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Things have been going well except back at work I occasionally drink one soy latte in the AM. But I have to be kind with myself! Anyways, eating fruity has been easy at work. However, since I am busy --- my appetite can be less than ideal. I have decided to take a good vegan multivitamin, with my vitamin D spray (I'm deficient). I have been able to get in about 2 liters a day of water, and I am working on increasing that. I also get about 7.5 to 8 hours a night, which I think is pretty damn good with a toddler in the house. I am not 100 percent raw, but I am pretty happy with myself at the moment. Here is what I ate today:

AM meal: Three bananas, a clif bar and a soy latte

Lunch (sort of broke up into two periods of time): 1 personal watermelon and then 1 banana and 3 super yummy nectarines

Dinner: Celery apple (2) and grape (a few cups) salad --- I ate a whole celery! woot!

Everybody at work can't believe I eat a personal watermelon in one sitting. WHAT! I am pretty sure I am undereating. LOL. Wait until I get up to speed. I like when people ask questions because then I can talk about raw veganism --- and my protein. And they can't complain because they brought it on themselves. Anyways, my skin looks good, my head is clear, my memory is strong and I feel patient/pleasant all day. Next week I won't buy clif bars, and that will increase my rawsome-ness. Thanks for reading fruities!


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Comment by rawkbobster on July 25, 2012 at 1:22pm

i am similar to you lala m. apples - in that i am not going to cry if i have a soy latte here and there. i am drinking closer to 3 litres which is one of the fascinating experiences of this diet despite people all my life suggesting people should drink lots of water and thinking i was adhering to it, now i have a litre before the day starts and during the day once or twice and it is noticeable and invigorating to be so hydrated. but i try to avoid conversations about the diet because it is just too extreme, my crowd will want to fight about it and i get more inner strength just doing it without being judged yada yada or maybe i just want a few months under my belt first. oh i wish i could know what it is like to sleep 8 or 9 hours but i don't go too much past 7 ever plus we have a newborn which is awesome but forget about sleep. good luck


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