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I worked overnight! And I am pooped! At any rate, I have decided to raise the bar a little bit. I have eaten enough raw foods and long enough to know how I feel when I am raw and when I am not. At this point everything I put in my body has an effect, and I am more mindful of it. Therefore, I am think I am ready to challenge myself with banana island. I have tried it before and failed. But I would like to give it a go. I have made myself a list to look at when I want to quit! Lol. Anyways, I have a couple cups of grapes, 6 apples and a few peaches in my fridge, which I will probably finish up with my son. Also some brazil nuts I will munch on too. I don't want to waste anything, but my hope is to eat bananas bananas bananas. Here are my reasons:


1) Increase my caloric intake to 2500 --- have never consistently done this ever

2) Increase my energy naturally

3) Transition off coffee (again) --- mainly to save $$$

4) Be a shining example at my work place, I already am very well known for toting personal watermelons everyday :-)

5) Improve my skin, eliminate body odor, improve skin/hair and nail quality

6) Free my self from food addictions (which linger)

7) Encourage my husband to go raw (He ponders this from time to time), and an example for my son

8) Eliminate allergies

9) Increase my desire to exercise and work!

Wish me luck 30 BAD! Good night!


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Comment by Lisa Dee on August 30, 2012 at 12:59pm

Good luck!


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