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My non vegan friend is preparing for a marathon and i want to recomend him what to eat before marathon and what do drink on the marathon. He wants to replace a gel that he buys from drug store with something. He is not a vegan but this might be a great oportunity to introduce him to this. Any suggestions?

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My husband and I have talked about this a lot. The best thing we can think of is mango puree in tube/vacuum sealed bag, so he could just rip the end off with his teeth and slurp it, Gogurt style (child of the 90's right here!). If anybody else has good ideas, we'd love to hear about it!

Tell me more, how to make this?

medjool dates. before tasting medjools, i would always say i dont like dates. their really high cal. perfect for using as fuel when exercising. ...they taste like toofie :)

I am looking for a tip with this as well....I was thinking of eating dates or blending dates and dried fruit - I love the "gogurt" style idea of blended fruit...

celery and beetroot juice. :)

How do you make Gogurt, what tips for packing would you have? I have never done that.

Have just returned literally 2 hours ago from my 3rd marathon.  Since following 80/10/10 for only a few months 100% - I've just smashed my time from 4hr 10 to 3hr 42 - I'm so chuffed  :))

I've got to say this was fuelled by dates!

I had a banana and date smoothie about 2 1/2 hours before the race and then blended some dates into a really thick puree (minimum water) and put this in a tupperware and ate it about half an hour before the race.

A few days earlier I blended some dates again into a thick puree and spread it on a dehyrator sheet and left it in overnight, flipped it over and dried it a bit more.  When it was a 'leather' consistency I put it on a sheet of baking paper, rolled it up into a long 'sausage' and cut each 'sausage' into 6 pieces.  These fitted perfectly into my pocket and I just took out one whenever I needed.

I went for about 8-9miles before I started eating them, then I had one every couple of miles.  There was water stations to wash them down with if needed. This time, for the first time, I did one sheet just dates and the other sheet dates with celery juice for electrolytes - seemed to do the job!

I have used just normal dates in a previous half marathon, but I found they took quite a lot of effort to chew, however, these 'date leathers' are really easy to eat while running - definitely recommend

Great ones - that you So much for sharing

I make a paste with dates and mix it with mashed bananas in a baggie and have them in my fannie pack as well as at each aid station (eating 'gogurt style' like Lindsay said, I have a couple with me that I pinch off so I can refill them as I hit the stations). I like the idea of the mango puree, I would def like to have that at aid stations to drink. When I try that I'll leave the bananas out of my "gel" so I don't get bloat from poor food combining.

I do not eat at all before a marathon. I want to start out into "fat-burning" mode.

During the race I use a 50-50 mixture of House of Herbs Blackstrap Molasses and Wholesome Sweeteners Organic Raw Blue Agave in a gel flask.

I drink as little as possible. It only makes me go to the bathroom more frequently, and it washes the electrolytes out of my system. With sufficient heat training, one is unlikely to become dehydrated.

When I regularly train on an empty stomach, then I learn to use stored fat for energy instead of glycogen. When I regularly train in the heat with minimal hydration, then I learn to sweat less and I never have white streaks (lost electrolytes) on my clothing. No hyponatremia either.

My resting heart-rate is typically less than 40, so my heart beats as little as possible; I do probably have to breathe as little as possible as well.

Of course, some runners that I know think that I am making a mistake by not eating pasta the night before a race. They wonder why anyone would limit their protein intake or not eat bagels as well. To each his own. 


that all sounds like a bad idea to me! ..more like the exact opposite of what you should be doing..and what this site promotes!! :(  there are no such thing as 'wholesome' sweeteners, their refined crap. the dangers to optimum health from agave are now widely know and accepted.  and agen, if you want high perfermance, you need to be hydrated! simple as that. ask the top sportsmen/women around the world, they will all say the same. to try and run well in a marathon without adequate hydration and fuel/carbs is ridiculous!


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