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Meal Plan Monday!

It has been an interesting few weeks.  I found a fig tree in my neighborhood yesterday on no one's property and there was one semi-ripe enough for my oldest daughter to eat it.  A family member gave us some awesome fruit & veg from the garden, including melon!  We got organic raspberries at 99 cents a basket. I found some great resources for starting up the fruit bank and cost-share and most importantly I've planned the whole weeks meals for my family. 


The weather is…


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My Raw Food ABC's

Hey guys!  Fun fact finding post today!  Please leave comments about you!


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Expensive and Exotic Salts - A Health Food?

My new blog post outlines the numerous health dangers associated with consuming these expensive products, including:


       1) High Blood Pressure
       2) Cardiovascular Disease and Stroke
       3) Kidney Disease
       4) Osteoporosis…

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So I was about to munch into my breakfast and the first bite didn't taste right...this is what I found...



Anyone know what this is???

Should I complain to the company I purchased it…

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Add Years to Your Life with Just a Little Exercise


A new study found that adding only a tiny bit of exercise - 92 minutes a week (only 13 minutes a day!) - lead to three more years of life expectancy!


See my new post for more information:…


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"His diet works!"

I just went on a short 8 miles cross country bike ride with 2 of my friends. I could barely keep up with them a little while ago. Today, I've shredded the trails (thanks to HCRV diet)! I was waiting for them to catch up with me and then I would say right away: "Ready guys? Let's go!"  LOL


Then to really traumatize them, I told them wait until I shed the extra weight I have!

When we came back home, one of my friend told his wife: " HIS DIET WORKS! Unbelievable the…


Added by Discus Thrower on August 22, 2011 at 1:25pm — 5 Comments


Hey I have been lfrv for about 3 mo. and i know that you will get like a detox process but i keep getting really bad headaches and i have never been a fan of taking anything for them but its to the piont that i cannot focus and really bothering me.


Added by Cassie Luke on August 22, 2011 at 10:58am — 2 Comments


I have a huge sweet tooth for ice cream ihavent touched any since i started the process b/c of dairy and i recently found a coconut ice cream that has no dairy, should i get it or no.

Added by Cassie Luke on August 22, 2011 at 8:22am — 6 Comments

and...Thank God I got my behind back!

9/5/5 real deal here, not just a few months of eating more fruit. I lost a lot of hard-earned body on the raw diet since 1999, and it took several years to show. My knowledge & practice of vegan nutrition had not included raw. Nor 95% -98% fruit. One thing I want to advise is to never to listen…


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dh is convinced that trigycerlide number of 325 or even 250 is only borderline bad.  sigh.

i am fat, fat, fat, and my numbers are not like that at all.   he wanted me to do a 4 month contest with him and if he does better (not sure what the metric would be) than I do, then I have to do exactly what he does and eat what he eats.  I agreed to that on the condition that if I do better than he does, that he has to be raw vegan from now on.  He lost his confidence at that point. He was all…


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Isolation equals elevation

The path to optimum health sometimes leads me to isolation.  I do not know anybody in my everyday life who is as disciplined to eating 100% raw foods as me.  Although I have inspired many of my friends to boost their fruit and veggie intake, they still like to party and get wasted frequently - perfectly fine by me, because its their life not mine, I just can't help but get slightly irritated when I make somebody a veggie juice only to be followed by a beer, seems like they are pissing the…


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Personal Care Products, What Do We Really Need?

I first heard of it six months prior and always dismissed it as a crazy hippy idea. But the Internet always has a way of making the most fringe ideas build a lot of momentum. When some of my idols mentioned they were doing it, I mustered the courage to seriously consider give it a try. After all it seemed like the next logical step in my self-exploration.


“I’ll just try it for a week.” I thought to myself. “I can’t smell that bad… can I? But… people can be diplomatic –…


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The reason why I choose to be vegan ...

... is to give all the best to my fruit smoothie princess :)




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Exercise Confession

I have a confession to make. I don't exercise like I should. Of course, the reason I am posting this is because I need to and have decided to start.

I am going to become a workout junky, and this is why I know it can happen. 

Before I was raw, I loved my junk food. Mac and Cheese was my meal of choice, if I didn't have a coca cola before 2 pm, I was exceedingly grumpy, and we ate out nearly every day. It was a bit ridiculous! 


Now everyone I know refers to me as…


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Kitchen compromisers

Hey friends!  Do any of you cook food for your loved ones that you do not eat yourself?  How do you feel about it?


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Unity is my passion!

Please contact me at unitycoaching@gmail.com, I would love to hear from you!


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Why I Don't Want To Eat Boiled Potatoes

So recently I’ve been having a hard time saying no to cooked food, especially boiled potatoes. It’s really weird, but I LOVE the taste and texture plain, condiment-free boiled potatoes. But every time after I eat them (or steamed veggies or rice) I pay the consequences. The taste is NOT worth it. And to convince myself of that and remind myself when all I can think about is the instant gratification of eating them, I am writing this blog.


I don’t want to eat boiled potatoes…


Added by hardcore_herbivore on August 20, 2011 at 7:00am — 7 Comments

811 Recipes: Variations On Low Fat Raw Vegan Pasta and Sauce

I love making low fat raw vegan "pasta"! It's one of my favorite healthy meals. A lot of newcomers to the low fat raw vegan lifestyle tell me they struggle because although they love all of the fruit, they still crave savory food. I have a few savory and wonderfully satisfying recipes I am going to share with you. I also have an idea for a healthy, delicious dessert pasta! I really suggest you try these recipes as a way to add more healthy, delicious fruits and vegetables into your…


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My "No-No" List

No Meat - Fish, Poultry, Beef, Pork

No packaged goods (With the acception of tofu and wild rice)

No bi-products from animals - Eggs, dairy, jell-o

No wheat

No potatoes

No corn

No Soda

No Oil

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My Daily Workout Routine

- 5 sets of 20 EACH

    ~Toe Throws



    ~Core Thrusts


    ~Sit Ups

    ~Push Ups


    ~Jumping Jacks

- Yoga or Tia Chi for at least 15min.

- Dance for at least 20min.

- Walk for 30min.

- Curves Circuit 3-4 times a week

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