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I don't always

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B12 Shots - Side effects

I poste on my facebook wall that I had succefully done my second self administered shot of b12 today.

Then an FB friend of mine let me know they are not without side effects.

I'm thinking if maybe I should switch to sublinguals long term. I sometimes read of people having skin issues on this forum, maybe it could be worth changing to sublinguals of b12 for a while to see if it helps?

I don't know that much about spray b12 yet, but I intend to find out…


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Don't hit yourself.

Just getting to this forum, having the interest in living 8/1/1 means that you are way ahead of most people, so if and when you slip up and eat cooked food, there is no need for you to hit yourself, or condemn yourself.

Remember you get enough punches from elsewhere already, school, homework, things that come up in your life, negative people, problems. If you slip up instead pat yourself on the back for getting as far as you have, then eat some more fruit…


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the world will be forced to go vegan eventually

if the population continues to rise, its bound to happen out of necessity. Water and food production will see to it.

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day 6 and sour taste in mouth

not sure what's going on, but taste in mouth feels sour, this is stronger after honeydew melon.

I ate lots of nanas (3.5k to 4k calories from nanas most days, and 1 honey dew melon, only 3 oranges, and 3 plums today, some lettuce.

going to dentist next month any tips on what to ask to checkup on dental health?

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Wow last days I have been needing to sleep a lot, maybe its my body catching up, I try to just stop what I'm doing and go to sleep when I'm tired now, but i hope this doesn't keep up or else my schoolwork will suffer.

One good thing is that I'm really getting in the calories - my tummy is getting streching exercise so soon I will be able to eat even more.

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2nd day 100% raw, and I have salt cravings.....

and the nanas in norway... don't let me start

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Feeling down?

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Some Norwegian Parents wants their kids on low carb

In Norway we have something called SFO where kids can stay before and after school. Now some parents wants their kids to get low carb (primal diet) on SFO.

here is a google translate of the article since I'm lazy today

Parents wannt low carb in the SFO

Sande (AP) …


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Maybe the US should consider getting a Vegan President? (Like this one)

If I was a US citizen I would like to have this guy as a president, not Obama.

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So Oslo is now the most expensive city in the world...

well I don't live in Oslo luckily, I live in a small town about one hour and a half away from the big city (hehe the largest city here, Oslo has about 500 000 people, so not very big)

city list

so how to live from just fruit and vegetables here in Norway ?

where there is a will there is a way.

first of all I have quite a store of backup…


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Soko is a vegan :)

And a very expressive one at that, see video below ! I encourage everyone who sees this to go to her facebook page, and comment on that you appreciate her being a vegan.

We all sometimes need support and encouragement in our choices :)

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Destroying my Nana's!

especially this time of year here in Norway, we get a lot of icky Nana's, they look fine and spotty on the outside, but within they are really bad, black, brown, red, it's like a large percentage of them too :( I feel like I should almost wait buying more until they become fine again, not sure how good they are for me even only eating the good looking parts.

Is this the Nana sickness that is happening with the standard nanas?

Added by Glow on December 13, 2011 at 11:37pm — 1 Comment

not over yet!




so I'm feeling a little bit angry, I failed in lots of things but I'm not going to fail in this at least not yet. So I went down to the store and asked for a crate of bananas, and they start looking at me funny, and it ends up with me taking 80% of their bananas off the shelf, and two melons.


And walking to my home with this crate a group of guys are looking at me funny, and I'm like I dont care I want this.


And in the elevator a…


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Tough day

today I feel like I can't do this diet anymore, mostly because of my teeth, I mean my teeth used to be really sore before also, but It depended on what I ate,


It started after eating some stupid unripe clementines, then after eating bananas my teeth were really sore and aching. I haven't fallen of the wagon yet.... but it's a low point now thats for sure.

Added by Glow on November 15, 2011 at 2:29am — 3 Comments


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