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Hi there! Erm, never had a blog before. Not really...sure what to say... *twiddles thumbs* I guess fruit would be a good place to go. ;)

Today is Day 2 of a renewed effort to be 80/10/10. :) I gotta say, yesterday kind of sucked. I ate 15 bananas, 3 peaches, 1 apple, and half of a cantaloupe, and felt AWFUL. I was so determined to get my calories in, since I'm pretty sure that's what's caused me to fail on this diet in the past, so I drank a banana smoothie at two hour intervals, starting at 9:30 am, whether I felt hungry or not. My goal was five 5 banana/1 peach smoothies, but I only made it to three. Between all of that fruit and a six month old fetus, I was pretty sure my abdominal cavity was about to burst. Not a great feeling.

I also drank a little over three liters of water yesterday, and felt a little better after each one. If I recall correctly, this actually shouldn't have happened, but once I forced down that half of a cantaloupe (around 8:00 pm, approximately four hours after my last banana smoothie), I felt LOADS better. No idea why, but it's like the raging storm in my stomach was instantly calmed. :) I worked out for 30 minutes doing resistance machines, also.

So, now that we're all caught up from yesterday, onward to this morning! I'm a little worried about running out of fruit today. The bananas I had yesterday were WAY too ripe for my liking, leftover from a box Eric bought and didn't finish...like...over a week ago. We went to the store and bought a box of bananas and peaches, but they have at least two days to go. We've put ourselves on a very tight budget so as to pay off credit cards faster, and I'd already bought most of my groceries for the week. It was kind of scary buying two boxes of fruit yesterday; if we decide we don't want to eat fruit, that's kind of too bad, because we just used up the rest of our food budget. :D If I can't make it 100% before the bananas are ripe, I'm not going to beat myself up over it.

I'm about to head off to work out as soon as I finish here (which is as soon as my mother-in-law stops distracting me by talking to me about what suit my father-in-law is wearing today...make it stop... ;-;), and I've already had a liter of water, but I'm not feeling any fruit yet...maybe I'll grab an apple before I head out the door. I'm hoping that soon I can find the balance between eating enough fruit so that I don't want anything else, but also getting to wait until I'm hungry for it. Right now, hungry=pizza craving. ;)

I'm also excited for the day I start thinking about this as a lifestyle, not a diet. For instance, we're planning to go to the beach next month for my birthday, and even in the middle of all my gung-ho fruitiness yesterday, I realized I was thinking in terms of, I'll be "good" and eat fruit until then, and then let myself eat tasty seafood for my birthday.

AGH. I don't want to feel like eating cooked food is a reward!!!! It should be more of a PUNISHMENT. D: So frustrating. I was talking to Eric about this yesterday, and came to the conclusion that hopefully we'll both feel differently once we stick to 80/10/10 long enough to see some benefits.

Sooooo anyway. Mother-in-law has stopped yapping, and I'm off to get all sweaty and gross. :) Peace and love!

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Comment by Windlord on August 19, 2010 at 11:51am
Aloha and welcome in, Awesome Aubree!
Eric has inspired us with his progress for some time now, so having another member of the family on board (actually 2 including the one growing as we speak ;) is just thrice as nice!
I like your jump-into-the-deep attitude. Since it's definately true that the shortest distance between any two points is a straight line, you're setting yourself up for success. Simultaneously, pls. always remember, even when if you've made a sub-optimal choice, that grace is the order of the day. To the journey!
Oh, and major props to the both of you for prioritizing getting out of debt. That's something that few peeps, especially the young, value enough.
Comment by Eric D. on August 19, 2010 at 10:30am
No seafood for you, Wife..... ;)

Yes this is my wife, who is just awesome.


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