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@#$% IT ALL

I throw my head back with laughter as I see an amazing path unfolding before me!!!


Those of you that know me, you know that I keep pretty busy. I've been doing the whole "American" thing...working 2 jobs and going to school full time. Busy busy busy busy busy. Busy but not living, you know? I've been going to school to be a dietitian....that's been interesting for sure, but so unfulfilling. The program that I've been in is so science heavy. I love science, but why can't I…


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Fruit Appreciation in the Media!

I did a google search looking for places in my area that sell sapote. I found this great article that is from a local news site :)


Just a cute little article that is beaming with marvel from the writer's point of view.





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I Shouldn't FEAR but I AM!!!

I've been doing so well...


I've been devouring mangoes - a LOT.




Ok it's not that big a deal. I'm kind of being dramatic. I'll have other seasonal fruits available like grapes and things like that. I'm just being a poop...I don't like bananas enough to want them to be my main calorie source. However, I have food to eat, so I need to be grateful.


Anyway, just…


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Hot damn!!!


I've been so busy I haven't been consistently active with running...just a few gym visits here and there. I have been consistent with yoga, though.


It's been almost ONE MONTH of 100% HCRV!!! Last night I went to the gym with a friend. I was lifting weights, working on my biceps and triceps. Holy God - looking in the mirror, I saw muscles I've NEVER SEEN BEFORE. It was crazy. I just kept thinking...damn who is that girl in the mirror!!! AND I really…


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3rd Week HCRV

Well...I can't wait to buy myself a 30bad shirt!!! I promised myself I'd get one once I finished 1 month HCRV.


I had a rough weekend (Sunday mostly) from being starved at my weekend job and dehydrated, but I made it through!!!


It was really crazy this weekend! I work at a vegan restaurant on the weekends. Sundays we have an all-you-can-eat buffet. I've tried almost everything at the restaurant, so since starting HCRV consistently again, I've been fine not…


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Grateful and In Love

Wellll I don't want to say too much because I'm enjoying my private little experience (lol) but basically this whole fruit life thing is really working well for me right now. More than ever before. It's so EASY RIGHT NOW. I think it's a combo of some healing I needed to go through, as well as really figuring out exactly what I want and committing to THAT.


On that note I am on Atualfo Mango Island and I'm on freakin cloud 9. Truly truly truly. My energy is really consistent -…


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Watermelon: Conquered

Just finished 1/2 a huge watermelon for lunch. I've done this before at work, but today people seemed to take notice.


It was so cute! One woman who was in the break room with me asked me if I'd really be able to finish all of it. I calmed her - "Yes, don't worry lol"


She came back to the break room...The look on her face was priceless. My huge bowl was almost empty. Her eyes lit up. She started clapping, saying "You did it! You finished HALF of a watermelon! I…


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Successful Beginning Yayuh!

Yesterday was pretty much perfect.


I started school last week. The days that I have school are Mondays/Wednesdays, and I'm there for 12 hours. I had run into the problem of hunger the days I've been in school with the exception of yesterday!


I packed my food the night before with 1/2 pineapple, oranges, 32oz. of fresh OJ and 32oz. of water.



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We've Met but I'd like to Start Over :)

Is there an award for the person that has denied their own truth and wants to come crawling back to it?


If so, can I please nominate myself?


Once again, I've trailed off into the "raw flexible" zone. This means that I have eaten mainly produce (salads and fruit), and then felt comfortable eating more complex foods at times. After a while I notice I'm eating more complex foods as each day passes. This involves high fat raw foods, and adding more salt to my…


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Hey All :)

Long time no talk! Long time no see!!!

I've missed you all and just wanted to stop in and say hello to those who may remember me lol.

First of all, I did not stop coming to the site because I stopped eating 811. Yes, I am not eating 811 at the moment (I'll elaborate in a moment), but I stopped coming to the website because I was obsessed with conversing with all of you!! LOL. I was visiting 30bad from work and just spending WAY too much…


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OJ/Banana Smoothie Island - 19 Days Left!

Hey babies,

Just a quick update on how my OJ/banana life is going!

19 Days left! (Out of 25 Days)

I have had OJ/Banana smoothies every day with one exception! If you rememeber my last post, I said Id do my smoothies unless friends and family happened to donate produce to me in which case I would eat. Well Day 1 my friend Amy gave me some organic cherry tomatoes from her CSA box because she hates tomatoes! I ate them very very fast, got burpy and got over it… Continue

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Im leaving!!!

I'm leaving on an ISLAND


My first island!!!

I am THRILLED beyond my vocabulary!!

Tomorrow I set sail on a FRESH OJ/BANANA ISLAND!!!

I have a destination of 25 Days of Bliss...and I can't freakin wait. Feels like Christmas!!!

Why am I doing this?

Because I want to lol.

Because it will save me LOTS of $! My groceries each month are $500-$600.

I will be getting my OJ from Jamba Juice. 64oz cost… Continue

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What Happened???

Hey lovers!!

Long time no talkie!!

Here's what's up since my last update...

I did NOT get fired!!!

I am so paranoid. I might have been on my way to getting fired, I truly believe that. Some of you asked what happened and I didn't have time to get into detail.

Basically, I -usually- have a bad attitude to the people I work with. Its the most bizarre thing. I'm really really nice and fun outside of work. Then at work I have looked dead and… Continue

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This Might be The End


I might be getting suspended at work or fired.

Not real sure what's going on, no one will talk to me about anything...

I just overheard my boss saying some things...so...we shall see.

This is all way too bizarre. I'm teary eyed on my lunch break and I don't know why I would shed a tear for this. Oh I know why...because everyone goes behind my back. Always.

These people are so sheisty!

Ill let you guys know what… Continue

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If you just ate Bananas, you could have Salt!

My friend Christian and I made plans for Sunday PM. He's "raw"...

Usually we'd play tennis or something.

Well he told me that he forgot he's helping our friend Stacy (raw foodist and raw chef) at her Raw Indian Food Demo Class. He invited me to it.

I thought about it. And while I really don't care to go, I thought id keep my promise of being social. I told him, "That's fine. Ill bring my own food though because I'm eating very simply these days remember. No… Continue

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Another glorious day!!!!

I had a weird dream last night...I am always dreaming the weirdest haha.

I dreamed that I had coffee. And physically, in my sleep, I remember my heart racing. I have this happen sometimes...My dreams effect my body. If I'm being punched in a dream, I can feel it. I am half awake and I can physically feel it. So that's how the coffee was. And I remember saying "Nooo!!! I didn't want coffee! Now I'm going to be so tired tomorrow!!! I might have a heart… Continue

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Cheesy Dreams

I had a dream last night that I was eating cheese pizza.

My sister saw me eating it and said, "WTF ARE YOU DOING. YOU'RE VEGAN...?????"

And then I looked at myself eating the pizza and said/thought "YES! WTF AM I DOING!! I -AM- VEGAN!!! BUT THIS TASTES SO GOOD URGGHHH!!!"

What a bizarre dream. I know everyone has these dreams. I even have my own theory on why we have these dreams...Detox in the body is my theory.

In other news, it's a beautiful day in the… Continue

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I NEED to STOP visiting Give It To Me Raw!!!!

It's hardly a Raw site anymore, let alone VEGAN site.

I go there about 1x a week, and for what?????

I just went there, and someone was talking about a 'yummy' recipe with mayo (yes, dairy "for vegetarian purposes"...what does that even mean???), curry and other spices in it.

This same person is doing a High Fat diet experiment. Don't really know why.

People are talking about raw egg yolks… Continue

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I'm not trying to be a female body builder...

I am loving riding my bike everywhere.

It's great. It's guaranteed that I will get cardio in every day no matter what.


I'm getting too much freeeeakin muscle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm sure this will change over time as my body continues to transform. But I build muscle VERY easily. And while my legs started to get smaller after initially commuting everywhere...now they are bulking up after a rest day I had this week.

It's funny because… Continue

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SO Much to DO! So little TIME.

I am so glad I live a healthy life style.

I have WAY too many things I want to do in this lifetime. Sometimes I wish that I'll make it to 300 years. Wouldn't that be a trip...

At this point, I DEFINITELY DEFINITELY still want to travel.

I DEFINITELY want to keep singing.

But fortunately (and I do mean fortunately) the -balancing- part of me is settling in, helping me focus on all my goals, including my educational goals.

Last "update" I mentioned that I want… Continue

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