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I heard that one day of ry fasting is equal to thrree days of water fasting, anyone do this on the forum and how often ????

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Comment by Mr Angus R. Holliday on June 12, 2010 at 2:12pm
Maybe it could. I mean people will take what they want. Most people prefer to believe in magic
Comment by diane west on June 10, 2010 at 10:33pm
Thanks guys. I did try it once or twice and it was easy, however the last two hours gave me a horible headache, maybe trying to tell something, I guess i go back to water fasting...... adam, yogaranka, thanks soooo much for your brillant replys.much appreciated
Comment by Adam on June 10, 2010 at 3:56am
Dry fasting is dangerous Diane. And the idea that one day is equivalent to three is nonsense. The shift from using carbohydrates as our primary fuel source to our body fat as a fuel source, is what promotes detoxification, because the body is forced to detoxify...the bodys actual need is for fuel, and so the body uses fat as the source of fuel. But the detoxification is a necessary byproduct of meeting the need for fuel. We detoxify because we release stored toxins from the fat tissue into our blood stream when our body uses that fat tissue for fuel, and so the body must deal with those toxins to preserve our safety. Water intake will make detoxification easier not more difficult. The toxins must be eliminated from the kidneys easily, which is difficult when water is withheld. This will cause concentrated metabolites of liver detoxification to build up in the body and could promote cellular damage, rather than prevent or heal it.

In order for dry fasting to be more effective than water fasting, would require that somehow the body would find an urgency to burn even more body fat for fuel, which would actually create a dangerous situation. Remember that the toxins stored in our body fat were put there because there were at some point, more toxins introduced to our body than our liver and kidneys could safely handle, or the toxins that were introduced were deemed so challenging or dangerous that they were better stored until later when there was more time/energy to deal with them. Reintroducing toxins into the bloodstream at an accellerated rate (more than would occur with water fasting and resting in bed at the same time) would mean that highly toxic substances were being forced to be dealt with by the liver. This increases the chances of dangerous side effects of fasting, including death, or more dangerous longer term side-effects, such as cancerous changes occurring. Remember that detoxification occurs in 2 phases. In the first phase, some of the stages of detoxification actually make toxins more dangerous than they were to begin with. If the second stage is unable to catch up, by making the toxins water soluble and thus easier to eliminate by the kidneys, more free-radical damage could occur than perhaps originally. Add to this then, the absence of water to help the kidneys get rid of these and you have a serious situation.

Dry fasting is dangerous and I would discourage anyone from doing it. It could be highly damaging to the body.

Take care

Adam x

I personall
Comment by diane west on June 10, 2010 at 3:05am
Okay then ,why do you need a fever, I can read an essay, Id really like to clear this veiw point in my mind.
Comment by Mr Angus R. Holliday on June 9, 2010 at 12:55pm
Just look at Pure Naturopathy. Originally it was the best healing system in the world. Naturopaths did great work. But it got infiltrated by NATURAL REMEDIES such as herbs and acupuncture and medicine in general.

Everything will always be infiltrated by a million different ideas. So until you can work it out for your self. I would FAST from fasting. Meaning abstaining from fasting is definitely the best option in this stage of evolution for humanity - because most people don't understand HEAT and MOTION.
Comment by Mr Angus R. Holliday on June 9, 2010 at 12:53pm
You can't fast at any time. You need a Fever. If people won't digest water when they're sick - you need to use water droplets to feed them water. So as much as you shouldn't gulp down water during a fast - only drink when you are thirsty. Abstaining from water completely is utterly dangerous.
Someone QUESTION me why you need a Fever and I will probably drop an essay on you i'm that excited about CLEARING up the scientific process of fasting. The fever being the healing mechanism. The fast - being purely the FAVOURABLE CONDITIONS - mental fast, physical fast and physiological fast. When you have a fever, flu, acute disease.

You need acute disease to cure a chronic disease because you get chronic disease by supressing acute disease.
Comment by Ryan Lewis on June 9, 2010 at 11:26am
i know it very much goes against the grain of natural hygiene, but this whole fasting thing is starting to become more and more obscure to me the more i hear and think about it.. we're talking about purposely depriving ourselves of vital nutrients in hopes of healing or even somehow 'improving' ourselves.. granted, if we our sick or injured and turned off by the idea of food it's one thing, and i do abstain from food if the right moment strikes, but i definitely disagree with the theory that almost anyone at any time can benefit from a fast, and i wish the natural hygiene leaders would clear this up a bit

sorry for the rant.. i realize that it didn't answer your question.. good luck


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