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Alright, first on the STANK subject, durian is so so strong lol.  I was craving it all day at work, and new i was going to eat some when i got home.  My dad hadnt smelled it yet, and as soon as i brought some into the living room, he said how much it stunk and that i had to go eat it somewhere else.  Well, that left me to standing in the kitchen under our fan about the stove....or up to my room.  I went up to my room.  I didnt smell the stank when i was eating it of course.  I went out of my room to bring my dish down, then i come back up into my room, oh my lanta...the stank.  i had to open my windows wide and put my celing fan on full blast for a little while and go downstairs because it was so strong.  Luckily it worked and no longer stinks lol.  I still enjoyed the durian, but for some reason i was finding that i was starting to dislike the fact that it tasted onion like (when i find out it should taste like almond custard) and so i really dont feel like eating it again for a long while.  Of course, i dont think id ever truly appreciate it until i had it fresh and tasted what it really tastes like.  I just had to buy some to try it to see what all the fuss was about!  

I didnt ever die my hair until march of this year, i am brunette and really wanted to go red.  I went to my moms hairdresser at a salon and had it done, it came out really gorgeous.  I have a cousin who used to be a hairdresser, and so i figured i would go to her instead of the hairdressers to save money.  Well, the 3 or 4 times she died my hair, it never ever came out how i wanted.  2 times were too dark, then she figured she would "lighten" my hair, which i didnt know consisted of her bleaching it to the point of basically blonde!!! then she tried to apply color on it, and it came out ORANGE.  She tried fixing it by adding more red right away, and it fixed it for maybe 3 days.  The orange was peeping out again, it was just a mess.  Not wanting to walk around with orange hair, i resorted to a quick fix by buying a boxed brand.  It made my hair the EXACT color i have wanted, and it was $4.  I wasted all of that money and hair damage from my cousin when i couldve just gotten this box dye.  As a result of my cousins hair dressing skills....my long beautiful hair turned horrible dry, damaged, and more and more was coming out in the shower when i would wash it.  NO WAY was i ever going to let my cousin color my hair again, and there was no way i was ever going to use a chemical dye or lightener type coloring to damage my hair even more.  I also decided to chop it all off.  It will grow back way more healthy this way, and it was basically fried from that bleaching :-/...i love my new haircut though so much! :D

 I had heard about henna for hair dying, and so i bought some at whole foods, and just did it tonight with my mom.  It smells wicked weird, and looked like spinach mashed potatoes lol.  My hair has literally never felt so silky and looked so shiny and healthy EVER.  It feels amazing, AND it worked at coloring my hair!  I havent died my hair since the beginning of august, so my roots were showing horribly.  My mom and i had just been so busy that we never had time to put the henna in my hair.  Its going to darken up some in a 4 day time span i guess, and i love how it left my hair smelling.  It smells like the weird smell when we put it on, but because i washed it out with just conditioner like it says, it took on some of the honeysuckle rose scent of my conditioner.  I am so so SO super happy that i can keep my red hair that i love so much and actually dye my hair with something natural and good for my hair.  This is the henna hair color that i used, and i highly recommend! :)

I realize i need to start brushing more than once in the morning and once at night, especially when all of the fruit sugar is just sitting on my teeth.  Im sure it is not helping my teeth issues, but i will definitely start working on it.  I like the PerioBrite mouthwash and toothpaste, they leave my mouth feeling super fresh and clean, without all of that nasty stuff in conventional toothpastes.  I also tongue scrape every time i brush, i feel like i cant scrape in the fair back because when i tried it really hurt, like my taste buds at the back end of my tongue are inflammed and swollen...not sure why...but it wasnt too comfortable scapring on them with the metal scraper.

I am off to sleepy land, class tomorrow and then i will be heading to UCONN to see my best friend who i havent seen in months!! I miss her a lot, i have not seen her since my switch from vegetarian to vegan even, and of course from vegan to 811rv, so i havent seen her in about 4 months or longer!! I cant wait to reunite with her, i just hope she doesnt say anything funky about my new eating.  Im wondering if i just have to pack a bag full of bananas to bring...not sure if the dining commons there would have an abundance of fruit.  I guess i could shoot her a text about it before i head up.  I will be spending the night because its a long drive, i just hope she doesnt pick on me for stopping drinking as well.  I stopped mid august, basically a week or 2 after my 21st bday.  I had 2 big drinks on my 21st bday (aug 11), and a few sips of a martini (which are horrible drinks, idk how people can drink straight liquor without a ton of fruity juice and stuff lol).  I never ever was big into drinking, i just knew how horrible it tasted, no matter what i used to try to mix it with.  I also had 2 unfortunate times when i got sick from drinking, that was also the big hault and switch in my brain that lead me to not do it anymore.  Mixed the first time it happened, and then the 2nd time peer pressured into WAY too much....and of course, the day after my 21st, i felt atrocious.  Horrible migraine.  Idk how people do it.  Especially in college, which is like not just one night out of the week.  A little over a week after my 21st bday i had one drink, the next day, i felt even worse.  That was my last drink.  I never liked it, it is horrible for u, and besides, it isnt raw anyways ;)


Toodles Tomatoes :)

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