it comes the time when something happens, then again, and I find myself tired and hungry with no real food and unable to switch to fasting mode because of emotional uneasiness or worse.

And then people: meeting so many in the analog world I encounters my first vegetarian (the girl was even vegan) after 11 years of feeling myself as a hidden outsider wherever I go. I had years of regular restaurant visits, where I often couldn't order even something vegan and drunk water, wine or tee to help my hanger and awkwardness. In the best case I was picking in a plate with cut tomato or veggies while business crowd around cut blood stakes or friends rolled their pasta on spoons. Saying no on parties to almost everything, and people take "no" in astoundingly personal way... trying to sound not that moralizing...

So communication with raw vegans and fruitarians is social luxury I have in internet, thus I am with you on that Jules: it's fascinating.
Comment by Fruity Jules on May 5, 2010 at 10:47pm
Dear Lena. . .

I am still in agreement with you and loving it! ♥ Yes, I have the same thoughts about the large quantities of greens.

You may be interested in this quote from Nora Lenz of www.rawschool.com. Nora has been a LFRV for 10 years, and a fruitarian for the last 5 years. A couple of days ago, there was a discussion somewhere about how many times people urinate a day, and asking what was optimal. She responded:

"I'm down to about 7 now, which is still too much, imo. It is my considered (and unpopular) opinion that peeing *less* should be the goal of everyone who seeks optimal health. There is no benefit in forcing our bodies to deal with excess water, no matter what form it is consumed in. The most obvious evidence of this is when we must wake up at night and sacrifice our precious sleeping time for urinating. Many important processes are conducted ONLY during sleep, such as the regeneration of nerve energy. No matter how minor, any disruption to sleep represents a net loss for our bodies. When I'm eating the proper (adequate) quantities of food, I urinate very seldomly, maybe 2-4 times a day, and I don't pee at night."

It is fascinating to me the various opinions and insights of peeps. It seems we all have much to learn and understand through our own experiences. :)
Comment by L∃N∀ on May 5, 2010 at 12:29am
Thank you Lissa, but I think we should thank Jane for bringing it up.

I read so much articles and even books on nutrition, that sometimes I feel silly for investing a huge chunk of my lifetime into it, just to realize: there is no known limitation to living just on fruit, and I may take remarks like "wait, you are going to die from severe illnesses rather soon" sceptically :)

Your thoughts are in resonance with mine Lissa, and your experience is similar to mine. Your sentence "I wish I could like on fruit and sun solely" brings me to an idea:

A question to you guys, who eat leafy greens every day: don't you think that this dense food make you feel thirsty because your body don't need lots of stuff in it?

And to Freelee again: I read your article on menstruation (http://sweetjuicyfreelee.com/2010/05/03/that-bloody-time-of-the-month/), where you say "when you are losing blood, you are losing water as well, so your water needs will increase". I am quite confused. Are you actually loosing so much blood that it is needed to be replaced? Is it more than few spoons a day? And when did you write the article? (I couldn't find the date)
Comment by L∃N∀ on May 5, 2010 at 12:08am
@DURIANRIDER Thank you for participating!
Yet again, it is not our aim to exclude water just for the sake of it.

Sorry, I am not with you on spookiness in my case :) You should describe you friend's situation in detail before we can discuss it.
Comment by L∃N∀ on May 4, 2010 at 11:59pm

It's all right :)
"Hearing from both angles", or better from all angles possible is what I want and what we are aiming here for.

Your experience with melons (watermelons, right?) is very interesting! Here we can see how different we feel in a similar conditions. When I was eating only watermelons for strait 5 or even more days (there were an occasional melon or apples on some point though) several weeks ago, I tried drinking water, but it felt like an overkill, even unpleasant. It felt like it goes straight through my body for no reason.
So, you were having thirst, right? Than why were you truing to avoid water?

To be clear on subject of the conversation. We try to figure out here, whether it is a good strategy at least for some of us to listen to our body signals (thirst) to define how much water we should drink providing we give our bodies ideal nourishment (we think, that it could be fruit and nothing else). Right? So we are not talking about whether or not we should keep us hydrated (certainly yes!) but about best source of water, and we have a hypothesis that it is juicy fruit.

"No we don't have any of those yet!"
Exactly! And till then I refuse to blindly follow advise build on studying people on a completely wrong diet and disregard or interpret in a certain way messages of my own body and other people experiences. I think it is dubious to say "If you have durst than it is already too late" - no, I think it is exactly the right time to hydrate myself. And why "slight dehydration" considered to be so bad? Every morning my pee is slightly colored, whether I drink plenty of water or not. I don't feel bad at all. It's natural - we must sleep for long hours in one piece, so it is totally normal condition for our body to be without any income of liquid for a while.

And what seems important to me, fruit give the water away (into the body) little by little and our body can regulate how much it needs of it to take from virtually non-toxic fruity watery matter in our intestines.

"You don't believe ppl eating a fruitarian diet have hydrochloric acid?"
No, I believe the risk of that happening is lower, and that it is to simplistic and one-sided way to look on it.

"I think you may have misunderstood this..."
Yes, I misunderstood it slightly (I must work on my English), thank you for the explanation, but I still consider it to be of low relevance.

""... [water] can continue to carry away additional waste but at the cost of us functioning less optimally..."
Why less optimally? In natural environments it is very difficult to keep body highly hydrated all the time as I see it, and slight "dehydration" may be the most normal state of the body. And on my experience "the pee gets more and more yellow" never happens, my body transport unneeded liquids long before such change may occur.

"Just wondering if you don't mind sharing what form of exercise you do and how often?
How much water do you currently drink or any at all and how long have you been doing this?

I run (1-1.5 hours, 8-12 km) and do my jump/dance/exercise routine (40-50 minutes), yoga (chosen asanas) but not every day, sometimes I do nothing other than little yoga for weeks, but normally I train on average every second day.
As to running, almost two years ago I was training for half marathon and ended up running more than that (25km) in my training 2-3 times a week. In that time I was experimenting with low food intake (because I had low appetite) and was eating 2-5 apples, some almonds (sure raw, it was in Europe) and 1-2 other fruits a day, and I drunk water ~1 liter a day (in the morning and noon, before eating, maybe some in the evening) the whole time, ~ 8 weeks, because there was not enough of it in my food. Everything went great, it was enjoyable experience, I only felt uncomfortable in my knees some times (especially after one time running 3 hours without stop). It may be, that luck of liquid caused it partly I guess.

As to the second part of your question, that is hard to say exactly, because I don't measure what I eat thoroughly. But I am going to pay attention to it and maybe make a week report (maybe next week).
Comment by DURIANRIDER on May 4, 2010 at 4:23pm
Maybe you gang will become the new wave of vital 'fruitarians that dont drink water' or maybe youll join the pile of bloated, isolated, fatigued, emaciated and binge prone 'fruitarians' that we have today?

My housemate died last year from renal failure. We take hydration real serious and she used to talk just like you peeps are talk'n now. Its spooky.
Comment by TheBananaGirl on May 4, 2010 at 4:03pm
No you're right looking back now Lena, it seems you weren't making recommendations, my comment was never ment to be personal or harsh but I did find the initial post a little hard to navigate and I may have gotten you mixed up with other responses, so sorry if this in the case :-)

I don't feel you are questioning my experience or beliefs (although that is good because sometimes that's how we learn ) I'm just adding some extra thoughts to this topic and answering your previous reply to me, I'm sure you are interested in hearing from both angles right?. Thank you for your compliment too, i do look my best and feel great.

The maximum amount of time I could handle not drinking ANY water was 3 days before I started feeling unwell. I was actually on one of my fruit Island experiences, believe it or not it was when I was just eating melons, once I added in water I felt considerably better, I was eating only melon for about 7 days prior to excluding water and before that 100% high fruit LFRV for roughly 8months, I was exercising quite a bit too and probably not getting enough calories from melons.

I only do not see any references to experiments and studies on fruitarians or raw vegans (on no-any-supplements diet).
- No we don't have any of those yet! I'm not going to wait for scientific research to come out on that one. We will be dead by then ;-D In the meantime my own experience will need to do and the observations of a man who has made his life's work about hydration.

"Apparently within this mucous material, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid before it reaches the stomach wall. But when our body has too little water, this mucous barrier sloughs off, which leaves the stomach acid to eat away at our stomach cells."

- yes the acid is Hydrochloric Acid We have a mucous layer that protects the stomach from hydrochloric acid, which is 98% water. You don't believe ppl eating a fruitarian diet have hydrochloric acid?

The idea of drinking water constantly only to flash acids away sounds strange to me. We just done saying that it is not preferable to drink after food intake.

- I think you may have misunderstood this... There is no talk of flushing the acid away..., its more a matter of continuing to maintain adequate hydration levels within the stomach so the mucous layer is present hence protecting the stomach wall from the hydrochloric acid which is of course naturally occurring. Drinking water away from meals is the goal for sure and no one is recommending drinking water with their fruit.

Less than optimal levels? You think, that if the water is little colored, it has no more ability to carry away additional soluble waste?

- When the water is slightly coloured it indicates that the body is in a state of mild dehydration so yes it can continue to carry away additional waste but at the cost of us functioning less optimally. When the pee gets more and more yellow, this is an indication that the water within the body is getting saturated in waste, the ratio of toxins:water is getting dangerously high as reflected in how ppl who are dehydrated begin to feel "more toxic", so dilution is required as soon as possible or else with mild dehydration the following can result...(keep in mind a mere drop of 2% bodyweight due to dehydration can impair physical function and performance)

As observed by the Dr Batmanj -
The effects of even mild dehydration include decreased coordination, fatigue, dry skin, decreased urine output, dry mucous membranes in the mouth and nose, blood pressure changes and impairment of judgment. Stress, headache, back pain, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure and many degenerative health problems are the result of UCD (Unintentional Chronic Dehydration).

Thank you for the link, Freelee, but I am not going to buy the book soon. And as I said, I have not saved any links or materials in order to use in a discussion like this. I am not making nutrition to my profession as you do. So I can only promise to give you such information if I have it on hand again, agreed?
- ok no problem, if you do find any I would be very interested.

Just wondering if you don't mind sharing what form of exercise you do and how often?
How much water do you currently drink or any at all and how long have you been doing this?

It's great if we can explore this, I'm not knocking you at all Lena, I'm very interested in all this but naturally I am questioning your findings :-)

Comment by L∃N∀ on May 4, 2010 at 2:41pm
Freelee, thank you for the substantial respond and not caring for food I eat ;) It was a joke with "terrible".

Who is making recommendations? Does my phrase "It seems to me irresponsible to advise to drink lots of fluids to a fruitarian" made you think so? "I must say I do actually think it's important to be practising fruitarianism fully before making recommendations?" - is a bit too harsh in this case I dare say. And you are welcome :)

We all here hopefully know, that chimps choose animal food over fruit rarely. I was not telling it is good not to drink water at all, and the fact that animals drink water does not mean they drink it every day the certain amount in every environmental condition.

Freelee, I am in no way questioning your experience or believes. I saw a video with you just recently, and you look like you do everything absolutely right. Please tell me though, for how long did you eat only juicy fruit before you started your no-water experiment (THAT one I wouldn't recommend!) and how long did it last?

Thank you for the Batmanghelidj citation. Nothing new for me there, I only do not see any references to experiments and studies on fruitarians or raw vegans (on no-any-supplements diet). To say "A hydrated body produces clear, colorless urine" is easy, but I would like to know why.
And by the way, my mouth feels not dry on just juicy fruit, I control it permanently because I know which role saliva plays for the health of teeth. I don't have dry skin, but I had it when I drunk LOTS of water. I don't have headaches, back pains, allergies, asthma, high blood pressure.

"As far as diluting digestive juices goes It's important not to drink too close to eating and not immediately after."
Absolutely true, but than one should wait hours, at least after.

"I'm not aware of this being the case at all"
I heard this concern over and over.

"Apparently within this mucous material, sodium bicarbonate neutralizes the acid before it reaches the stomach wall. But when our body has too little water, this mucous barrier sloughs off, which leaves the stomach acid to eat away at our stomach cells."
The acidity situation in stomach by processing raw fruit is very different from most other cases. I believe it is not very relevant here. The idea of drinking water constantly only to flash acids away sounds strange to me. We just done saying that it is not preferable to drink after food intake.

"To dilute the pollution formed by metabolic processes, pee colour indication is a signal to us meaning pollution levels are reaching less than optimal levels and my understanding is that we need to dilute this pollution with water."
Less than optimal levels? You think, that if the water is little colored, it has no more ability to carry away additional soluble waste?

Thank you for the link, Freelee, but I am not going to buy the book soon. And as I said, I have not saved any links or materials in order to use in a discussion like this. I am not making nutrition to my profession as you do. So I can only promise to give you such information if I have it on hand again, agreed?


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