30 Bananas a Day!

100% Raw May Challenge - May 3rd

SLEEP - 8:40(?) - 5:10 with one toilet break in between.
I was in bed by 8:20pm. Took a little while to switch off. Woke up pretty crabby.

Meal 1: 1100 cals: 10 small banana smoothie followed by remaining quarter of durian (3 seeds)
Meal 2: Large (mixing bowl 3/4 full) salad of baby spinach, cos lettuce, celery, cucumber, Italian parsley, a little carrot and the juice of one lime. 
Meal 3: 1200 cals: 15 fresh medjool dates with 4 fuji apples
Meal 4:  450 cals: 5 whole small bananas (meal very close to previous meal so only light one)
Snacks: (after meal 1) picked at some tomato ends, likely one tomato worth.

Total fruit cals approx. 2750
714g carbs (93%), 30g protein (3%), 14g fat (4%).

WATER - Total for day 5.25 litres. (21 cups) including the half litre in the smoothie

Planned exercise: none
Incidental exercise: 15min bike riding commuting to work

SUN - 15 mins while eating half my salad. Cloudy by the afternoon and cloudy during my morning commute.

MENTAL CLARITY/STRESS - alright clarity today, moderate stress day. Lots of negative thoughts but also the ability to see how negative they were and to not get sucked into them.

OTHER THOUGHTS - Felt like %€#! today. Really down, craving sleep and sun. Cooked food looked appealing, although in the morning I craved the durian I had left from yesterday and I ate that after breakfast telling myself I had to eat bananas first before eating it. It wasn't as good as I'd craved. For the rest of the day I didn't feel like eating anything, I just wanted to sleep or sunbake. By the time 11am came around (my lunch/meal 2 time) I still didn't feel like eating anything but salad so I had a big bowl of salad and sat in the sun while I could, while it wasn't so busy, but I didn't get to finish my salad outside I had to go back in and serve customers their lunch and then ate the rest of my salad in the cafe. The afternoon the cooked food looked really good, obviously because I had under eaten on cals up until that point, but thanks to my will power of wanting to stay 100% this month, I ignored the desire to eat anything in sight and just worked until I felt like fruit (I had to work really late today). I finally sat down and ate meal 3 at about 4pm (usually this is at about 2-2:30). 
Now I'm so glad to be home and in bed, going to sleep very early tonight!
Oh yeah and my Aunt Flo came to visit today so that probly contributed to the crabbiness.

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