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Tails from the Jungle - Inside the Psyche of The Raw Monkey ;)

This summer I have been lucky enough to get the chance to spend time with some truly amazing (fruity!) people. I've had a great time hanging out with them, sharing food, and also talking with them about their experiences with following this lifestyle, as well as about my own.
Now I see it as a pretty good sign that I'm sometimes liable to forget that…

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It's that simple! :)

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Getting myself motivated for 100% fully raw

So I have been doing the " raw till four" program for a while now. When I first came across raw foods I went fully raw for a week or two and felt GREAT. Then for some reason I went into this mode of cooked foods and was eating cooked foods for dinner almost every day. I feel not so good on this at all, I feel the cooked foods make me crave salt and fat often and keep me feeling weighed down. I am especially having trouble with lowering my fat intake, I used to love adding a whole avocado and…


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After my 30 day Challenge the changes

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Was Today Better - Day 140

Well, today is Day 140 of 811. I have eaten over 3000 cal and actually feel better today. The bloating is slightly less and I had more energy today than normal. I jumped on a rebounder for 5 minutes and completed bicep curls with 22.5 weights each arm. Finished up with a few mins of abs. Did not want to overdo it. Ran 2 miles yesterday and an old ankle pain from 2 years ago has returned. Retracing maybe? Overall, pleased with Day 140. Hugs!!

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Day 2

Woke up groggy and sleepy. Spent most of the day resting and napping, did not feel like doing much. I managed to cram in a 90 minutes walk, got some young coconuts imported from Costa Rica and some amazing tasting bananas, that are small but juicy.

Ate smoothies all day, grazing, whenever I felt awake enough to eat. Nectarines, coconut water, bananas, romaine and a lovely treat of cherimoya, custard apple. That was the only food I did not blend today. It was a super nice…


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Raw Organic Coconut Aminos

Have you heard? It's the "hot new thing" in the raw food world, and a lot of the gourmet raw folks are going crazy over it. Here's the low down on why it's "not so hot:" 

-Coconut Secret Raw Organic Coconut Aminos is "aged and blended with sun dried, mineral-rich sea salt, hand gathered from pristine waters near the southern islands of…


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Stupid Meat eaters comments

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Muscle ups!!!

I have been doing pull ups regularly for a few month now, not following a strict exercising plan, just having fun. And today with a good friend of mine, we went training and he kinda pushed to try to do a muscle up which I believed I could not do, but I was wrong and I could get 3 of them done!!! Power of motivation and fruits!

That made me feel so happy!

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Day 1






more bananas


ortaniques (!!!)


papaya with lime, 1 ortanique

my intake was low today because i spent about 9 hours at the hospital. thought my cousin had a stroke. false alarm.

he needs to take better care of himself though.

thinking about making a trip to ortanique island soon but i may have to…


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It is Always Calm Below the Surface…

Life’s a risky business. It is so uncertain, unpredictable, and let’s face it, just plain weird! What are we all doing here?? And added to it’s general incomprehensible vastness  are so many other variable factors in our lives: family, friends, work, money, health, it’s a lot to keep tabs on! And sometimes this can make us feel a little overwhelmed. Everything external is so changeable and out of control, which makes it important that we remain the constant in our own lives; the one person…


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Seeing the World Clearly...


Many things can change our perspective on the world: difficult experiences, a poignant book or story, meeting someone, losing someone, just deciding to become a more contented soul and working at it every day. The change may be gradual or instantaneous, but either way you will find that your view of life becomes clearer and you see everything in a new way.



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Going for it!

I'm tired of being afraid to go fully raw. I know it sounds weird to feel that way, but I always think about, will I have enough fruit? will I have enough money to buy fruit? I KNOW I have enough money, I just keep making excuses because I'm afraid to spend too much because I'm trying to save up. There's also the fact that this is the only summer that I'll be able to work  for the next 3 years. With that and school, I'm worried about the challenges ahead. But, I'm ready to bite the bullet…


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Day 5 - I was satiated for a moment, is it really possible!?!

Today I think I actually experienced a moment of satiety - I was satisfied for the first time in a long time since my supervised water fast. It only lasted about a half hour after I had my "dinner". It's a good sign though that this ferocious appetite might be calming down and trusting me a bit. :) I have been honouring it religiously, so it's bound to happen...I hope! Cool. 

I stayed completely raw today without too much effort unlike yesterday where I was constantly ravenous…


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Getting Lost is Falling Free...


Most people go through life with a plan. It may be kind of vague, but it’s there, a picture in your head of the years to come, the things you’ll achieve, the relationships you’ll have, celebrations, holidays, memories you’ll create. But when you or someone you care about gets sick, plans tend to go out the window. Suddenly you realize that all the dreams you’ve had for your future are just that, dreams. They’ll probably never come true. At least not in the way you’d…


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Day 3 - Such a strong day for me! Very happy! :)

Today went so well. I ate up a lot of the fruit I had on hand in preparation for my upcoming island adventure, and, although my appetite never let up, I managed to stay 100% raw. I went to the grocery store and scored a wicked deal on a ton of organic bananas that were "overripe" aka perfect, and then a bit later my Mom found a case of mangoes on sale and brought them by for me! So happy about that. Having a large stockpile of mangoes and bananas always makes me feel safer. :) I cut up all…


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