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these ones above are called "Dragon Carrots"


Purple carrots are smaller in size and are the ancient carrots.



These beauties are super high in antioxidants and punch a nutrient hit per bite better than organge carrot today.



photos of the awesome colour of purple carrots you can almost feel the nutrient its so rich.



A very Sad but very True Story -


Orange Carrots are de-throned Carrots

The dutch royal family's last name was Orange

To please the dutch royal family they got a primal purple carrot and bred its purple colour out of it until it was orange - Im not kidding.

They did such a good job pushing Orange Carrots to societies dinner tables that no one today knows that carrots are not naturally orange.

This happened during the time of the Spanish Inquisition & Witch Trials in the 1500s.


if this seal maks you ill - its becasue its the seal of the spanish inquisition that killed witches and their purple carrots !

If you ever get a chance to eat a purple carrot - youll find it has a much higher sweetness to it - its nutrient packed and juicer than orange ones.


Naturally all good foods dont last for long and that is true with the purple carrots in comparions to the orange.



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I'm not a fan of carrots but my son enjoys them.  I gave him some purple ones last night and he ended up having seconds and thirds!!!  He LOVES these purple carrots and swears they taste a million times better than orange carrots.  They are now a new staple on the weekly shopping list!!!

hey nadia - whoo hoo - yeah, i was the saem as your son - i love my purple carrots, ill never do organge ones again - great to see you in the group here !

They look so yummy! I want to try one!!


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