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I looked over my previous blog posts. Sometimes i feel like i am not making progress because i mess up, but i can see where i made progress within the last 30 days. It's just not as fast as i'd hoped.


Sometimes, when i have something processed or cooked, i tell myself later, "It's ok to continue eating poorly, because I already screwed up" and the cycle continues. I can spend several days in a row eating one meal per day that has something that takes away from my energy. OVER THE COURSE OF THE 30 DAYS, I ATE LIKE THIS ABOUT HALF OF THE DAYS. I can't honestly call this a proper 811 trial, because i messed up so much, but i did have many days where i was 100% and i loved it. 


I have decided that my best mental approach towards food is the "Eat whatever I want, but only WANT food that will make me feel good". Over the course of the 30 days where i committed to eating only raw foods, i had foods that i shouldn't have had, too many times. I think it's all the head-game. As soon as i tell myself "I CAN'T HAVE THAT" I start to feel like i'm not getting what i want. The approach that has yielded the best results has been the "Eat whatever i want" approach. If i allow myself to eat whatever i want, what i usually want is fruit and green leafy vegetables. Those are the foods that make me feel good AFTER eating them. 

It's really such a small difference, but it seems to have a large impact on my eating. 


I have decided that fitness plays a HUGE role in what i WANT to eat. Given that my preferred mental approach is "Eat what i WANT", in order to make that work, i have to WANT fruit and vegetables. Having daily vigorous activity helps with this tremendously! I want nothing that will slow me down. 

I WILL make FITNESS & HEALTH goals and continue to use this blog to share them. 

I WILL NOT make food commitments. I prefer eating high-carb, low-fat, raw vegan, because it makes me feel awesome, not because of a commitment. I think that is the most sustainable reason to continue. I have a long history of doing what makes me feel good, and i know that i can continue to do something that makes me feel good. I figure i'll use my natural tendencies to my advantage. 


I started a C25K (Couch-to-5K) running program. It is a 9-week 5K training program, 3 days/week, that is supposed to be for people coming from a sedentary lifestyle. I'm on week 2. 


12 days left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Starting Weight:206

Ending Weight: 202

4 LBS lost

Total Miles Cycled: 231 

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