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Maybe it is not Kevin's fault, but rather that no one wants to debate Doug?

Did you read Doug's facebook status today?


"Ran uphill till I couldn't, then switched to fast walking. First 5K. Continued uphill more than 1000 feet, during the next kilometer. Ran down the other side, then uphill to the biggest waterfall in the area, just to go look at it. Second 5K. Ran home, mostly downhill, with a few very steep exceptions. Third 5K. Oh yeah, along the way I stopped for 7 sets of 15 pull ups, and another 6 sets of 35 push…


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Calling them SAD makes me MAD!



Okay, not MAD but inspired to write this little post here and a blog post there - http://organicbliss.blogspot.com


SO, people say things like:


"My girlfriend is SAD" "My boyfriend is SAD" "My parents are SAD" "I live with SAD eaters"


To which I must ask:

Are you holding confining judgment on others that discourages their…


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YUM YUM YUM YUMYUYMYUMYUYMYUYMYUMY and tons of celery! Hollleeeeerrrrrrr



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Just Being Truly Happy Is A Service To All

Just from seeing smiling pictures of truly happy people, my soul is warmed.

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Chasing the 4:57 Mile

I like the sound of that 4:57!

So I tried again. This time wearing different lighter shoes and under different circumstances. Underslept, under-ate, but for some reason more motivated to try. I also ate just 30 minutes prior (3 pomegranates) as well.

Okay so I managed to run for more than 2 minutes straight at pace this time. That's not exactly like being halfway there, but it's going the right direction.

I then ran another minute and a half and an another minute… Continue

Added by David on December 3, 2010 at 5:14pm — 9 Comments

Organic Delivery Bay Area

I will be picking up plenty of ORGANIC produce on Friday morning in SF

Special on delicious Kiwis $30 for 22 pounds of amazing SWEET and CREAMY kiwis

Delicious Valencias $25 for 38 pounds

Bananas for $25-35 (depends on what's available). If you're really lucky - bananas for $15 a case of ORGANIC FAIR TRADE

Can deliver to Oakland, Berkeley, San Francisco, and the South Bay - if you're elsewhere we can schedule a… Continue

Added by David on December 2, 2010 at 6:36pm — 1 Comment

I want to run a sub-5 minute mile and have questions about heart rate

What's the max heart rate to shoot for? Is this "dangerous" at all to run say at 190bpm for 5 minutes? I don't know. I play basketball at least 10-11 hours per week.

I'm going to do this on a treadmill. I can definitely go for a minute at pace and then jog and then another minute, but haven't tried 5 minutes straight yet. Any thoughts?

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Tears of Happiness. Tearin up at 11:11

ha! I wasn't even expecting them. i looked at the clock when I laughed into ToH and whamo. What a coincidence.

Added by David on November 21, 2010 at 5:18am — 4 Comments

Trails of Happiness. Day 2

How to get tears of joy:

So it's something that happens relatively often for me. It may sound silly but if I just take a few pictures of myself I get really really happy. Being seen. We are alive. Alive! Whether tired, healthy, unhealthy, we are alive living dying thriving flying. They say that when people are really really sick and near death then their dreams suddenly release them from the physical. Diseases seem to have direct psychological reasoning and important lessons. Obviously… Continue

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Tears of Happiness. Day 1

Today is by far the BEST DAY EVER. I had the best carobs ever from the best parking lot tree ever and covertly managed to take half a piss without being caught. The carobs are DELISH. They taste like carobs.

I have tears of happiness. I live with two of the kewlest vegans ever with pretty awesome lifestyles. One, A, owns a falafel business that he started as a way to do vegan outreach and get people to eat vegan meals instead of animals. The other is L, a programmer and mother of a… Continue

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Love Support and Smashing Success to All

I just want to wish some awesome success with everyone's experience of life here. There is so much yeehaw to be discovered that we can access when our bodies our used in proper practice. Love can be felt thoroughly when body's propriety. Props. Props. Props. The health journey never stops, though there's plenty of rest. Cheers to the best. Love. All night long. All day song.

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176 pounds of organic ripe kiwis

come and get it!



Added by David on November 6, 2010 at 1:52am — 6 Comments

Help with Ruby on Rails

I am in the process of learning RoR and could use some help getting started. I have Patrick Lenz' book but am stuck on page 28ish. I have punched in the code correctly and getting some errors.

Anyhow, I am willing to trade natural vision coaching or holding space with some imaginal techniques that are quite fun and effective for psychological transformation. I am also willing to accept free help or possibly can pay a little.

Added by David on November 2, 2010 at 2:10pm — 1 Comment


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I'm happy to be back!

I ran into Chuckster on Friday morning at Earl's. That was really cool! Hey Chuckster!

Filled up the station wagon with great stuff for self, family and friends. More people get interested in delicious fruit everyday.

Saturday was great.…


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i love basketball

it is fun and i love it.
the end

Added by David on August 22, 2010 at 5:52pm — 3 Comments

I've gained at least 7 pounds of muscle in 7 months

I was around 133 at the start of the year. Now I'm at 140 and more defined

Added by David on July 26, 2010 at 7:37am — 3 Comments

8% Protein = 102 Grams of Protein Today


5 minutes weight training 5!!! ! ! !! MINUTES!!!!

5 miles on the bIKE % MILES ! ! !WOAOAOA!!

yep yep…


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Fruitarathon Race Report

Great Question! A fruitarathon is a fruit fueled race that is at least

12.8 miles in each direction. It originally was created on July 13th

2010, and finally came to be a reality when Nate Ritchie offered me a

Mamey Sapote. Nate lives 12.8 miles from my home so you know what I had

to do.

A true fruitarathon includes plenty of foraged fruit along the way.

Today included blackberries, raspberries, plums, loquats, and finding

grapes too

I… Continue

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