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Hey guys - 

So for about two years I've been on the raw food "gourmet" diet and about 10 days ago I switched to the LFRV lifestyle. On the other diet I was consuming around 1100 calories a day. Now, trying to hit 2500 calories is fun! I like not depriving myself of food, however today I got on the scale and i've gained 7 pounds! 


I know the body takes time to transition. I also know that Freelee said NOT to weigh yourself, but I wanted to make sure that this works for me. I switched because I stopped loosing weight the other way and had a goal to loose 10 lbs, now that goal is up to 17 lbs, and I'm quite frustrated. 


Does anyone have any advice? Has this happened to anyone else? I'm doing it 100% no cheating. PLEASE HELP. 

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I'm also curious!

I would agree with Teaaddictedgeek.

I would get slowly the calories up...I know Freelee says eat 2500-3000 calories a day, but 1: Dr Graham says differents (he says calories in calories out, so if you want to weight 120 pounds for instance, you multiply it by 10, add 20% more if you have a quite sedentary life (so 1200 plus 240) so 1440...of course if you have a more activ job, you should eat more.Then he said add another 300-600 calories for sport session, depending on what kind of sport and how long you do it.I want to be between 153 and 156 pounds (I know it sound a lot but I have a quite large frame and was perfectly thin at that weight) so I need 1560 plus 312 so 1870...And as I am  mother of a 8 month old , and therefore play a lot and move, I allow myself an extra 130 calories to round it to 2000 calories a day. I will increase calories when I am able to do more sport . Freelee is a verry active and verry fit person, so she burns more calories than others just in order to nourish her muscles, and need the extra fuel to exercise.Sorry to contradict her, and I hope this helps.

 I am actually having the same problem when reading Dr Graham and then listening to Freelee... I feel somewhat concerned and confused... I want to succeed on this lifestyle and to be the best i can be... but after weight gain and skin erruptions, my skin feeling sore on the stomache... i am worried if i am doing something wrong with my own calorie intake? :-( Please help... i am 153 cm and weigh 41.4 kg according to Dr Graham, I should be eating about  910 plus 240 which adds up to 1150??... And i am currently stuffing myself with almost 3000 cal.... So again HELP!!


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