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Hello everyone :)

Here I am :) So I officially name myself as vegan from now on :) I am not a 100% raw foodist yet, just because of the current circumstances (3boxes of unripe bananas...), but Im getting there :) So I just wanted to share my experiences, joy and difficulties in my journey :)

So it all begun on Feb 24. I was in bed already at 11am with a terrible cold and antibiotics and was watchin youtube. I was diagnosed with autoimmune thyroiditis more that a month ago and since when I was gettin more and more depressed. I am on my last term of medicine studies and as far as I know, autoimmune diseases are uncurable with conventional medical approach. Thats what made me more and more depressed with each day. Yes, I was doin my best not to show that but I think it made me even more miserable and tired. Now I see that its only another psychiatric disorder and maybe I was goin into schizophrenia of some kind... Well, it doesn't matter now, because by changing my way of thinking I changed my life's direction altogether :) And I definitely know Im getting into health, not sickness :)

So I was already sick at the moment when I saw some of freelee's videos. It talked mostly about weight loss and fitness which I was struggling with too. She looked so fun, so vibrant and happy that a little piece of me started wondering maybe I can get there too... I spent rest of the day in bed educating myself about this lifestyle, brought all the fruit I had at my home to bed, and ate almost the whole pot of veggie soup I made a day before. By the time my hubby was home, I felt healthy! I couldn't believe it, I still wondered maybe it was antibiotics (yeah, right, they cured me in few hours...) or all the rest I had... I couldn't tell, I just knew I need to take a try of this way. So Saturday we went to supermarket and bought more fruit. We browsed thru juicemakers and chose one. I was so energetic and happy that day, I couldn't believe it! Sunday started wonderful again - I rolled out of bed at 5am no problem, was so happy, smiling all the way :) The problem started when we went to visit my parents - there was no fruit in their house so I sat there for few hours getting hungier and more upset every minute. I was pretty unhappy and tired by the time we got home. I got some bananas thru blender, drank that but wasn't feeling well... got to bed thinking that sleep is what I need... couldnt fall asleep, so I got up to boil some rice. Ate like 400g and got back to bed. So I slept that nite only 4hours. Was feeling fine until noon, smiling again, energetic again, but getting more and more tired. That was when I realised how important is to get EVERYTHING my body and mind needs.

So, this week was pretty exhausting and challenging, but now I'm sure that everything in my life led to this :) Im learning one thing at a time and gaining so much I can't even tell :)

This is me two days goin vegan:

Ok, I know that this embarrassment of showing myself without any make-up will fade ;) I already started my pain and pleasure list and its getting sooooooo long :D I had always dreamt of such appearance that I would'nt need any make-up at all :)

This is me today, one week later, suffered really bad moments on Fri and Sat, but still feel much better than the other way around :)

Maybe its just the angle, but I think my eyes are more sparkly :) And bigger!

Despite appearance, I learnr some really important lessons this week :) And I think Ill be better and better every day :) (oh, and I stopped taking my thyroxin yesterday - feeling much better! :))

I finally got the dates! And they were'nt dried, delicious! They will help me a lot to get thru until my bananas will ripen enough :) And will let me to get the calories easier, I think :)

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Comment by fruitsandnumbers on March 5, 2012 at 9:28am

Dear Kotryna, 

your story is so moving I nearly cried while reading it. I can't express how jubilant I am that you should be getting each day healthier and more vibrant and radiant.

Yes, our eyes definitely get bigger with the LFRV diet, I can tell it from my own experience. I think this is due to better hydration and also less toxins coming from our food. So many toxins go to our eyes...

Please let me express how profoundly you have touched me. I sincerely and strongly desire you to succeed in this journey you have just begun.

It makes me vibrate of happiness to know that you have just gotten some delicious fresh dates, and that you are enjoying them so much. Make sure you always have enough ripe fresh fruit at hand. This is the key to succeed in the LFRV diet.

Please continue on your journey towards true health. I ask you to persevere despite all difficulties you may face. You can always count on me,  I promise I'll do everything within my power to ensure your success. There is no greater joy to me than seeing you vibrantly happy and healthy. My hand will be always there to lift you shall you fall.

Please forgive me if I made disrespectful comments about your beauty. It was never my intention to offend you or disrespect you in any way. I respect and value your person very very deeply.

You are truly an inspiration to all of us to continue on our common path. Your light makes me shine brighter. You have already accomplished so much and I have no doubt your future successes will be infinitely greater.

In all sincerity,


Comment by Fruitoholic on March 5, 2012 at 3:15am

Try not be be overly concerned about being 100% LFRV 100% of the time.  Everyone has different experiences in this lifestyle, there's a big learning curve, and it can be frustrating, although the basic concept is very easy.  It even took Doug Graham years to figure it out, so go easy.  My biggest suggestion is to eat cooked 811 when ripe fruit is unattainable.  If you haven't done so, look up Victoria Everett.  She cured Schizophrenia overnight on 811.  Good Luck, and pile in the sweet fruit, get plenty of sleep, and drink a lot of water!


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