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Banana therapy????? DAY 12, End of the road?

Banana therapy, Day 12! End of the road???

I have reached my initial commitment date of 12 days and this will be my final blog within regard to my direct experiences during “Banana Island”. I will continue to blog on 30bad but also using a tumblr http://andrewpopeisactivated.tumblr.com/

The above address will be a more holistic blog based on a bit of everything that I do!

Yesterday was a tough one, I…


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Banana therapy??? Day 11, Running & Detox

Banana therapy???? Day 11!

Running & Detox

Last night I experienced some mild detox, I started hallucinating right before bed time and it lasted about 20mins. This could have been caused by any number of countless substances that I have pounded my body with over the last 29 yrs, most likely culprits are LSD or magic mushrooms!

I point to these 2 as the experience was not unlike coming down from a trip.

It was uncomfortable but also a little funny,…


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Banana therapy????? DAY 10 A day in the life

Banana therapy???? Day 10! A day in the life!

I thought today I would give a little bit of a rundown of daily activities.

I am a student that studies musical composition and am currently on semester break and enjoying it VERY much so with that in mind this is a loose rundown of my daily routine.

Wake around 9 o’clock (lazy I know J)

Drink about 600ml of water

Exercise on the exercise bike for about 30-40 mins while also participating in a Spanish…


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Banana therapy?????, DAY 9! Control vs manipulation

Banana therapy????? Day 9. Control vs manipulation

When does control become manipulation?

A friend commented that it must be exhausting to try and have control of everything in your life and in short yes it definitely can be, but only at first.

Soon enough like physical activity, after the pain of the 1st mile is gone you will have the strength to tackle the 2nd mile powered also by the momentum of the 1st.

My friend brought…


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Banana therapy???? Day 8 Addictions

Banana therapy???? Day 8 Addictions

Last night I spent some time with friends to celebrate the birthday of one of my closest companions. We met at his apartment and stayed around there for the remainder of the night, I ended up staying until about 12:30am and consequently slept in til 10:30am (not how I normally like to do it).

Many of my friends still lead very unhealthy and often thoughtless lifestyles and can all too often be consumed in the distractions that come…


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Banana therapy????? DAY 7

Banana therapy????? Day 7

I cannot express how ridiculously easy this experience has been for me so far, I have experienced very little emotional or physical processing.

About 2 years ago I did an MMS detox and that was VERY VERY intense and could not be done unless you had the care and support around you, I was living with a beautiful family at the time and could not have done it without them.

The family I was living with do some great work and can be…


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Banana therapy????? DAY 6

Banana therapy???? Day 6

The halfway mark has been reached and am still feeling excellent!

I still have just under 5 boxes of bananas (before I bought the first 6 I already had a box & a half J)

so it looks like I may stay stranded on banana island for a little longer yet!

Yesterday was about 40 bananas, 4 litres of water and a half hour of mid-high intensity bike work.

I have been doing stretches to help strengthen my runners knee for about 2…


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Banana therapy ?????? Day 5, Emotions!

Banana therapy ???? Day 5, Emotions!

I was talking with a friend yesterday and it inspired me to dig a little deeper into the emotions that control me/us. I asked myself ‘where do/did emotions come from?’.

The answer is not as straight forward as the question but so far I can deduct this much;

  • Emotions have no life of their own ie; they are thoughts/images with only temporary embodiment
  • They were not present in the initial creation of sensory life…

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Banana therapy?????, DAY 4!! Controlling dreams

Banana therapy Day 4!!!!

Today I feel excellent even though I had a fairly restless sleep with incredibly intense dreams.

If I was to explain the dream I would be here for days but ill will say Hayao Miyazaki and studio ghibli have nothing on this.

Yesterday I ate about 48 bananas drank about 3 litres of water and exercised for about 50mins, 30 mins cycling and 20 mins stretches!

I have noticed a vast improvement of my skin this morning, it feels quite…


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Banana therapy?????? DAY 3!!

Banana Island Day 3!!

So far sooooo good.

I have been keeping strict and am having great results; I slept well last night for the first time in a while and was in bed at a decent hour (10:30pm).

So far I am averaging about 35-45 bananas a day and 3-4 litres of water 25-30 mins cycling 15 mins stretching and 30 mins fast paced walking.

I was running 10ks most days previous to beginning the banana Island experience but unfortunately have been having…


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Banana therapy?????? DAY 2!!

Banana Island Day 2

The first though I had upon waking was the thought of choice or more a question of why.

Why am I doing what I’m currently doing? Why do I make the choices that I make in the moment I make them? Why am I making myself eat only bananas for 12 days?

Quickly I had the motivations listed from yesterday’s blog “banana therapy” come and play the role of justice (thankfully).

I have trained for many years in the art of active thought; this type of…


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Banana therapy??????

This is a list of reasons as to why I have decided to commit to Banana Island.

I have found lately that even after two years raw vegan, during the last 8 months HCRV.

I have some lingering behaviours from previous lifestyle(s) that continue to creep in/around every now and disable me from reaching optimum health/potential.

This type of behaviour in my diet is born of the thought “reward”, I will (in my thoughts) create a reason as to why I should “reward” myself…


Added by Andrew Pope on July 6, 2013 at 1:39pm — 6 Comments

Happy Valentine’s Day ~ LOVE is for EVERYONE!

Dear everyone,

We ALL have love on Valentine’s Day!

Now before you get angry and throw your chocolates (or fruit ;) at the computer screen (and I understand, I have been there!), please allow me to explain!

LOVE is our very essence.  It flows swiftly and strongly throughout us at ALL times.  It IS us and we are it.  And so, we can never be without it!…



Added by Tanni on February 15, 2013 at 4:07am — 1 Comment

starseeds we are.

   Sometimes I can't help myself but post a shout out to everyone I know on face book and twitter and just tell them straight about the TRUTH whether or not they will listen.  Just getting the truth out there is my main purpose in this lifetime. I have awakened after being dormant for the longest time trying to fit in the society's idealistic concept of life.…


Added by Greendoll on February 17, 2012 at 3:00am — 5 Comments


Ok so this is day three of full on lcrv! I pushed thru some cravings last night which Im proud of:)(I love dates 4 that specifically,works 4 me anyway.) and again this afternoon. See ..my trouble is my family is not raw yet(husband and 4 children). I inspired my family to become vegan only 2-3 months ago! and my husband was quite reluctant when I started talking going raw. Hes proud of his/our step in giving up meat and so Im not going to push the issue.

 My hope is that he/they will…


Added by Monica Louise on January 9, 2012 at 4:49am — 2 Comments

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