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I have to re do this because for some reason it did not post correctly. Annoying*** Anyways, I am still in transition. I want to figure out how to fit more raw food in my life to be healthy and fit. Above all I want to be a great Mama/wife/daughter/sister etc. The jury is out whether I will ever be 100% 811. I love to use spice from time to time. My espresso machine recently broke --- and I am considering dropping the coffee soon. Yesterday:


Oatmeal (vegan butter, raisins, cinnamon), smoothie (banana mango date)

Apple carrot and ginger juice

Honey crisp apples with soy latte

Red apple and celery salad

Quinoa (cooked in organic veg broth/fresh cilantro) sauteed orange pepper 

Water (very little)

80 carbs 13 fats 7 protein 1700 calories


30 minutes cardio (stair climber/elliptical)

Biceps curls (Cables/free weights/machine assisted) High rep - low weights

Stress level:

Low. Great energy during the day and for my work out.


Face - like a teenager :-(

Frequent bowel movements (pebble like)


11P - 445 A and then 6 A - 830A


Bought a lot of apples today! I really feel great eating apples. It is hard to fit the calories in though. One thing I liked about today was that I didn't have any high/lows with my energy. I wasn't too hungry at any point. I would like to keep my daily hot cereal or quinoa for the time being. However, today - I plan to eat a salad at night instead of quinoa. The calories are lower - but I am okay with that for now. I want to go with the flow. I noticed I started becoming a bit too preoccupied with my meals/food/calories, so I am relaxing just a bit. I am also changing my "fit plan" to more of a toning routine with higher reps and lower weights (and more body weight exercises) because I will be going back to work in July ---  this is easier to maintain! I hope today --- I can be more raw!!!! (Already had some coffee)




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Comment by Lala M. Apples on March 15, 2012 at 1:59am

Thank you Greenmama!!!! I will def take your advice!

Comment by Greenmama on March 15, 2012 at 12:32am

Hey Lala,

The digestion would likely be a lot better if you ate fruit for the first two meals and then had a big cooked meal as the last thing of the day.  Putting the cooked starches (with added vegan butter!) in with the fruit is going to cause trouble.

Eating greens and celery would be a way to increase sodium in a way that is healthful for the body.

Comment by Lala M. Apples on March 14, 2012 at 4:16am

Oh yes -- and I am on a medication which can cause hyponatremia *low body sodium* thus my doctor requested I add in at least a serving of veggie broth or V8 (something a little salty) a couple times a week. Given the health consequences of allowing myself to become hyponatremic *seizures/coma etc. etc. I am okay with this!


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