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Woke up early. ( just prayed in my prayer language for like an hour in times when stress starts to come in I like to turn off my brain as much as possible and prayin in my tongues is the best way to do that . this week starts the count down. . I have two weeks to get OUT of where I am living. These folks invited me to stay for a year and well things have not worked out and I have to go. This is the second time I have moved in six months. EEEEEEEEEEkkkkkkkkkkkkk yuck ! ok but staying raw is gona help with the stress.

On the way to the lake two male robbins were fighting and they came lower and lower towards the street in front of my path.  You know how quick birds are .  I thought they would move but they didn't and they both hit the front of my car.  Wow ! never had a bird hit my car before.  You know I didn't even think to move. .that can be so dangerous. . and well birds usually move. . I was shocked when they both hit.  It kinda made me think that that is how many people are these days. . especially the male dominate nature. . just fighting away. . not seeing the signs of the times. . not seeing thier own issues and well they better move cause there are other people coming through in cars. . big hunkin metal fast powerful moving vehicles.

Max and I took a little run/fast walki pooh around the lake today they sat in quiet . .the water was so  smooth and calm. . the fish were jumping. . met a man who was picking up garbage for the Parks n recreation department.  This guy could hardly speak. . his brain was really messed up from something.. I asked him about it and he said that he worked as a Turbin Mechanic for 30 years and was exposed to a lot of chemicals. .I suggested water fasting once a week to help detox . .he said his wife is really into helping him find a way to heal. .I suggested 'The Miracle of Fasting' by Dr. Paul C. Bragg. . I know that Freelee is not into fasting. .but it really does help spead up detox and this book is all about the body and how it responds during fast and the proper way to move in and out of a fast and yah da yah da.. . he wrote the name of the book down as he was smokin his pipe. .cute fella. .

The people I'm lving with locked up the computer.  I don't know what is going on between them but there is definately tension in the house. . just getting my poop together. . . actually I have to really really get rid of stuff. . after living in a big house for 7 years . .. then moving here I still have quite a bit of stuff. . Like one big truck load. . I need to dwindle that down to like one pssat wagon load. .and I have max in there with me too.. After my house sitting job May 14. . for three weeks. . I have no clue YET what I'll be doing. . I am just open to what ever God presents me . .just gona ride the wave. .I don't even care if I am homeless. . I think I just finally got over that fear. . I rather live in my car and spend time in parks and nature then live with people who don't choose to love . . and work through stuff in their lives that hurt others. . I'm feeling that I still have some time left in my season of rest. .  not feeling the work thing going on . . no doors have opened for that in the last year. . we'll see what happens. . I really feel that I'm being stripped of everything that is not necessary for what 'thy will in my life' means. . getting through the dust to see more clearly. .

I so want to smoke today. .picked up that habbit just over a year ago. . quit a few months ago. .but the people I live with smoke. .and I really don't want to pick it up. .it's really crazy to do that when I strive to be so healthy. . and I am healthy. .that habit is gone and I'm not going to pick it up. .I think I picked it up after my husband left. .it was helping me curb my libido. .now well I have myself in a place where that is ok. .but now that I'm starting to move again. .I can feel me wanting to smoke more. .yuck. .yuck yuk. .i'm not going to do it. . gona stay clean and trusting. . things will work out.

 Breakfast drank qt water with Lemon EO in it. . ate five dates before we left the house and ate five bananas on the way to the lake . .  I at a piece of white garlic bread that was left over from the people I live with's italian dinner last night. . it was so good. . but so bad. . I want to keep my Raw diet. . I'm not going to give into stress and fall back into old habbits. .. .

 Last night I ate another green salad. . those Lamb's quarters are GREAT ! . .

I'm not feeling real hungry today,..  .but I have some pears set aside and . . I'm thinking of a smoothie. . I also have to eat that other half of pineapple. . I coud make that into a smoothie with dates and bananas. .sounds good. .  .ok weird blog entry. . but I want to stay consistent. . and this is high stress for me right now. .  so it will help me to stay on target despite the boat rockin. .

peace out banana herd.. . . stay strong..


Worked through the 'smoking' craving. . ate a Big o'l Greens salad with Wild Lamb's Quarters

salsa dressing & cheesy raw dressing... a bit later I had a smoothie. . 2 bananas 2 dates, a touch of maple syrup (probably NOT raw vegan) but it was pure, coconut milk & almond milk,raw carob powder and a touch of raw cocoa powder. . I feel great now. . getting the calories in I think helped me with the smoke craving. .

I'm feeling real encouraged about my situation. though things look bleak I know that the wave will take me to where I need to be . . thanks VEGANS I'm super exicted about the 80-10-10 diet. .

waiting for 'left in the dark'to come in the mail. . hope it comes soon. . I never did get a 'confirmation' from the author about the order however the money was transfered from my account... my next book of any kind will be Dr. Doug Grahams. .

I am grateful. . so grateful. . thanks again


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