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Hi there and first thing, thanks to all of you for your support and answers to the last blog.

Today I woke up very upset from what happened yesterday and I was wondering a lot. I went meditating and a girlfriend called me, she is going through something similar to what I am going through and talking help us clear a lot of what we had to deal with then  got on the forum and read our comments that helped me and lifted me up.

I think this is a life experience like another and we reach the point of conflict for the better. Before the issues and emotions and feelings were hiding in the darkness of the unconscious and there were not available.

Now things are out and  both him and I have the opportunity to make a clear conscious choice about what is going on. This time we have the freedom, the power, the options in front of us.

There is no doubt the abuse is linked to all the abuse we both had to deal with in our childhood and lives. There is no doubt the energy we were both carrying helped us meet and fall in love one with each other. There is also no doubt we are giving each other an opportunity to heal this and make a choice that is going to take us on a path with no abuse left.

To me this is a very important time of my life and his, something that could change our lives forever and for the best.

I don't know if we are going to be on that path together or not, if the healing will occur for both of us as a couple, what choice he is going to make.

I know a few things tough : I am on this fruit boat for a lifetime whatever obstacle there is, I a not giving up on LOVE, I am not giving up on pushing, growing, crying, laughing and  experiencing all that is needed to get to a better me and a better life. It is worthy, the ride is worthy, the growth is worthy, the pain is worthy to get to the goal : thrive, get to the inner light, get to the light and shine it hard and strong so other people can rejoice too and feel it for themselves and within.

I am making the choice of healing and as was said in the comments wisely yesterday to love, forgive, let go and move on.

So now I am back to my meditation to open up and clean my energy.


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