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100% Raw May Challenge - May 7th


SLEEP - 8:45? - 5:40 with three toilet breaks in between. I was in bed by 8:15pm. Took a while to switch off, about half an hour. Had a little discomfort from digesting my overt fat stuffed capsicum, even though it was just a little. Woke up a little tired with a very flat tummy :)



Meal 1: 930 cals: 2 med. bananas whole followed by 10 extra small banana smoothie

Meal 2: 520 cals: 5 med. bananas whole followed by a punnet of cherry tomatoes, the remaining stuffed red capsicums and 4 bunches of pak choy. (only fruit cals counted)

Meal 3: 1690 cals: 24 fresh medjool dates with 5 fuji apples


Total fruit cals approx. 3140

843g carbs (96%), 36g protein (4%), 8g fat (2%). (these grams and %'s are including the veggies/greens)


WATER - Total for day, 7.25 litres. (29 cups) including the half litre in the smoothie


EXERCISE - Planned exercise: none

Incidental exercise: 45min bike riding commuting to work and beach + little swinging


SUN - a little bit, maybe 20-30 minutes during afternoon ride to the beach and whilst swimming


MENTAL CLARITY/STRESS - amazing clarity today, moderate average on stress, high morning, low arvo.


OTHER THOUGHTS - Such a big day!

This morning even though I was a little tired I was immediately perked up by how flat my tummy was. I love it. A week in and my body has already adjusted the water retention. Of course as soon as I start to eat and drink I get the pregnant look but the fact that in the morning I feel so much lighter and like my body is so quick at reacting to the great environment I've given it this past week, it gives me the extra motivation to stay away from the cooked food! Also my elimination is once again clean and effortless. Ahhhh love going to the toilet again now lol!

My perky morning was quickly defused when work began getting hectic and lots of "stresses" came up. The stress caused some really bad decisions to be made, ok not really bad, they could of been worse, but they could've been a lot better. By the time meal 2 time (about 11am) came around I had drunk my water and was ready to have fruit but I had some serious bloating going on. Now it could have been a little to do with Aunt Flo still being around but it was most likely caused from the stress from the cafe. All I felt like was veggies and the remaining RVpesto stuffed capsicums I had left from last nights dinner. I told myself I had to have fruit first but I wasn't strict enough on myself and only ate 5 bananas. Obviously not enough carbs before I chowed down on the veggies. For the rest of the afternoon til close, ALL food was looking tempting but I stuck to my guns, drank and drank and worked and worked until I could close the cafe.

3 o'clock came and I could finally break down. I sent Peblz home and closed the door. Put on my song of the day and sat around behind the corner and finally let out all the tears that I had been holding in all day. Tears pouring out, I released all the pent up energy in my chest with long wails and gasps for air. I surrendered to the overpowering emotion and didn't hold onto any more of the sadness. As I let go of all the stress, I could finally see through the flames, smoke and rubble of the day and see the light that has been there the whole time. I could tell I just needed more carbs and I would've been able to deal with the stress in a lot less emotional way but I'm so glad I was able to keep my strength up and avoid all the tempting cooked food and just cry and sing it out.

I finished cleaning up the cafe and then got changed to go to the beach. As I locked up the cafe, I took a deep breath knowing I could soon float on top of the water and let everything else fade away. Riding down the path, along the creek walk to the beach, about 15 minutes of legging pumping, lymph busting and I've made it to Coffs Harbour's small piece of paradise.

The water is freezing cold. I keep walking in and jump each time the waves of cold water crash against my skin. There's seaweed everywhere too, which is gross but not uncommon for Coffs' beaches. I finally get past the seaweed and dive under the ice cold water. Like a refreshing cold shower, a burst of calm energy rushes through my body. I'm home. I'm whole again. All the pain, uncertainty, stress, frustration, hurt and anger washes away with the waves behind me. I assume my "calming position" floating atop the water, arms and legs spread like a beautiful butterfly, except I don't have wings. As I process the days events and let go of the numerous stresses that are out of my control, I start to rebuild my focus on the most important factor I always forget. This moment I have. In this moment I can be happy. In this moment I AM happy. In this moment I have everything I need. In this moment I am. (Writing this bring tears to my eyes, it's such a monumental realisation for me.)

I gradually float closer and closer to the shore and soon a wave crashes me to my feet. Walking into the sunset I smile and soak up the warmth of the sunshine. If it wasn't so late in the day I would stay and sunbathe for a little while but the sun is going down and I still have to have dinner and get home. Not that it's uncommon for me to ride in the dark.

On the way back to the cafe I stop at the park for a swing, my second home. I'll tell you what it's like there another day :)

Its now already 7:30 and I need to have a shower and go to bed. I only just made it over 3000 fruit cals again today so i'm going to have to work extra hard tomorrow to get more fruit in.

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Comment by Janna Bannanna on May 8, 2012 at 7:20pm

Thanks for your comments, i'm glad to be able to help the little bit I can Mera :)

VMH, you will find your own way of dealing with the emotional stuff in time, just try and remember that food is fuel not anything else. In today's blog i will post about meditating... maybe something for you to look into :)

Comment by VibrantMH on May 8, 2012 at 5:59am

Thanks for sharing! Emotional stuff gets me too. But I also notice that eating fruit helps and energizes me as well as meditation or just "feeling" my stuff and eventually it gets released. 

I was quite emotional and my usual emotional patterns came up and I reacted by eating cooked food.

I have to figure out  new way to react to specific situations and not let my emotions drive me to eat. 


Comment by Mera/Feather Story on May 7, 2012 at 9:00pm

You have also helped me to understand I need to focus on my fruit cals and not my overall cals, that's definitely where I was going wrong.

Comment by Mera/Feather Story on May 7, 2012 at 8:47pm

Wow Janna...seems like you experienced some essential moments of beauty and release.  You are doing so well and so connected and clear about it, most importantly.  You are so inspiring and your light shines from your words.  Thanks so much for sharing, I'm so happy for you. 


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