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Do your best and trust the process.

Going to try to make these posts at the end of the day so I can more easily remember what I ate, and more importantly how I'm feeling at day's end to prevent late night snacking, which I somehow avoided tonight!

Yesterday I made everything I ate from scratch, so I was easily able to track it in Cronometer - it was a spot on RT4 day, at least ratio-wise it was. I barely got 2000 calories into my body. I resisted eating a chocolate bar just before bed.

Today was slightly more…


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Eating fat is ok

Hey you,

A lot of people talk about how eating high fat is bad and how fat is basically the food form of satan himself. I get it, fat is bad. I agree. But it's ok if you eat it every once in a while. It's ok if once a month you want to eat an avacado. When you're starting out on a vegan journey, sometimes you relapse or eat something that isn't really healthy. You haven't trained yourself enough to forget all of the brainwashing that the food industry has done to you and the people…


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Fresh & Simple Raw Vegan Salad Recipe

You don’t want to miss out on trying this simple raw vegan salad recipe!

I'm tired of overcomplicated raw vegan recipes that use 57 different ingredients.

It feels like a breath of fresh air to make a raw vegan salad recipe that’s so simple yet so delicious!

Try the recipe out for yourself on my website by clicking here…


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Starting Tomorrow

So, I am starting raw til 4 tomorrow.  Just wondering if there is anyone else who is about to begin!

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raw till 4 started today!!!

For breakfast I made a smoothie with 4 bananas, 2 handfuls of spinach, and coconut water

It is taking a while to drink but it's amazing and I feel great! 

For lunch I'm eating half a watermelon.

I'm so excited to start a new lifestyle!

Added by Amber Turpin on April 21, 2015 at 2:22am — 1 Comment

what I ate today, reflections

My day today:

Pre-breakfast 45 minute swimming lesson


5 medium banana smoothie


1 medium banana

2 small navel oranges


4 apples



2 cups of kale, sauteed in 1 tbsp of coconut oil

2 medium potatoes, steamed

Cream of cashew and coconut broccoli soup (not as decadent as it sounds)

Post-dinner snack:

11 small…


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Not quite... but not enough to consider it a fail.

Going to try to post here about every day, no matter how imperfect it is. I feel it will be the key to keeping myself on track.

Today marks the ninth morning that I have woken up to coughing, sneezing, and copious amounts of mucus production. Gross.

I'm thinking part of this reaction is detox/reaction from the actual food, and part virus that may have been dormant in my body until I collapsed my immune system with the consumption of dairy.

ANYWAY - Yesterday we…


Added by Kayla Giselle on April 20, 2015 at 2:27am — 1 Comment

This is a little poem I wrote! (ya I know I'm very emotional!!!)

I have flaws and I’m sure you do too. I would like to change my bad habits into good ones, I try. It can be hard but, I try. Give me a break! Time is more dangerous than a weapon, more painful than a sword stabbing me in the chest ripping off my heart out of its place and removing the tissues of hatred that have been covering it for so long. Leaving a whole in its position, a whole with a path to nowhere. Red liquid has been left on the floor so still waiting for a body to land on…


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keep on falling off the wagon

i keep on deciding to become fully raw then i gain weight in 3 days. my mum might make a comment about it and i go back to restricting.. then i go on a bread binge or osemhting every weekend. i usually make up for the bigness with over exercising but (sorry if this is gross) i got my period of rthe first time in 4 months and i feel really horrible. im 58 kgs now the highest i have been this year. i dont know how to ge toast my mums comments and just get on with this lifestyle. im quite…


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Fresh & Simple Raw Vegan Salad Recipe

This easy lfrv salad will surprise you!

Delicious, yet utterly simply to make!

Try it out for yourself by clicking the link below:



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48 Hours Later

I'm doing it. For real this time.

I came home from my annual climbing trip down to Kentucky, ready to start the season off strong.

Even though I'm pretty steady with my fruit breakfasts, for the last couple months the days often went awry.

It was time to get back on track.

Convincing myself that it's the right path for my body was done almost two years ago, when Freelee first introduced Raw Til 4. In just 3 days of high-fruit, high-carb living, my chronic…


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Nutritionist Rant! The Number One Weight Loss and Health Mistake I See

Here is the largest mistake I see pretty well ALL Of my clients make, and how YOU can avoid it!



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March-April Garden update (Greens, herbs, & Root vegetables)

If you have been following the garden updates, you may know I began planting in mid-March. We transplanted Cauliflower, Brussels, Broccoli, Garlic, Shallots, Onions, and Cabbage to the garden about a month ago. At the end of March, we…

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McDonald's: It's Time For A Healthy, Meatless Option

Sign the petition to get McDonalds to support adding a healthy, meatless option at McDonald's.


Added by Jackie Owens on April 17, 2015 at 5:36am — 8 Comments

The Great Vegan Book List

Great Vegan Books  


The Great Vegan Book List

There are so many great books available on the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle. It is proof that more and more people are interested in this way of eating for both ethical and health reasons. These books are a great introduction into the vegan and vegetarian world. 

I hope you…


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stepped on a scale today...

Like a lot of people, I have a love-hate relationship with the scale.

I haven't stepped on one in awhile, and this morning out of sheer curiosity I stepped on the one at my gym.

Needless to say, I was shocked and dismayed to find that I weighed in at my highest since my first year of university, when my binge eating was just spiralling out.of.control.

I had to take some deep breaths and remind myself that that was then, and this is now. I'm…


Added by Banana Girl Beth on April 16, 2015 at 11:30pm — 4 Comments

The Vegan Connection and Resources

Why Vegan? Why do we choose to be vegan?

Whether or not you choose to use or identify with the term "vegan," the decision to be cruelty-free goes far beyond dietary choices. It's a lifestyle.

In this seeming age of self-absorption and self-indulgence, there is an awakening consciousness and a growing concern for the choices we make, the effects they have, and the…


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HCLF-VEGAN experience

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to do 30 DAYS vegan challenge...And i thought  i would like to try this type of veganism, because it sounded really healthy to me...

I didnt eat alot of calories as recommended...now i did 3 days..vegan :)

The first day i ate 1600kcal the second day i ate 1800kcal and today i ate 2000kcal...I want that my body gets the time to understand the transmission...i will try to up my calories a bit more....but not directly...

My goal is ofcourse…


Added by Fit MissTunisia on April 16, 2015 at 3:11am — 2 Comments

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