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Fatty Nightmare

Almost never did recipes, before but I just had a big bowl of fettuccine comprising of 1 zucchini + 2 heads lettuce + 2 cups baby spinach + coriander + basil + some leafs of purselane + 4 champagne mangoes + 1 celery stalk + 1 avocado...I have a slight tummy-ache and that's never happened before since I went 811rv! I suspect it's the avocado. I don't even like it that much; I just accidentally crushed it in my bag (was going to get it for my dad) and have to consume it or else it's compost.…


Added by Leslie on May 9, 2011 at 2:00pm — 3 Comments

The New Me

I am so excited to have finally listened to the LFRV lifestyle.  As you all know, eating carbo's in the form of fruit is quite simply what our bodies are biologically designed to eat and when you get out of all the head space that stops you in your tracks and just get on with eating fruit, the most magical transformation awaits.  I have dropped 8 kg in about 4 months and built muscle, have a whole new understanding on how to now live my life ecstatically and it keeps getting better!  Thanks so… Continue

Added by Dana Stewart on May 9, 2011 at 9:29am — No Comments

Fit and Raw Travel Series: London!

It can be done. I’m proof. Traveling and backpacking can be the ultimate distraction from your vibrant living choices, or they can enhance your normal routine. I show you how in this series devoted to staying fit and eating raw vegan on the road.


After my unbelievable residency at Rancho la Puerta I had a week full of clients before heading off on another weekend retreat to Lake Tahoe, and now Europe! If you’ve been following my journey for at least a year you know that I’ve…


Added by Amber Zuckswert on May 9, 2011 at 9:25am — 2 Comments

About meditation and raw foods

As many of you will know, a raw food diet, or lifestyle, is not only about raw foods .. it is a whole journey.


As your body becomes cleaner, so does your mind .. and it is not always a smooth ride !! Cos junk food, cigarettes and drinks all fill your body with so many toxins that  it is just so easy to disconnect from who you really are – it is like you are taken to another world where you never have to face yourself – how convenient to stay hidden like this, behind the…


Added by Melanie Bouffard on May 9, 2011 at 7:49am — 1 Comment

Dear Facebook : Here are some Suggestions

Dear Facebook : Here are some Suggestions


If you are like me then you likely have a similar love/hate relationship with Facebook.


You love among other things: the ease of connecting with others, the ability to have a presence on the web, the use of a great vehicle to promote your events or ideas, the platform to speak your…


Added by The Cool Vegetarian on May 9, 2011 at 5:30am — No Comments

Sodium and Selenium....How much should I be getting???

I just completed day 6 of 811. I've been using the CRON-O-Meter to track my calories since my first day and I have yet to reach my daily totals for sodium and selenium. My intake for them is around 25% (350 mg) for sodium and 50% (27 sorry I can't make the measurement symbol for this one) for the selenium. Do I need to increase these?…


Added by Stacey♥ on May 9, 2011 at 12:02am — 4 Comments

How to go raw

Hi folks, I'm vegan and would like to transition to raw, or at least increase the share of raw food in my diet - any tips? Many thanks!

Added by Antonio Pasolini on May 8, 2011 at 6:36pm — 3 Comments

Miami Fruit Tips

Hey ya'll,


If you aren't aware, I used to live in Miami, where I went to school, and from which I founded and ran Taylor's Tropicals (www.TaylorsTropicals.com, www.youtube.com/TaylorsTropicals). Last August, I passed on Taylor's Tropicals my good friend Jourdan Gray, transferred schools, packed my car and headed west. I now live in…


Added by Taylor Snipes on May 8, 2011 at 5:03pm — 5 Comments

LFRV CAFE... what would you like?

Hey everyone! I am writing to get your opinion on what to offer on my menu of a new raw vegan cafe... on wheels! (check it out here,http://reciprocity-foods.com on the right hand of my blog you'll see a caption Food Cart" Click on this to see that page)


I am not interested in doing complicated fatty foods but still want it to be fun and exciting for lfrv, sad raw vegans, vegetarians, and the general public. I will…


Added by Chistie Mae Qualey on May 8, 2011 at 2:51pm — 8 Comments

3 month LFRV update.... I need some ENCOURAGEMENT PLEASE!

I do understand that "rome was not build in a day".


I do care more about my long term health then my appearance.


So with that being said..... 3 months after starting this lifestyle I am thinking this has to be the part of the "renovation" where all the walls are torn down and theres broken tile and nails and boards and paint scattered all over the place.. lol


What I mean is...... my body is looking kind of... meh.


I have…


Added by Britta Lovely on May 8, 2011 at 7:20am — 5 Comments

I feel like it's really starting to come together

I'm about six weeks into my 8-1-1 transition, and I am finally starting to feel that everything is coming together. I had a lot of issues with food addiction(s) and negative thought loops about food, so letting go of those has come in long stages (even before 8-1-1).


The better I get at saying no to crappy food, the better I get at making absolutely sure I'm eating enough, the better I feel. And man, when I don't do it, do I know it! I had a couple of days this week where for…


Added by Rachel Ward on May 8, 2011 at 3:02am — 3 Comments

Feeling Good

Hello all I feel great. I have been happy and eating so much more then I used to. At the same time I have been waking up feeling refreshed and hungry. I know that sounds funny but I have suffered from chronic gird for so long that I never feel hungry. But in the last four days it has been like a whole new game. The cost is hard to keep up with but I am making it priority and I am saving some money from not going out. So that is a minor price to pay. 


Also I started Dr.…


Added by Sarah Self on May 8, 2011 at 2:06am — No Comments

White tongue, dry skin, day5

My tongue is white, not the normal pink and my skin is dry. Are these detox symptoms?


I fell short on my calorie intake on Day 5 but it's okay because I get to start fresh this morning to shoot…


Added by Stacey♥ on May 8, 2011 at 1:00am — 3 Comments

Happy Hanko-de-Mayo

To anyone who understands that title "you are made of awesome"


Today was my last day in Cuba. I didn't sleep well last night due to some snoring next to me... I love mama dearly and she really has spoiled me more than anyone child should be but *snoring* ha ha ha




Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:42pm — No Comments

Almost Home Time

Cuba day 6. Today was a long but good day :) Mama and I woke up early and went on our tour into Ciablo de Avila & Moron. We also visited La Redonda lake on the way and got to see the mangrove trees. Words really can't do this experience the justice it deserves. I took a ton of photos and some video clips which may take me a while to put into an organised video.



Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:41pm — No Comments

Still Sick... But Getting Better

Holla! It's Cuba day 5 :) I still have a cough but I think it's getting better as it's not nearly as painful as it was yesterday :D This morning we had breakfast then went for a swim in the still choppy waters. If anything I'm getting great workouts trying to stay vertical in the water. I also think the high salt content is osmotically pulling some of the fluid from my stomach. It sounds crazy I know but it's…


Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:40pm — No Comments

Heather is sick :(

Well for most this title comes as no surprise. This is my 4th day in Cuba and I have a lovely cough. Most of the day yesterday I had a runny nose and was blowing it non stop. What jolly good fun. I also have a headache… Well that’s enough complaining because how can I really complain when I’m in Cuba?


Today I have been completely void of all energy.…


Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:37pm — No Comments

BEDA is over

Well BEDA is over but I think that I'll still try to blog at least once a week just because I can :D


Cuba day 3! It was nice and loud last night between snoring and drunks... Good thing I had my iPod or else I may have lost my mind. Mom even had to use her iPod because of le drunks! I don't mind people drinking and having fun but does one really…


Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:34pm — No Comments

BEDA: April 30th

Well hello and welcome to the last day in April! (I do realise that my last 3 BEDA blogs are being posted on May 6th but that is solely due to the fact I was in Cuba from April 28-May 6th. Good enough reason I think :D


Cuba day 2! Holy bananas mama snored SO loud last night that I didn't get too much sleep... After some breakfast we went for a swim…


Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:32pm — No Comments

BEDA: April 29th

Day 1 in Cuba! I didn't sleep too well but that's ok because being out in the sun all day was great and tuckered me out. The day started off with a light breakfast then a little bit of a tour around the resort. I feel like I'm in Super Mario Land. My mom laughed at me when I pointed this fact out.


While waiting for the initial welcome meeting there…


Added by Heather Donkers on May 7, 2011 at 12:28pm — No Comments

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