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Don't do this if you don't have reasons outside yourself!

After a couple years of following this lifestyle i have had many encounters with people who have shown interest and then not followed through with changing their ways, or who have for a little while and then gone back to their old ways. most of the time this is due to not eating enough fruit (of course!). But i am beginning to realize that what will most likely cause failure in the long run is not having enough conviction.

I came to this diet for health reasons, for selfish reasons if you get right down to it. But i quickly became fascinated with all that i read and discovered about veganism, fruit, even more about food politics, environmental effects of my diet, the medical industry, how it all tied in to my spirituality, my place in the ecosystem, and the list goes on....Each of those layers became like a protective layer, an insurance on my choice to follow this diet. Because ultimately, when i suffer from a lack of self-love and feel no motivation or compassion to do it for myself, there are still a million and one other reasons that i have to follow this path. All of the other people on this planet, for instance. all of the animals on this planet. all of the life on this planet. because of food justice. because of the earth around us that is falling apart. because of the joy of gardens. the needless suffering of countless humans that will die because they are told there is nothing anyone can do to stop the spread of x, y, or z. because i hate greed. because i hate lying. because i love the truth. because of world hunger. because it makes sense! because living in line with nature helps EVERYONE and EVERYTHING.

If you care about anyone or anything, you care about what you put in your mouth. and if you do your research, are honest with yourself (not your ego--this will require A LOT of self-study and WORK on your own psyche), and give it the effort that YOU deserve, you will more than likely conclude that even if you are having your doubts for a day or a whole month because of one reason or another (most likely due to a variable in your own daily life or mind), you would not have reason enough to deviate from the path that your heart has long ago pointed out holds so much truth.

I have a couple friends who have been HCRV a little less time than me and recently found out that they are no longer. They had no exact reasons. one said that he felt defficient in sodium cause he had had difficulty getting greens for a while. Not sure why he didn't just feast on green things, but....he still eats fruit all during the day, but at night will eat bread, cheese, meat...he said he didn't feel bad, but when he "wanted to feel good" he would eat fruit. the other said she felt bloated. So she started fasting, then even smaller amounts of fruit would make her feel sick. so she would fast again and then try other foods. oatmeal, bread, cheese. I asked if anything had helped, she said "i don't know..." These are some of my best friends, but it is hard to realize that you had common traits for very different reasons. he had come for fitness reasons, then stopped training. she started cause he did. not that they weren't entirely dedicated, and i guess that's why it's so sad, they really thrived and seemed so full of life and excitement and love on fruit. But i dont think they had found all of those layers to reinforce the one they had for themselves. I still love them, of course, but i am saddened, once again, by the human condition. by our confusion, by our lack of basic principle, not being connected to some guiding inner voice, our Self, our heart, whatever it is. I know we are all on that path, just at different points, and it is entirely necessary to go through each checkpoint to get to where you are going. I have faith in all of us, each and every human...but now i don't know any HCRVs...gets lonely sometimes...

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Comment by kt2 on September 5, 2012 at 6:31pm

This is very powerful and incredibly insightful. You are absolutely correct that all the different layers are so important, I hadn't really understood why I was so committed to this when  I don't seem to have any powerful reason not to deviate, but you have just explained myself to me!


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