30 Bananas a Day!

Daily progress diary (2) Tummy aches --- but I don't blame the fruit!

Today I felt bad. I have no one to blame but myself. I blame COFFEE AND FAT!!! LOL. Here is what went on:


Breakfast - Oatmeal (cinnamon raisins bit of nut butter) w/ fresh OJ

Snack - Starbux latte

Lunch - Three honey crisp apples and apple ginger carrot juice

Dinner - Raw vegan tacos (walnut "meat" & salsa on romaine leaves)  --> included cilantro and braggs

2000 cals 68 carbs 25 fats 7 protein


25 minutes stair climber/treadmill (Intervals)

Triceps - dips, machine assisted, free weights  (high rep low weights)


Wonderful sleep last night: 1030P to 445A and 6A to 9A

Detox/side effects:

Face this morning seemed "sensitive" - I believe my cleanser is too harsh

Bout of "diarrhea" this afternoon, horrible, gas and stomach pains, mild nausea which lasted until the evening

Energy, was great!

Overall thoughs:

BAD BAD BAD! NEED to ditch the coffee. NEED to ditch the fats. The raw tacos were great in terms of taste - but I need to change the recipe to 801010 raw style or eat more carbs. My Dad thinks the combo of soy beans (latte) and apples was a huge no no and led to my stomach probs. He told me to ditch the coffee! I WILL DO IT! Today I lost the nice light feeling I enjoy about raw veganism. My son will be at day care tommorow - so I can take it easy and get this right.

Tenative plan:

Breakfast: Fresh juice of my choosing

Lunch: Apple celery salad

Dinner: Salad (citrus dressing)

God I pray the apples aren't hurting my belly I love them so much!!!!! :-)



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Comment by Lala M. Apples on March 15, 2012 at 3:13am

Thank you Leevone --- yes starbux = stomachache for me! No more! Waste of money!

Comment by Greenmama on March 15, 2012 at 12:27am

Lala, you are the apple of my eye.  Don't forget to eat more calories!


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