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Thought I would start a discussion on the best places to shop, it can get expensive if you don't know where to shop. If you have a favorite place please share.

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I'm in VB and I shop at the Organic Food Depot on Commuter Drive, the Farmer's Market on Princess Anne and Dam Neck, and sometimes Trader Joe's and The Fresh Market over off Laskin in Hilltop.

If you have a Sam's card you can get a case of bananas for $17.68. Sometimes they have organic spinach around $4.00 for pound.

I used to have a Sams's Card, but since I'm alone it seemed silly considering I never bought anything in bulk. How much is it these days?

Jon I think the membership for Sam's is about $40.00 a year if I remember correctly. I buy a lot of fruit there and organic spinach when they have it, so its worth it.

That might be worth looking into :)



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