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love being a 100% raw

the effects of going from being a HCLF cooked vegan to fully raw :)

1. better sleep

2. clarity of the mind, I can sit at peace

3. NO more anxiety/panic attacks

4. feeling at peace 1000% of the time

5. ENERGY, I've never had this much energy in my life I'm like a child climbing up walls

6. MUSCLE mass increased

7. stronger than EVER!!


9. increased SEX DRIVE!!…


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Hi, my name is Naomi and i am 21 years old. I have been a vegeterian for two years, but i have recently just given up dary and fish. During this two years i haven't eaten much dairy or fish but i wasn't able to give it up completeley.

I come from a past of being really fat, i was 88 kg, and i lost that weight in two years, at the beginning of college, reaching my 58 kg. Before becoming a vegetarian i suffered from anorexia, reaching 55 kg at my lowest.

When i reached that point i… Continue

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Generation V

We've all had that daydream. You know the one. Your obnoxious meat breath colleague is explaining how Vegans kill more animals than omnivore through habitat destruction for mango plantations?? Suddenly he is knocked out by a flying copy of the China Study...

How do we remain carbed up and classy, and restrain from harpooning willful meat eaters with our smoothy jugs? In New Zealand, where sheep torture was the chief industry, until the Hobbits took over, finding another Vegan is like…


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What low maintenance tropical houseplants to grow (VIDEO)

Months back I made a post on indoor houseplants, which you can see here: Transform your home into  a Rainforest Jungle (& list of tropical plants to grow indoors). I highly recommend viewing that post because there are some pictures of homes that have been transformed into a rain forest-like atmosphere, just by adding a couple houseplants. In that post I mentioned…


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How To Heal Your Inner Child, Part Two

In my last video I explained to you what your inner child is, how it can manifest in a healthy way, and how it can manifest when it is wounded/injured/abandoned.

You learned that the way your inner child is wounded is through abandonment - first by the adults in your life and then by you as you grow up.

In this video I am going to give you the one simple tool you need to start healing your relationship with…


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Do not celebrate "Columbus Day"

Columbus Day is celebrated every year by Americans on October 12th when in 1492, Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) explored the Americas. We refer to him as the "Father of the New World." Between 1492 and 1503, Columbus completed four round-trip voyages, which mark the beginning of the European exploration and colonization of the American continents. All of this sounds very humble. It's a common misconception that he was trying to prove the world was round, which everyone already…


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October garden harvests (more FIGS and peppers)

I picked a Fig off one of the trees today. Yesterday actually I picked two Figs from our trees. In addition, I harvested 2 pints of cherry tomatoes, which I gave to my niece. She is 3 years old, and loves fruits and vegetables. Some of these short moments have an intense impact in a young kid's life. So she ate about 20 cherry tomatoes yesterday from the garden, and took the rest home with her for her Mom and Grandma to put in salads.

Intuitively, my niece asked for carrots from the…


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Keeping greens warm at night & protected from rabbits

I'm not sure what critter--possibly a rabbit or chipmunk--is eating the tops of the radish plants, but I am protecting them with a recycled cage. Other recycled materials I am using are glass panes to protect the greens from rabbits but also to protect them from cold nights. …


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Night Sweats - Update

Just wanted to document a change for my personal record and for others to see if they are having the same issues.

I used to have really bad night sweats prior to coming to 30BAD.  I was told this was normal for my age.  I did not think much of it, but began to get concerned as other symptoms began to show.  Nothing I did ever improved my night sweats.  However, at some point months ago, I do remember them going away, except for that time of month.  I kind of forgot about…


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How To Heal Your Inner Child, Part One

The inner child is a pretty huge topic in the healing/health/wellness/spiritual circles - and for good reason. Having an inner child that is healthy, nourished and balanced by your adult self is a recipe for a life that is totally fulfilling, and one that is in alignment with your highest and greatest good.

The problem is, most of us are walking around with severely damaged inner children, who we never listen to anymore.…


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Are ALL vegans university drop outs and hippies or do we simply know better?

Hello. So I made a Tumblr post earlier today and thought about posting it here, it seems very relecant after thinking about it for a while. I do ramble a lot but if you are vegan for ethical reasons and believe in creativity you might geel a little of what I felt whilst writin this, I kind of found out my purpose in this community.

As I grew up, attending school as it was expected from society, I had teachers encouraging me to follow my “passion” – whatever that may be – but to find… Continue

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Just A Cuppa Tea? Or Radical Simplicity.

He swooped down suddenly and grabbed a piece of plastic litter off the ground. Jabbing at the logo with his finger he said, “See, even this here, all this dye, this all comes from an industrial process in a factory somewhere. It takes chemicals to produce, water, resources, not to mention the petroleum to make the bag itself and all that is involved with that. They have to take materials…


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Hey all! I wanted to share a problem of mine, which I hoped would be solved with veganism, but still hasn't been solved.

Last year I lost my period, because of my eating disorder. I know, I'm getting quite personal already. Then it came back in October last year, just for a few months and then it was off again in January. In May I started to become interested in veganism, because at the time I didn't feel well at all. I just didn't feel the happiness I hoped to feel, for example when… Continue

Added by Freya on October 5, 2015 at 5:08pm — 4 Comments

Born Vegan

I'm not going to lie, going Vegan was easy for me. The physical transition away from animal products was solid. Like boom, your Vegan! Meat dairy eggs and fish, won't ever touch my fork again. I don't even like sharing a fridge with a meat eater. If pork belly so much as nudges my vegan shelf there will be tears. Socially there are epic challenges and I'm fighting painkiller addictions with frozen peas under my Beanie. It's not a legit headache cure but I am determined to detox and let food be… Continue

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Hello my name is Samantha and I want to talk about what I want to accomplished. 

My whole life I had a fast metabolism and was always skinny. I never had to worry about gaining weight, instead my parents always had to make sure that I was eating because I was "never hungry" or in other words I just didn't realize I was.

I was always skinny shamed when I was younger and I just ate when I was bored but would always find junk food! My parents made sure we never had sweets but I…


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Radish, lettuce, carrot sprouting (& other fall stuff)

A beautifully shaped Cherry Belle radish was pulled up today. This particular radish was grown in a big pot with a mix of other radish plants. As you can see in the photo below, I am growing a patch of radishes off to the right of the containers. …


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New Youtube channel to spread the fruit message: Vie Fruitée

Hi everyone !

If you understand french or wanna improve it, you can now watch my vegan & fruitarian videos on my Youtube channel: Vie Fruitée. I spread the message of veganism and fruitarianism to newcomers and give advices to current vegans and fruitarians.

I also launched a website with more content on it: Vie Fruitée

I'd love to have your…


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My first Jackfruit & How to ripen if you prematurely cut open

To my surprise, the grocery store I frequent started selling Jackfruit. Apparently because I had not been to the grocery store in weeks, I didn't realize the store had been selling them for weeks now.

Of course once I saw the sign for the jackfruit, I was…


Added by Cassie K on October 3, 2015 at 1:00pm — 1 Comment

Thailand Vegan Survival Guide Part I: Ordering Thai Food

Catering to a vegan diet can be difficult at the best of times, throw in an unfamiliar city, foreign culture and a language barrier and you’ve got yourself Chilli Basil Dog Fried Rice! (I’m kidding, they don’t eat dog in Thailand).

I’ve been living in Bangkok for 18 months (6 months vegan) which…


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BIG FIG HARVEST (September through October)

In the photos are the Chicago hardy fig variety, which produces purple skinned fruits with a red jam-like texture inside. The taste is similar to Apricots, Plums, and Peaches. They will grow from little, green nubs then be triple their size overnight. 

Refer to my previous posts of fig harvests so far this year, here:  …


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