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Comment by ednshell on September 1, 2017 at 6:16am

What a wonderful interview with Tracy Stewart! I just requested her book at the library, beautifully titled Do Unto Animals: A Friendly Guide to How Animals Live, and How We Can Make Their Lives Better. I am continually amazed at how every vegan book I read has new and profoundly interesting insights and information on the topic!  

Comment by ednshell on September 1, 2017 at 5:30am

Ya that Jon interview...can you imagine how well Gary Null would do with his time there?  Ya and her calling vegans fundamentalists and saying that's what's wrong with the world today..makes no sense, what was her point except to appease the corpse eating masses?

Oxford dictionary: 


Strict adherence to the basic principles of any subject or discipline.

People who stick to their morals is what's wrong with the world today?

Comment by Rajavan Bananaman on September 1, 2017 at 2:49am

While I've searched the case of Jane Goodall I have also discovered the case of “father of the modern animal rights movement”, Peter Si... - who is even worse than your every day carnist. His statements are really outrageous! Author's question - "Can someone please explain how Singer got to be the “father of the modern animal rights movement”? - would have been very funny if the situation wasn't so tragic :| 

Comment by Rajavan Bananaman on September 1, 2017 at 2:34am

You are welcome EdnShell! 

I think she enjoys animal products and she doesn't want to be put in situations where she could be perceived as not-normal or "purist".  Clearly, she is anthropocentric and she sends the message: human first, animal are beautiful and nice, we should fight for them but... in the end, they are just animals. On one forum, user olga_ollathir talk about one for Jane's books where she said that "i've decided i'm doing enough" was basically her argument." [against veganism]. Clearly this is not a healthy attitude for someone who claims to care for animals.

I wouldn't have come as harsh (I hope it wasn't perceived as an arrogant attitude towards you), if it wasn't for that Daily Show Interview. She had 7 minutes to talk about her new book to the whole country. Actually she had 3 and a half minutes because Jon Stewart spoke half of the time. ONE minute she mocked veganism and talked against animal activists. That's almost a third of her time on TV. Ironically, the titled of the book in question is "Hope for Animals And Their World". Obviously, there is no hope for them with her attitude: I have nothing against a cheeseburger or it was [just] a cake. 

Amazingly, Jon Stewart's attitude has changed. He is vegetarian now (maybe vegan I don't know) and his wife is vegan. They are building an animal sanctuary. I hope they are consistent because I'm a little bit fed up of vegan celebrities who stop veganism (and their quotes continue to circulate) and start speaking against it. I'm highly skeptic that Jane Goodall will ever get there (going vegan) but I hope she will stop manipulating public opinion over animal rights activists ("fundamentalists"..how she loves to call them).

I agree with your opinion about promoting doing less killing - it doesn't work because, after all, [everybody I know] "I don't eat a lot of meat" ("Unlike my cousin who eats only meat"). The length of justification people go when they hear the word "vegan" - it just mind-blowing. Even though they type from their cozy home, they go as far in time as the paleolithic and as far in space as the Antarctica - as if those scenarios have anything to do with them. Our global sadistic culture interferes with our normal rational mind, making us automatons that drop arguments without thinking - even though, in other scenarios, we are highly perceptive, reasonable and wise individuals.

Thank you for your accounts! They highlight excellent points.

Comment by ednshell on August 31, 2017 at 4:19am

Thank you for such an informative reply Rajavan!  I have admired her work for years and just saw this quote from her and was so happy to see it!  

Yet she is not vegan and not opposed to a little testing on her beloved primate friends?  

I hope if she reads more on why animal testing is not reliable she will change her stance on that even if her compassion for her fellow earthlings won't quite take her there. I think this quote from Paul McCartney sums up her thinking or lack thereof...

"Sometimes people place too much faith in people in white lab coats and assume that there's a need for animal testing just because it has been going on for so long. I believe this to be a holdover from the dark age of medical science, and more enlightened scientists nowadays believe they can get more reliable results with more modern methods."  

I love Gary Null!  What a great job he does interviewing Jane in your link below to Seven Pillars House.  Jane is so brilliant at bringing people together to find solutions I am just so surprised at her views on being vegan and testing on animals.

She has the idea that small steps will bring more people on board. She says start with going vegetarian and if you must eat meat then eat less.  Where is the evidence this works to reduce animal cruelty?  I don't see this approach working and even if it did there is no reason for her to be eating animal products, "be the change you wish to see" is a great saying because we humans really do live by example more than anything, "monkey see monkey do" Jane!

A 30BaD member who is a Native American and a vegan says her tribe members will often use the excuse they can't be vegan because of their traditions and that in their traditions they pray for and honor the animals they rely on for food but then they go to fast food places and buy factory farmed products. This is an example of how easily people will tend to use any excuse if given an inch they take a mile. 

Another example is when I went with a large group of people to make statements to a county council calling for an end to the spraying of pesticides for mosquito control.  We talked beforehand to make sure we all had one single message to stop the spraying. But after a dozen statements one person representing the North American Butterfly Association made the mistake of saying to end the spraying or at least reduce it. You could see the council members light up and they ran with questions taking this stance on reducing the spray to use it as an excuse to not stop the spraying or do anything at all about the problem.  Their attention to other speakers waned after that. 

Comment by Rajavan Bananaman on August 31, 2017 at 1:24am

I love some of her work too. But I also hate her because she kills baby cows, cows and chickens for her taste buds preferences, even though she was confronted with her choices. She considers EXTREME not to kill baby cows if the cheese is good. (I can not find the interview where she considers veganism extreme). But I could find the interview where she says it's OK to continuously kill baby cows if you need to travel.(http://www.sevenpillarshouse.org/article/conversations_remarkable_m...). She also supports vivisection so people who are sick (mostly because they eat animal products) can be cured and they can continue with their lifestyle. Why bother with prevention?!

She promotes dairy farms and "humane" murder of animals. 

I appreciate many people who aren't vegan but I don't tolerate this double standards that could make more damage. To mock veganism on national TV, The Daily Show as an animal lover - it can not get worse then this. Please observe her attitude of superiority and bully: http://www.cc.com/video-clips/4ehm9c/the-daily-show-with-jon-stewar.... The way she is laughing makes me vomit. F\{k you Jane Goodall! I haven't seen in a while this and it made me sick. Sorry! 

Comment by ednshell on August 30, 2017 at 4:55pm

I love Jane Goodall!


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