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support for eating disorders and disordered eating.


support for eating disorders and disordered eating.

a place of love and help/ non-judgmental.

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help/support needed urgently!!

Started by Dareios Rohan Katsanikakis. Last reply by Kim Alissa Mar 29. 2 Replies

Hi fellow raw vegans,I really need some help! I've been stuck for 7 years with really bad OCD which tells me I need to restrict calories and exercise compulsively. I am now 21 and it's really hard…Continue

Fear of Weight Gain

Started by Inspire. Last reply by Nicki Vichick Oct 16, 2013. 13 Replies

Has anyone experienced this? Dealt with it? Moved forward? Would love to hear some inspiration.  Continue

please help

Started by Sheila. Last reply by Nicki Vichick Oct 16, 2013. 1 Reply

i put this in the main forum but havent had replies'hello.. so..Can anyone here who has initially gained weight (like a lot... like 20+ pounds) and has looked substantially fatter and lost the weight…Continue

Weight gain

Started by Renée Levesque. Last reply by Tinka Oct 10, 2013. 11 Replies

Hi everyone!Ever since I've been eating more calories (comming from fruit, potatoes, rice) I've gained A LOT of weight. Now, I don't weight myself but my pants don't fit anymore, I have stretch marks…Continue

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Comment by Fox Fenrir 5 hours ago

So I have been forced into recovery and thus have been forced to give up a raw diet. However I still believe in 80 10 10. I still wish to have a dite free of overt fats but my mother claims that I need to eat oil, or nuts or nut butter. I am firmly against this: how do I convince her otherwise?

Comment by Hannah Day on March 29, 2014 at 3:00pm

I am so sorry you are struggling. I can absolutely relate. My anorexia started at age 14/15 and I only very recently (one year ago, now age 23) found relief with 801010...but I had already been 801010 for almost 3 years! For the first 2.5 years I was just plain scared of gaining weight, and so I continued restricting. eventually my health had deteriorated so terribly, and I was so sick of feeling miserable, both physically and mentally, that I finally took the plunge. But to get to that point of jumping in to unlimited calories certainly took a lot of mental/emotional/personal work, understanding myself and my eating disorder. Basically, I had to get to a point where I truly felt worthy of recovery, of living, of being happy. Then, once I started eating enough carbs, my mental patterning completely changed. Carbed-up, my eating disorder thoughts are entirely foreign. Of course, the precursor and foundation of this success eating unlimited amounts is all of the work that made me truly love my self enough to recover. But, what i found is that no amount of emotional/personal work was enough to be fully recovered, by itself. I need my brain to be fully sugared up to function properly and feel alive. When i get undercarbed for any prolonged period of time I do start to feel like my scary "old self", I just start feeling extremely negative and like nothing matters, eating doesn't matter, i'm disgusting, worthless etc. Thankfully this only happens if I (unintentionally) get waaaayy to hungry. And as soon as I eat enough, i feel amazing again. So basically, in my experience, the first thing you have to do is be ready to recover, love yourself enough to put your physical and mental health and happiness before your weight. Then, you have to eat crazy amounts of fruit, always (and get good sleep, etc of course) In the past year of eating a ton and feeling like an ENTIRELY new woman (never felt like a woman before either, lol) I have gained about 30 pounds. But that is inevitable, and honestly, I feel the most confident and comfortable in my skin that I have EVER felt. It is utter bliss, so freeing, so worth it. I trust that if my body doesn't need some of the fat, it will get rid of it when i sees fit, and only after it has done a whole lot more healing on my insides. I posted some videos i made below as well. I hope some of this helps :) if you ever want to talk please don't hesitate to message me :) xoxo

Comment by Hannah Day on March 29, 2014 at 2:45pm
Comment by Otto Smith on March 28, 2014 at 3:18am

Saw this interesting video about a girl who used a high carb, mainly raw diet to cure her anorexia: 


Comment by Lacy Hanson on March 26, 2014 at 1:46pm

Hi. I have tried and failed 80/10/10 for almost a year. I have had an eating disorder since I was 15 (now 21) due to a traumatic life event. It started with anorexia, then developed into bulimia with binge eating. I abuse laxatives and want to stop. I struggle with the amount of food I need to eat on this diet. I feel good at first but then think that I am fat and so on. Any help?

Comment by Kelly Kaiser on March 17, 2014 at 2:01pm

Hey guys, I was bulimic and anorexic for quite a while. I got help but when I started to eat food at a normal rate again I had the worst stomach pains and bloating every time I ate meat or dairy. I found this life style and when I started to just only eat fruits and veg my hair started to get thicker, my skin got better and my stomach hasn't hurt since. this life style has just been so healing for me and I love it! I hope I can meet some other people who feel the same way!

Comment by Jordan Minter on March 3, 2014 at 9:53am

Hey guys, I started this 80/10/10 lifestyle to help overcome my bulimia and get my health back on top, any advice or support would be greatly appreciated!

Comment by SoulSparkled on December 29, 2013 at 3:04pm

Thankyou for your encouragement! I'd appreciate any themes you think should be mentioned in this future book I'm writing so I can cater to an audience that's interested.. 

Comment by Hannah Day on December 18, 2013 at 10:09am


I think that is a wonderful idea to start a channel and possibly write a book about the relationship between mental health and a fruit-based diet! I have found so much relief and unbelievable transformation from my past struggle with anorexia and have been waiting for the day when someone else more traditionally qualified to talk about mental health would write about their observations/experiences! really wonderful <3

Comment by SoulSparkled on December 18, 2013 at 8:45am

Hi there, I have made a post on my group 'Raw Food for Mental Health' but I feel it is relevant here too.

I want to share something with you...

I am thinking of writing a book and making a YouTube channel.

Not just from the perspective of the therapist that I am trained as, but of my learnings as a co-frail human like yourselves.. limping and walking alongside you.

If anyone would like this idea, and has a question they'd like a response to over youtube or the 'Raw food for Mental health' discussion board please message me a scenario (so I've a bit of context) and a question!  Please don't make it too lengthy, a couple of paragraphs will suffice :) and it can be narrow or broad pertaining to raw food and mental health, keeping in mind that mental health is more my speciality than raw food (though I am very well researched I have more years spent as a vegan and vegetarian than as a fruitarian). However I won’t be acting as a therapist - It will be a process of sharing thoughts, perspectives and ideas. A co-journey but not a counsellor/patient dynamic at all!

Any ideas for a book on mental health also please send your suggestions and I will get typing ;) 

This is something I have always wanted to do, and I really hope to find people to support and guide me through this journey.

Love, Joy and Peace to you wherever you are in life.

Remember that during this holiday season, when some may find it easy - others like myself find it difficult for lots of different reasons. While you may be limping, you are still walking. You.. and I ... can get through it together!



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