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Day 17 (yesterday) of being a LFRV and I caved. I went to Sedona Arizona on vacation for 2 days.. during this time I realized traveling around is very ungrounding to me. My boyfriend was nice enough to provide me with all the fruit I desired, but when we got back to the hotel last night I felt the craving for something hot and cooked. I didn't eat anything hot because we had just come from the store and I made myself not get anything, but when we got back I couldn't keep my composure and I…


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Freaked out

I'm in my first week of living raw and i already feel lost. My temperature dropped and I'm cold and I don't know how much I have to eat at all. Although I don't miss meat nor milk or eggs but I really feel like I overeat fruit and I have no control over my main meals. It's like I'm eating all the time... I feel bad about it and depressed. My head is dizzy and I even managed to gain some weight! 


Please please can you seriously assure me all of this will go away???

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WTF. 5 Years ago, we had a banana tree in my back yard, which got ran over by a giant truck and then shredded by a lawnmower. This year a new baby one has started to grow, and I was excited at the prospect of bananas grown in my own back yard. 




My parents decided to get someone to mow the lawn today. The man mowed the lawn. 



Ran into my banana tree.



Causing my banana tree to fall to the…


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Fruit Adventure in the Southwest

So my first experience with "non-traditional" fruit (traditional = apples, bananas, pears and oranges), was not nearly as tasty as I planned, so I do believe I have some practicing to do!  Last week a friend and I adventured to an Asian market where we found some unique fruits and I picked up some strange bananas, longan, tamarind, persimmon, and frozen durian, all of which I've never had before. While I was there, I just wanted to grab a little bit of everything I've never tried…


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Im back! Still the fighter :)


Man i couldnt wait to have a blog when i could say that.  Last night before i went to sleep, i had a really big binge, mightve been my biggest yet.  I dont even remember getting into my bed last night, my dad said i fell asleep in my bed with the lights on, i mustve been WAY out of it after eating everything that i did.  I woke up today, and was instantly greeted when i opened my door by my beautiful baby binx, zoe (my kitty).  Nothing better for…


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Day 1 LFRV


Alrighty so I went shopping yesterday and bought a ton of fruit... and then while loading my groceries found a bag right near my car with a second personal watermelon (already bought one) it was deff a whooohooo moment! Today I think karma hit me...  the street watermelon was rotten :( sad day! so much for mono-mealing my melons! Surprisingly one filled me up... so i guess i'm gonna wait a short time before i eat again since the calories i ate were deff not sufficient. On another…


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My Articles on Associated Content

I've decided that one way to help me stick to the LFRV lifestyle is to write about it, because if I promote it, then I look like a tool if I'm doing something different.  So I started an account with associated content because there are articles on there about raw food, but not LFRV and I thought this would be a good place to start getting more information out. I've already gotten two articles published on there about LFRV and I have so many more ideas. I do want to thank my friends here at…


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Month 5 LFRV update

oops just realised it's been ages since I blogged my progress! I have to admit there has been a bit of a wobble as we hit the colder, greyer, wetter weather here in Devon, UK and a few times I have succumbed to a vegan cooked meal for dinner (after having fruit meals all day) just because I am one of those people who feels the cold so bad anyway. But this was just temporary and was probbaly more psychological than anything - as a scientist I KNOW that we don't need hot meals to keep us warm…


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Let Yourself Be

I don't know why I was feeling philosophical tonight!  I just wrapped up studying for the night.  My mind is consumed by this health coaching program.  I am so excited to be doing this and it is really nice how the program is all laid out for you.  It is not at all what I expected.  


Tonight, I was feeling like "I am as good as I could ever desire".  There is nothing wrong with ME.  There are some things clinging onto me that are somewhat undesirable, but those are not a part…


Added by Jocelyn Larsson on November 5, 2011 at 4:41pm — 1 Comment

Darn you broken car, cold weather, and lazy me!

Alright I took on a 100% LFRV challenege for minimum of 30 days. I managed to make it 6 days without trouble, however, my cars timing belt broke on me throwing off my ability to get fresh frood easily. It has been a week since it has been off the road which is so convenient now that it is nippy outside. I know I can get to the store and taxi home with my cases of fruit but I just feel to lazy. I have been eating lots of pasta with tons of lightly steamed veggies to get me through each week…


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IM BACK!! UPDATE on everything thats been happening!

AAAAAAAH can i just tell you how horrible its been since saturday night (oct 29th) at 9 pm?! Ive had no power, or heat, since that night.  I just got it back today at 4 pm.  about 116 hours.  This just caused a huge halt in my 811rv ways :(  I live on banana date smoothies.  Problem is, no electricity, no blender, and no relatives or anyone around had power either.  200,000 People in western MA alone didnt have power.  i think it was 800,000 in new england all together.  I tried to eat ripe…


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Discussion/Debate on Vegetarianism & China Study...

It's a bit lengthy, but I found it very stimulating. Openly discussing diet concerns with our meat-eating friends is not only healthy, it only further validates the vegan standpoint. I was debating whether or not I should post this on the Debunking the Critics of the China Study Group, maybe I will. Let me know what you think!  = )



Link to actual Blog:…


Added by Rob Altadonna on November 4, 2011 at 5:36am — 2 Comments

Lessons from October and looking forward to November

Lessons from October

Slip-ups happen but they don’t have to ruin the whole day.

The payoffs to this lifestyle are huge. Even the short term effects are amazing.

To truly life this lifestyle requires preparation, vigilance and dedication. There are temptations everywhere and no shortage of people who will tell you that you’re crazy.

Having the support of a group, whether online or in person, is very helpful.

Now, November…

More mono meals

More consistent… Continue

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Day 56- Fruit to the rescue

Woke up today still feeling like last night was another dream....thats the last time i'll ever eat cooked food willingly.  The stomach pain, nausea, dizzyness, everything just made me feel so much worse.  Of course even though i am saying all of this stuff, i am craving bread again.  The really really strange thing i have noticed from last night, and just now, when i start to think about eating cooked food, i sneeze!  Just starting to think about it, isnt that so strange?  Its like my body…


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Bananas to the Rescue!

I ran out of ripe fruit tonight and started experiencing symptoms of lack of fruit...I was in a panic and it was 8pm...All the funky Asian markets full of ripeness were closed...So, I made my way to sparkly Whole Foods and tiredly… Continue

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Day 55- Never...ever....again -_-

Well tonight was the last night i will ever slip up and eat cooked food :(....i feel so so sick.  My stomach feel like a balloon......im dizzy...my migraine hurts even more.....so nauseous.....so ashamed.  I had been crying for a few hours because i am just so upset about all the pain ive been suffering with for 5 years.  All day today, as soon as i woke up, worst migraine ive had in a while.  Theyve never found out what is causing them or anything to help them.  I cant even think straight…


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Day 54- BIG slip-up, but back on track

Well....as you can probably already guess from the title of this blog...late last night or i guess you could say very very early this morning....i gave in to my rediculous cooked food craving.  Like i said in my blog yesterday, i was just craving a sandwich, so badly.  I had enough calories yesterday, and even noshing on more dates didnt help.  I didnt just have like....a piece of bread to satisfy my craving for a sandwich....this was a full on crazy cooked vegan....and a few items not so…


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Something Really Exciting


So today was a very exciting/stressful day.  I have been planning on becoming certified as a heath coach for months now.  But I've kept putting it off.  I've even found the school I wanted to be certified with.  I always knew I would do it some day... later.  A few days ago, I was going to the bathroom ( I know, random) when I started thinking- " I always have great ideas but I never follow through.  Maybe I'm not brave enough to actually do it.  Maybe I'll think about doing it…


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Finally reading 811!


After my last blog, I attempted to make it through one day raw with my little pre-planned menu.  This was really helpful, but I still crashed at the end of the day.  The trouble with me was that I kept thinking that every time I ate cooked food, it was a failure.  I'm learning that you really can't do that to yourself!!!!!


This is a path, and as long as you are moving in the right direction on that path, you are fine.  Of course I would love to be 100% low fat raw…


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Day 53- REALLY strong cravings...

Alright idk what it is, but tonight i am having the worst cravings for cooked foods.  Idk if it was bring in a restaurant all day surrounded by it (even though i was drinking my smoothies) but i am seriously craving like...bread with peanut butter, or rice.  I didnt have the greens i always have at night tonight, because the kale salad i ate last night left me with a horrible stomach ache all night when i was trying to sleep.  All i had for my "salad" type of meal was 2 zucchinis made into…


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