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Your Friends The Fruits and Vegetables

The stomach has no brains. It is content to be filled with almost anything.

It is your brain, controlling your appetite, that dictates your diet. And if your brain is accustomed to choosing junk foods, soon only junk signals that you are satisfied. With a little forethought, this can be changed.

Keeping your stomach satisfied with fruit and vegetable friends is a big help in fighting the temptation to cheat with the fattening foods which are your enemies.

But there are…


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Feeling so bloated :( any help appreciated!

Hey friends :)

I have been vegan around 3 years now and it all started with rt4. I have had short periods of eating rt4 properly and have been high carb for the most part but sometimes eat quite a bit of fat as well, I haven't shyed away from vegan junk food and have had some periods of slight calorie restriction. I have healed my acne, my eczema and gradually lost quite a bit of weight. I now want to push myself to the next level of health and weightloss and do rt4 properly. I have… Continue

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Everything You Should Know About Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds have been one of mankind's staple foods for centuries. Because they are highly nutritious, easily cultivated and stored, nuts and seeds are just about as perfect a food as one would wish.

Today we usually think of nuts and seeds as "snack" foods or the garnish on more serious feeds such as bread, but in earlier times the gathering and storing of nuts and seeds was a vital part of mankind's harvest activity.

Not all "nuts" are truly nuts, it…


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Real Talk For Light Workers E.2 - Why You MUST Go Into Your Cave!

Real Talk For Light Workers Episode Two - You MUST go into your cave 

Today let us look at this whole idea of spending time - lots of time - by YOURSELF.


Without others.

You see what I mean.

As the light-worker that you are, you are most likely pretty darn sensitive.  …


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The Part About Living Your Bliss No One Talks About

The Part About Living Your Passion That No One Talks About


You have seen those people on the internet. On t.v. In books.

The ones who were struggling, sad, in a terrible state. Who then went on some sort of spiritual quest, and ended up with a life of their dreams.

They found the loves of their lives. They…


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46 Days Raw Till 4

How am I doing on the 30 Bananas a Day turned Raw Till 4 Diet?

Day 46

My Tour Partner just asked me how long I had been eating this way. Every day she watches me eat something similar to the following:


1 large papaya

9 bananas

1 large potato

2 medium sweet potatoes

No salt ketchup

Chocolate pretzel Nugo bar

Dark chocolate raspberry Nugo bar


4… Continue

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Real Talk For Light Workers Episode ONE!

Real Talk For Light-Workers - Episode One:

Welcome to the newest offering here on Perception Trainers - The Real Talk For Light-Workers Series!

It is time for us light workers, empaths, healers, coaches, artists, creators and everyone else who knows that they are here to 'do' something of benefit in this world, to come together and get REAL about what this journey really looks like.…


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we broke up : (

So yesterday my ex boyfriend said that he didn't want to be in a relationship anymore because he's under a lot of stress with his grandma being in hospital and he had a lot of seizures recently. he had a lot of seizures cos he has epilepsy in case you were wondering. I'm kinda heartbroken from the break up but I guess anyone would. he still wants to come round my house sometimes and invite me over, he just doesn't wanna call it boyfriend & girlfriend. my mum kinda warned me that this…


Added by Corinne Brown on February 7, 2017 at 8:48pm — 2 Comments

Why Self Hate Is The WORST Motivator

Self hate can feel like a really awesome, powerful motivator to get s*** done in your life.

First, you may feel you don't have 'self hate' so to speak, but rather a healthy level of self rejection that keeps you in check, That keeps you on track. That keeps you from falling into the worst of what you know you can be.

But my friend, know that this is simply self hate masquerading as self…


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According to USDA reports, nearly 10 billion land animals are raised and killed every year for food in the U.S...

10 Billion Lives


According to USDA reports, nearly 10 billion land animals are raised and killed every year for food in the U.S. alone.

Farm Animal Rights Movement (FARM), is bringing this injustice to the country’s attention by showing the hard-hitting 10 Billion Lives video at college campuses, music festivals and street…


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Why Our Economy Is !@#$%^&, And What You Can Do About It

At this point, I think we can all safely say that our current model of commerce is not working.

We are seeing a continued trend of those in power getting more powerful, and those with lack of resources having fewer and fewer resources.

We have created an economy based on lack, on fear, of not enough. And we are absolutly seeing the consequences of this on a global…


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forced to cut back?!

so on Tuesday my mum said "I think you need to cut back". I cut back my food since to somewhere like 2100 - 2400 calories per day and it made me kinda of irritable and emotional. I'm starting exercise again. I wish I could go back half a year and started exercising consistently then even if I still gain a lot of weight it wouldn't be my fault. shes put a ban of orange juice cos shes I have way more than a "portion". what can I do to fix this? its really hard cos it took me a year to be able…


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Why Following Your Bliss Is Not SO Easy, Part One and Part Two!

Why Following Your Bliss Is Not So Easy Part One

Alright. You have heard that you should follow your bliss.

Do what makes you happy.

Find your passion and just, you know, do that.

That all sounds well and good except for a couple of things:

How do you figure out what your passion is, when you don’t…


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Scary truth about America's diet RANT (food waste & unhealthy food consumption)

According to Ecowatch:"90 percent of the foods humans eat come from just 30 plants. Out of tens of thousands of plants we could eat, mankind chooses to consume only about 30 of them. It’s crazy to contemplate how limited our diets are compared to all of the different foods we could be eating".

A diet of 30 plants that humans consume is less worrisome that Michael Pollan's argument.

As mentioned in my…


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YouTube- Learn something today!


I recently started a YouTube channel all about the vegan lifestyle and exercise, it focuses on health and fitness, and the abundance of benefits a vegan diet has. If you have some spare time, have a watch of my videos and if you enjoy the content, subscribe! I'll post the link to my channel below. Keep up the good work everyone! …


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Why You Are Not Ready For The Ultimate Answer To Your Problems - Yet

Why You Are Not Ready For The Ultimate Answer To Your Problems, Yet.

Are you one of those people who is looking for an answer?

For the answer that will solve all your health issues?

The answer that will solve all your relationship issues?

The answer to your spiritual questions/seeking?

The answer…


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Veganism and Exercise

I wrote an article for Veggie Athletic on a vegan diet and exercising, check it out and have a read. If you are looking to lose weight, improve your fitness and your mental wellbeing, have a read of the article. I'll post the link below!


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The Truth About Energy Healers

The Truth About Energy Healers/Energy Work

Let’s get real about energy work/healing today.

Does working with an energy healer actually ‘do’ anything?

Can an energy healer, heal you?

What exactly is 'energy healing' anyway? How does it work, if it does?

Maybe you have had an experience with energy…


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why i quited raw, macros + new boyfriend

so if you noticed that I kinda abandoned my raw diary it is because raw vegan wasn't working that well for me. the boilers in the house broke down and its winter. also my mum actually said to me "a lot of people that eat raw vegan live in hot countries like Hawaii or Australia" and as the weather cold I found kinda restriction, but maybe ill retry in the summer when its warmer. so shortly after I came off raw, I had headaches and trouble getting to sleep, and I felt like my heart was beating…


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Live Your Dreams, Don't Be A Troll!

You are capable of living a life of your wildest dreams.

You are capable of having, doing and being whatever it is you want to have, do or be in this life.

You are a masterful, powerful creative force - you are creating right now.

The thing is, you may not be aware that you have this capacity. You may feel like a victim. You may feel…


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Being vegan is super easy. If you're feeling extra lazy, you can just order from a restaurant! While doing this every day wouldn't be the cheapest or healthi...
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