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DAY 13 OF 100 80/10/10 --- EMOTIONAL AFTERMATH OF DAY 11

Going raw is one of the best steps one can do for physical, emotional and mental health.  Detoxing is an essential element in cleaning out the body.  Going raw does this but while eating food it happens slowly.  There are a lot of toxins that have built up and been stored in our system for years.  I chose to detox rapidly for many health reasons.  That is why I did a 92 day juice feast.  It worked to a large degree. My next step is a water/rest fast for a month at a retreat under…


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DAY 12 OF 100 DAYS 80/10/10 ---- LIFE GOES ON

I got 5 hours of sleep.  BUT I woke up ON TIME and got busy.  I prepared all my meals, did social interaction on 30BAD and went to work.  I had several errands to run and I advertised for my available spots in my cleaning business. 

The errands were interesting.  I went and got a small repair done on my vacuum cleaner.  The owner of the store and I are friends and I've been her client for 20 years at least.  I walked in after dropping my ex-client's key off at their house, saying my…


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I learned something new today.  Herbs strengthen their taste the day after you put them into a recipe!  I didn't know. LOL   I had left-over Karen's Savory Korn Chowder.  Wow!  What a kick!  LOL LOL   I may temper the amount of herbs the next time.  Strange though,  I hate, hate, hate spicey and won't even eat anything with pepper on it.  However savory as in fresh herbs tastes great to me.  Yes, the corn chowder was intense, but it was very good!  Lesson learned. 




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Because of my issues with my computer, this is the THIRD time writing this blog.  GRRRRRRRRRRR


Yesterday was a wonderful day again.  I can get used to this for sure!  I had 9 cups of my Ambrosia-Banana-Citrus smoothie; 6 cups of my V6; 3 bananas; and for dinner Tomatoe-Basil soup from 80/10/10 and Spinach-Pesto Salad:…


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DAY 3 OF 100 80/10/10 -- I'M CATCHING ON!

The 80/10/10 approach to incredible raw health is not for the lazy, weak, whinny people of the world who are so overcome with toxicity they can't see straight. LOL  That being said it does take some effort and committment.  It requires prep time, shopping consciously and selectively, eating enough, exercising daily, adequate sleep-8 hrs-, hydration, and non-stop kitchen clean-up!  LOL 


Everyone has their challenges in this program.  I am sensitive to overt fats and know that…


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I never expected so many twists and turns with going back to eating solid foods.  I have no problem chewing.  I do have a problem consuming anything near what I should be when it comes to eating actualy food. 


Another surprise:  I don't like green smoothies anymore!  I never in a million years would have thought this would ever happen!  I was a green smoothie die-hard before my feast.  Then when I went on juices, I couldn't find a green juice I liked.  I drank primiarily…


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As you can all tell I am totally stoked and excited!  I have learned the meaning of personal commitment!  I have learned how strong I really am!  I learned about healing and wholeness!  I learned how wonderfully well the body heals from years of phood abuse and toxic overload given the proper methods: juice and resting the colon and of course lots of rest! 


I will be posting a blog later on this week regarding my journey the last 6 months to healing my body, mind, emotions,…


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Everyone I talked to yesterday wants part of the celebration food I'm preparing a week from Friday!  I'm going to have to make double batches of my 2 main dishes and make certain I have enough for myself!  YUMMMM


I've got to say truly I was never a good COOK.  But I am the best damn preparer of raw food I know of!  LOL  My juices and smoothies are legendary in Boise, Idaho and beyond.  My salads are legendary.  Even children love what I prepare and ask for more.  Not bad for…


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I finished reading 80/10/10.  What a wonderful read. Chock full of information that is imperative to know should you want to do it iright.  I do.  Loads of recipes in the appendix area.  Yesterday I reviewed the information on how to calculate my beginnning caloric average.  I was actually in the ball-park: 2200 - 2500.

  As part of the program, my doc has released me to start daily additional exercise above my already physically demanding job.  Hooray!  I simply love exercise!!!! …


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Banged up abroad in BANGKOK...my learning experience (& new blog) plus new 30BaD IPHONE APP

....Harley went back to Australia for a few months and I began spending up to 15hrs a day on the internet, closed up in a small concrete room surrounded by the polluted city of Bangkok. After spending 24/7 with Harley, I got really lonely and became somewhat a hermit. I began seeing less people, exercising less and eating less because I was spending so much time on the internet.  The internet became like my coffee, a stimulant giving me false energy that I would pay…


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Water Fasting - Day 3

I've been water fasting for the last 3 days and it has been an amazing physical, emotional, and spiritual experience :)

So far I have noticed more benefits than I have from anything else I have tried in my life...  

The benefits include:

Increased mental clarity

better mood

A deeper connection to spiritual divinity

A better understanding of my purpose

Improved breathing

A lot of the inflammation in my body has been…


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A pretty typical day for me....

Monday, 16th April 2012... (little sis Bristol Best's birthday)

Slept from approx. 9:15pm - 5:10am with a couple of toilet trips in between. 

Drank a litre of water before leaving for work.

6am Rode to shops then bakery then cafe. 

7am Drank another litre and a half of water. Made muffins and set up coffee machine. Had heaps of energy, dancing around the cafe!

8am Had 10 sm bananas with half a litre of water in smoothie whilst making… Continue

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Clean out - RE-committed to 100% LFRV - Day 58 of 60

First off, I want to give a shout out to all my friends on here.  Everyone who reads, comments, likes, friends... all that stuff.  Your support has helped me so much.  THANK YOU.

Second off: To all you people out there who are struggling with this lifestyle, it gets BETTER, way better.  The WORK you are doing now is the hardest part.  It gets EASIER as time goes on.  You have to make your mistakes now so that you can not make them in the future.  Just like…


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one day stats


Nutrition Summary for February 25, 2012

Report generated by CRON-o-Meter v0.9.9


General (73%)


Energy | 2549.6 kcal 83%

Protein | 33.9 g 44%

Carbs | 637.6 g 98%

Fiber | 80.4 g 212%

Starch | 48.2 g

Sugars | 455.6 g

Fat | 16.0 g 47%

Alcohol | 0.0 g

Caffeine | 0.0 mg

Water | 2348.6 g…


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Post 30 day challenge recount

Ok, so ro re-count, I made it 2 weeks, then meat pizza, ice cream, fried chicken relapse...then 8 days w/ meat pizza, ice cream relpase, then 7-8 more days (didn't even realize I was at the 30 days) w/ a vegi whole wheat pizza relapse (no meat, no sugar) . I didn't want the meat anymore. Intereeeeesting........I mean that last one was 'earned' after 30 days - but I still didn't enjoy the pizza much...

So a few days later, tonite, I decided to try some vegan tomato bisque soup with…


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First LFRV Shopping Trip!

So I just got back from my first LFRV shopping trip and I bought 18lbs of Bananas for just under $10! I also bought lots of other goodies. I got everything put up and tomorrow will be my first LFRV day so wish me luck! 

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Compassion, Generation Next

I am a big proponent of looking out for number 1 in life.  The reason for this is that only when you and I, each individual, are operating at peak health can we hope to be of best service to others. 

These others come in many forms--perhaps family, friends, or those with whom we work or spend time.  However, for the purposes of this discussion, I am primarily interested in children. These could be children of our own blood, those we've adopted, those we mentor in some respect, or…


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Fruit themed Jewelry. Updates on a new line coming to my ETSY store!

Hey guys,


I've only got one piece listed so far in my new collection of fruit & raw lifestyle inspired jewelry sold within my ETSY store www.gypsyaffairs.etsy.com



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Rough times help you realize a LOT! <3

Hello Fruity Booty's!! i know i havent blogged in about 12 days, i was really struggling with my diet and stress levels with school, a lot of not so good news was happening and i was also having the hardest time getting back on track.  I know that all of that happened for a reason, to show me that i ultimately feel the best eating 811rv, and i am happily back on track as of today.  I was really struggling, really bad.  I'm honest.  I wouldnt ever say anything that isnt true on a blog here,…


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Day 56- Fruit to the rescue

Woke up today still feeling like last night was another dream....thats the last time i'll ever eat cooked food willingly.  The stomach pain, nausea, dizzyness, everything just made me feel so much worse.  Of course even though i am saying all of this stuff, i am craving bread again.  The really really strange thing i have noticed from last night, and just now, when i start to think about eating cooked food, i sneeze!  Just starting to think about it, isnt that so strange?  Its like my body…


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