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Day 53- REALLY strong cravings...

Alright idk what it is, but tonight i am having the worst cravings for cooked foods.  Idk if it was bring in a restaurant all day surrounded by it (even though i was drinking my smoothies) but i am seriously craving like...bread with peanut butter, or rice.  I didnt have the greens i always have at night tonight, because the kale salad i ate last night left me with a horrible stomach ache all night when i was trying to sleep.  All i had for my "salad" type of meal was 2 zucchinis made into…


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Day 52- SLEEP...Face/tummy issues

So i decided not to go to classes today.  E-mailed all of my teachers last night to tell them i wouldnt be in class.  This weekend i was having migraine issues come back, and last night it was just getting worse.  The only thing that i can and have ever done to escape migraine pain is sleep.  So, i didnt fall asleep until really late last night because i napped yesterday.  I then get woke up by the fact that my noise machine stopped working, i then find out that our electricity got shut off…


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Day 50- Up and Down day!

So i woke up kind of tired saturday, wish i could have slept in, but i promised Jen i would go to the "Shout and Holler" walk today.  They changed the name of this walk, which is originally called "Slut Walk".  Its a walk to promote the message that women shouldnt be called "sluts" and blamed for harassment if they wear certain clothing.  It is based around the fact that on January 24, 2011 Constable Michael Sanguinetti spoke on crime prevention at York University safety forum.…


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Day 49- Fruity Friday

Hello frooty bootys!  Ive been super busy this weekend and i havent been able to blog, so this blog covers friday 10/21

Friday was a pretty good day.  My 2nd class got out early so i got home relatively earlier than usual.  I did take a nap because it was my FIRST friday night off in i cant tell u how long!!! I was supposed to head up to UCONN to visit one of my "best friends"...but she told me she wasnt sure if it was a good day after all because she is going through…


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It's about time I updated. :)

[23 October 2 PM]


It's been probably two and half months since I've updated, so here it is.

I wasn't eating enough and I…


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Beginning the Raw Food & Vegan journey

This week was my beginning.  I have a very long way to go.

Let me just say right off that I have never been vegan, although I have a lot of respect for the vegans I have known.  I agree with a lot of what I know of the vegan way. I disagree with the way my western society has exploited and abused animals just to eat them, and eat what they want of them (exploding chicken breasts...good grief).

I'm going through a lot of changes in my thinking right now, so maybe those of you…


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Day 48- STANK, DRANK, and Henna :)

Alright, first on the STANK subject, durian is so so strong lol.  I was craving it all day at work, and new i was going to eat some when i got home.  My dad hadnt smelled it yet, and as soon as i brought some into the living room, he said how much it stunk and that i had to go eat it somewhere else.  Well, that left me to standing in the kitchen under our fan about the stove....or up to my room.  I went up to my room.  I didnt smell the stank when i was eating it of course.  I went out of my…


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Becoming a "High Carb Raw Vegan-er"

  Okay, here we go.  I discovered this diet/lifestyle unintentionally, 4 weeks ago, while surfing some videos on Youtube.  I found Durianrider and Freelee and loved their videos.  I decided pretty much straight off that I wanted to try it out.  So I did.  I was surprised at how quickly I started to feel better, more energy, more chipper, lost a couple of pounds, and my nails even got noticeably stronger.  I did it for 10 days in a row.

   On the 11th day, I treated myself with a baked…


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Day 47- DURIAN and Dentists

Today i woke up and really just wanted to sleep a little longer....but i couldnt.....had to get ready for school.  I tried doing the "no poo" thing with hair washing....tried baking soda and apple cider vinegar....fail.....then i tried clay....UBER fail.  That clay stuck in my hair for about a week and a half, no matter how hard i tried to get it off of my scalp, it wouldnt all get out.  I now use …


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Day 46- "Thats a FACT..."

It baffles me how people still think milk makes your bones nice and strong and its so good for u and the only way to prevent osteoporosis is dairy dairy dairy!  Today a waitress was drinking a glass of whole milk (mind you, whole milk is the only milk we have at our restaurant, worst kind of course) and then a waiter came up and made a joking comment, then said "But its good you drink that milk, dont want holes in your bones!"  Instantly i replied, "Thats so not true, milk causes…


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Day 45- Tomato Euphoriaaaa!

OMGOSH....can i just tell u how excited i am right now.  I always used to love tomato things, like tomato soup, ketchup, tomato sauce, but never ever raw tomatoes.  I decided i would try to make a tomato sauce tonight for my salad/pasta instead of red pepper, just to see if i liked it.  I know it would save me money to buy tomatoes over red peppers.  So i peeled and pasta-fied a zucchini, threw in a bunch of kale, then it was on to tomato testing time.  I cut open the tomato, looks good.  I…


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Day 44- "20 a DAY?!"

Today i woke up and i have to say i feel like i somewhat have more energy....i wore my parasite zapper all night taped onto the bottom of my foot.  Im not sure if the more energy is due to the zapper or what, but i also got a lot of sleep last night.  i was surprised how much the pennies tarnished, shows how much acids i still have in my body.  Im excited to see progression from it.  

I had work tonight again, and had some comments about my food again.  The manager first started off…


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Day 43- Kale and Zapper ftw!

Today i was not to happy to get woke up by one of my managers calling me to tell me that i was going to have to go into work tonight for my on call shift.  I just wanted to wake up when my body was ready to!  Of course i couldnt fall back asleep afterwards.  I then remembered i have to go get some nanners and dates today, and now i had to before work!  Off i went on my trek to hadley to Traders Joes and Whole foods.  Got my box of 100 bananas, and 21 others that they had out that were…


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Day 42- Celebrities and Last day at 1 job

Tonight was my last night working at the first restaurant that ever took me in, ZEN in Northampton, MA.  I started working there December 2010, and they took me in with no waitressing experience at all.  Lucky for me i was trained there and finally had a job that i actually enjoyed and was treated nicely at.  I am very sad to leave this restaurant because they are like a family to me.  The head chef told me i was like his 2nd daughter, i made great friends, and it was so much fun.  I even…


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October 14

The changes are mostly emotional. As I have said before my switch to 811RV coincides with an increase focus on my Buddhist practice. They compliment each other.

I'm generally more cheerful, even when faced with challenging situations. I communicate more openly and honestly.

Of course their are some physical changes, too. My big old belly aint so big anymore. And I have less face! And I have the 'raw vegan perma tan' that I had last time I went down this road. All very welcome… Continue

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Day 41- Getting Easier/ TEETH problems

So today was a day at work, my first day there since i got my new doo, and it was nice to hear positive comments about it :)  I only had one little talk today with someone about being vegan.  She was eating a pork burrito during the conversation nonetheless......and she was telling me how her niece is vegan and that she always posts "facebook stuff about arguing with people over how she eats.  She says stuff like would u eat ur cat? and all that....Us meat eaters dont usually pick on people…


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Cholesterol UP after 6 weeks vegan??

My mom went vegan about 6 weeks ago after learning she could have heart disease and could not take medication (it interferes with her muscle disease).


At the beginning, I was cooking for her. I couldn't get her to go raw so I figured the next best thing would be cooked starches, no oil, no nuts, minimal salt, lots of veggies and fruit. But she just wasn't having it. She kept eating lots of peanut butter and refined flour. She stayed vegan for the whole 6 weeks but was eating…


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Day 40- Getchya GREEN on!

So today was the first day of classes for the week for me.  Holiday monday, and no classes tuesday :).  I woke up, skin brushed, washed my hair (which was so weird! washing it for the first time so short, so much easier!) made my nanner/date smoothie, mason jarred it up, and headed off to westfield.  First class was good, had fun with my friend learning proper wrapping techniques for an injury, then it was my break time!  I always have a little over an hour to spare between my first and 2nd…


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Day 39- Dang Detox


I feel uber crap-tastic today.  Not gonna sugar coat it, even if my insides are sugar coated ;).  I am having severe migraine, bad nausea and cramping, forgetfulness, and major fatigue.  I bought a parasite zapper online last night from the rawsynergy woman's site, and i am going to get blood work done tomorrow to see what is up with all of that.  I am hoping some things get ruled out.  I know i am doing the right thing for my body in the long run, but DANG i wish i felt…


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LFRV Experience for Food Addicts

It's been about a month since I found out about LFRV and for the most part I've stuck to it pretty well. This weekend I lost control big time and gorged myself to the point of physical illness.


I'm not writing this to complain about my own stupidity. I wanted to put this out there for the people who are like me, who struggle with food like I do. I never considered my eating habits any type of abnormal thing which might be the first sign that I have a problem. Like an addict,…


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