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so on Tuesday my mum said "I think you need to cut back". I cut back my food since to somewhere like 2100 - 2400 calories per day and it made me kinda of irritable and emotional. I'm starting exercise again. I wish I could go back half a year and started exercising consistently then even if I still gain a lot of weight it wouldn't be my fault. shes put a ban of orange juice cos shes I have way more than a "portion". what can I do to fix this? its really hard cos it took me a year to be able to carb up that much. I don't know how i'll ever mentally heal from this. it will basically take a miracle for me to. Ive only been cutting back for a week I hope it wont damage my metabolism. I never forgive her for this. 1. she wouldn't forgive me if I put a ban on animal product. 2. as soon as I do it will all over again. I hate her! she's cancer! does month of hardwork always get destoy like this?! even if I ever mentally heal from this i'll still never forgive her. and I can tell if it has really damaged my mental health if I still have tension from a week later. I'm so jealous of skinny girls whether they're vegan or meat eaters. like I wish I had a body like Arianne grande or madamewario. I bet they're restrict their calories. I bet even do lots exercise and the amount of cals freelee recommends I still wont skinny. I wanna be a dumb skinny vegan girl.

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Comment by Corinne Brown yesterday

my situation has definitely improved since then but I started to move my body when I can to prevent it happening again, id probably die of depression if it does, thanks for asking. P.S do you ever find it weird when someone eats only 400 cals for a meal and then thinks its loads of food?

Comment by abi-abs on Friday
Hope you are ok Corinne! How has the situation progressed?
Comment by Jennifer Liepin on February 1, 2017 at 5:22pm
At your height I don't think cutting calories that low is necessary to achieve a decent weight loss. As you have likely read on this site, consuming 2500-3000 calories - with exercise 5 times a week - is a great number for someone like me who weighs 130 lbs if you follow Raw Till 4. If you eat the way the FAQ espouses you ought to lose weight.
As for convincing your mom of your diet - you ought to educate her of the healthiness of a vegan diet. Read material from Vegan Outreach and Farm to learn how to speak to a non vegan about your diet.
Comment by Corinne Brown on February 1, 2017 at 4:42am

5f9  and 15st and a half

Comment by Jennifer Liepin on January 31, 2017 at 11:33pm

What is your height and weight?


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