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Fruit Parties...Oh My!

I can't believe I went to my first official fruit party this past Sunday and met with local 30badders for the first time!

Coincidentally, the fruit parties in my house have been super exciting lately.  Its kinda a tradition I started last year with my 10 y.o. sister-in-law and my 4-year-old daughter and I eating fruit before bed and just being super silly with it... making the peels into playthings, making silly faces. 

My sister-in-law lives in San Diego and we…


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Life is Beautiful

I am so happy and thankful for everything I have. Just the fact that I am alive with loving and caring parents and am able to be a part of this world, to be able to love others and be loved in return. To be able to tell others how much I love them. To be able to grow and learn something new each and every day. To be able to breath. To be able to run. To be able to feel. To be able to see. To be able to hear. To be able to smell. To have food to eat. To have an education. To be able to…


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Are raw food/ nutrition certifications worth it?

(This is in additiion to my reply to a question about the INN certification course.  I can't find it even though I entered my comment just under an hour ago.. sorry to mix this up...)


I met Jack Morse (the gent who brought Walt Disney public, among other things). I was just staring out and was hired to install an elaborate custom home gym in one of his houses. I had what I called "Long Island's First (and only to this day 25 years later) Educational Fitness Store" It…


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Fruit themed Jewelry. Updates on a new line coming to my ETSY store!

Hey guys,


I've only got one piece listed so far in my new collection of fruit & raw lifestyle inspired jewelry sold within my ETSY store www.gypsyaffairs.etsy.com



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IDK what to do. I made a quart (yes a quart) of my own invented green drink for dinner. I wasn't thinking while I was making it. I put an entire tray of asparagus in there. Don't follow my example. I can barely stomach it. And I LOVE green drinks.



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SALT damages our body!!!

  Well, I'd like to share with you guys what happens when  we dont eat enough greens, as I think my cravings for salt yesterday evening was due to lack of greens in my diet these days.


Mostly I 've eaten sweet fruits this week, but yesterday after eating apples in the evening I felt as if I…


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Raw Vegan Hangout Time

As a 20 year old college student, you'd think that I'd be looking forward to turning 21 in this next month to drink and party until I can't remember my own. HA. as if. I'm getting really tired of going to parties and just being the guy there that's not having any "fun", cause theyre right, Im not. So, I made a solution, I just won't go, and I don't anymore. But the problem with that is that my friends are those people, people who I grew up with and met through school, without them, I really…


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How to ripen fruits faster? (solution)

Easy, just put them in a closed brown bag or newspaper and wrapped them up. Give it 24 hours and your good, you'll see the difference. This is of course, if you live in the city and supermarkets provide you with green bananas and hard avocados.

This routine is an old one that we Hispanics from the Caribbean use a lot to ripen our fruits. I learned this from my father when I was younger.

Just wanted to share this ;)


(see the picture, those bananas weren't ready,…


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Rough times help you realize a LOT! <3

Hello Fruity Booty's!! i know i havent blogged in about 12 days, i was really struggling with my diet and stress levels with school, a lot of not so good news was happening and i was also having the hardest time getting back on track.  I know that all of that happened for a reason, to show me that i ultimately feel the best eating 811rv, and i am happily back on track as of today.  I was really struggling, really bad.  I'm honest.  I wouldnt ever say anything that isnt true on a blog here,…


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I am feeling accomplished today.


I promoted veganism today. In my AP Chem class, since today was the last day of school for the week, my professor decided to give us a much deserved break -- we cooked food in our class. My group already knew that I was vegan, so they were kind enough to consider cooking something vegan. We talked about what to make and I suggested fruit kabobs. They didn't have many ideas, but they wanted to go do puppy chow (something really unhealthy, but…


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I can't remember how long it's been since I started eating raw. I feel as it's been almost two months and my physicality is getting better and better. I've seen to have lost body fat and I still have my muscles, armed and ready for work outs.

I keep wishing I should have done this a long time ago. It's such a clean diet to consume. Highly energizing and it's the healthiest and realistic to our main needs.

The only problem living a life of pure raw fruits and vegetables is the…


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Day 17 (yesterday) of being a LFRV and I caved. I went to Sedona Arizona on vacation for 2 days.. during this time I realized traveling around is very ungrounding to me. My boyfriend was nice enough to provide me with all the fruit I desired, but when we got back to the hotel last night I felt the craving for something hot and cooked. I didn't eat anything hot because we had just come from the store and I made myself not get anything, but when we got back I couldn't keep my composure and I…


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Freaked out

I'm in my first week of living raw and i already feel lost. My temperature dropped and I'm cold and I don't know how much I have to eat at all. Although I don't miss meat nor milk or eggs but I really feel like I overeat fruit and I have no control over my main meals. It's like I'm eating all the time... I feel bad about it and depressed. My head is dizzy and I even managed to gain some weight! 


Please please can you seriously assure me all of this will go away???

Added by Ruta Vaitiekute on November 18, 2011 at 4:30am — 5 Comments


WTF. 5 Years ago, we had a banana tree in my back yard, which got ran over by a giant truck and then shredded by a lawnmower. This year a new baby one has started to grow, and I was excited at the prospect of bananas grown in my own back yard. 




My parents decided to get someone to mow the lawn today. The man mowed the lawn. 



Ran into my banana tree.



Causing my banana tree to fall to the…


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Fruit Adventure in the Southwest

So my first experience with "non-traditional" fruit (traditional = apples, bananas, pears and oranges), was not nearly as tasty as I planned, so I do believe I have some practicing to do!  Last week a friend and I adventured to an Asian market where we found some unique fruits and I picked up some strange bananas, longan, tamarind, persimmon, and frozen durian, all of which I've never had before. While I was there, I just wanted to grab a little bit of everything I've never tried…


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Im back! Still the fighter :)


Man i couldnt wait to have a blog when i could say that.  Last night before i went to sleep, i had a really big binge, mightve been my biggest yet.  I dont even remember getting into my bed last night, my dad said i fell asleep in my bed with the lights on, i mustve been WAY out of it after eating everything that i did.  I woke up today, and was instantly greeted when i opened my door by my beautiful baby binx, zoe (my kitty).  Nothing better for…


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Day 1 LFRV


Alrighty so I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of fruit... and then while loading my groceries found a bag right near my car with a second personal watermelon (already bought one) it was deff a whooohooo moment! Today I think karma hit me...  the street watermelon was rotten :( sad day! so much for mono-mealing my melons! Surprisingly one filled me up... so i guess i'm gonna wait a short time before i eat again since the calories i ate were deff not sufficient. On another…


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My Articles on Associated Content

I've decided that one way to help me stick to the LFRV lifestyle is to write about it, because if I promote it, then I look like a tool if I'm doing something different.  So I started an account with associated content because there are articles on there about raw food, but not LFRV and I thought this would be a good place to start getting more information out. I've already gotten two articles published on there about LFRV and I have so many more ideas. I do want to thank my friends here at…


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Let Yourself Be

I don't know why I was feeling philosophical tonight!  I just wrapped up studying for the night.  My mind is consumed by this health coaching program.  I am so excited to be doing this and it is really nice how the program is all laid out for you.  It is not at all what I expected.  


Tonight, I was feeling like "I am as good as I could ever desire".  There is nothing wrong with ME.  There are some things clinging onto me that are somewhat undesirable, but those are not a part…


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Darn you broken car, cold weather, and lazy me!

Alright I took on a 100% LFRV challenege for minimum of 30 days. I managed to make it 6 days without trouble, however, my cars timing belt broke on me throwing off my ability to get fresh frood easily. It has been a week since it has been off the road which is so convenient now that it is nippy outside. I know I can get to the store and taxi home with my cases of fruit but I just feel to lazy. I have been eating lots of pasta with tons of lightly steamed veggies to get me through each week…


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