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Active Outdoor Vegans Series: Q&A with Vegan Outdoor Adventures

Read the second part in the Active Outdoor Vegans series on TheVeganJunction.com:
Q&A with Vegan Outdoor Adventures…

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Interview with Plant-Based Athlete

Jay is a martial artist, a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and has been following a whole food, plant-based lifestyle for a number of years now. He is known as Plant-Based Athlete on YouTube, and he, along with his partner Michelle, have a new site Thriving Plant Based that offers plenty of information and support regarding…


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5 Things for the Environment

Here are 5 areas we can focus on to reduce our negative impact on the planet:


Daily Commute & Travel

Reducing the amount of emissions you produce traveling from one place to another can substantially help the environment. Bike, walk, run, carpool, use…


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Interview with Competitive Vegan Stand Up Paddle Boarder | Vegan 1 Day

Q&A with John Merryfield from Vegan 1 Day

This is the first in a series on "Active Outdoor Vegans" that will feature on The Vegan Junction. The series will include interviews with a number of different vegans who live active, outdoor inspired lives. The many pursuits of these individuals demonstrate that not only can you be…


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1 week raw vegan

Hey fruity cuties!

I have been eating over 2,100 calories from raw fruits and vegetables for the past 7 days. I have been in a transition period. From April 7th to May 7th I had 16 days raw vegan and 15 days cooked vegan. I think it was helpful to be vegan for about a year and a half before embarking on this new journey because I had a background of security knowing that fruits and vegetables are the best thing my body needs to create new cells and function optimally. I have been…


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so stressed out :(

Omg i am so freaking stressed right now.  As if having a ton of finals for school doesnt have me a bit wacky right now, my mom is on my case again.  Today, when she picked me up from youth group, we somehow got onto the topic of me being vegan, and she flipped again.  But it wasnt like the other times.  This time, she talked quietly and sensibly instead of yelling.  She seems to think that since i am still growing(im 14)  that i should eat dairy.  She went to the doctors today and they told…


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5 Basic Tips for Healthy Living

5 Basic Tips for Healthy Living

Some basic tips for healthy living...

  1. Drink plenty of water

    Drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. A good way to tell is to make sure you are urinating fairly clear at least every 2-3 hours. Hydration is critical for digestion and sustaining energy levels. Your body is mostly…

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David M's what I ate today vlog


The daily smoothie. Always everyday. Always with berries always. The berries vary. Blue is my favourite.

Split peas are imo one of the best staple foods for athletes. It's a whole food, nutrient dense, has a crazy amount of fiber and protein isn't a problem. A little bit of split peas goes a very long way. Super happy I discovered it.

When I get home I WILL make… Continue

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3bw135x5red0z Where to Start?


So I took this picture the other day. I'm getting into that part of my life where I am happy with who I am. I want to be happy and feel beautiful right now. I bought 4 new shirts this weekend. There's something to the…


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Being vegan is so logical

Hey guys, its Horsehalters2, and last night(after I had my delicious dinner of rice, beans, and quinoa yum yum yum) I watched a video on why to go vegan, and a large part of it was to help the animals.  I watched videos of animals in the meat, egg, and milk industries being abused and basically tortured, and i could not watch.  There was a part where a cow fell to the ground on her knees because she was being beaten continuously on the head right after they ripped her newborn calf away from…


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Me and my mom have maybe come to an agreement???

Hey guys it is horsehalters2, and i am very sorry that i did not post anything for a while, but the standardized testing at my school had been coming up and the teachers had been bombarding us with homework.  Anyhow, as you know, my mom had kinda freaked out the last time that i told her that i was going vegan, so these past few weeks i have been kinda lying low and eating as vegan as I could in secret and letting the topic settle for a while.  Just yesterday, though, i brought it up again…


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A day in the life eating raw.

What do you eat on a raw diet

I have shared in the past what to eat on a raw vegan diet , but I thought it was time for an update. I want people to see the variety of food you can enjoy on a daily basis. 

When I speak to people about eating raw, everyone gives you that look like "Oh, that would be so hard"  or "Oh, you're one of those kind of people!" They assume this lifestyle is so boring and…


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Fresh & Simple Raw Vegan Salad Recipe

You don’t want to miss out on trying this simple raw vegan salad recipe!

I'm tired of overcomplicated raw vegan recipes that use 57 different ingredients.

It feels like a breath of fresh air to make a raw vegan salad recipe that’s so simple yet so delicious!

Try the recipe out for yourself on my website by clicking here…


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Fresh & Simple Raw Vegan Salad Recipe

This easy lfrv salad will surprise you!

Delicious, yet utterly simply to make!

Try it out for yourself by clicking the link below:



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The Great Vegan Book List

Great Vegan Books  


The Great Vegan Book List

There are so many great books available on the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. It is proof that more and more people are interested in this way of eating for both ethical and health reasons. These books are a great introduction into the vegan and vegetarian world. 

I hope you…


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The Vegan Connection and Resources

Why Vegan? Why do we choose to be vegan?

Whether or not you choose to use or identify with the term "vegan," the decision to be cruelty-free goes far beyond dietary choices. It's a lifestyle.

In this seeming age of self-absorption and self-indulgence, there is an awakening consciousness and a growing concern for the choices we make, the effects they have, and the…


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Plant-Based Meal Delivery

If you're in the Ohio area and would like healthy, plant-based meals delivered right to your door, this is for you!

Read a recent article on TheVeganJunction about Plant Perfection Foods, a whole food,…


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Almonds Use More Water Than Beef?!

There's been fair bit of heat directed at almonds over the past while, particularly given the current publicity surrounding the water situation in California. But, do almonds really use more water than other, animal-based products? Do they really deserve all the flack they've been getting?…


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Going to a Nutritionist! Need Help!

Hello everyone, as you can tell from the title i'm going to see a nutritionist. It's not my choice believe me, its my mums. I'm 15 and I've been vegan for almost 3 months now and have followed the hclf vegan lifestyle I'm going to be writing down what I eat for a week on my vegan lifestyle so the nutritionist person can see it and was seeing, as there's a lot of people on this discussion, if anybody knew any foods that I could get so I can prove to the nutritionist/dietitian that I'm getting…


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Cheap Vegan Lunch Ideas? $5.60

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