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and dates and any other yummy fruit haha

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There seems to be a lack of places to buy organic Bananas and Dates around Auckland for a reasonable price. I've just been buying fair trade Bananas from fruit stores for $1 / kg but since I've come back from South East Asia and experienced how good the Bananas are over there i'm  not finding the taste to be appetizing anymore. If i eat them by themselves they just taste like chemicals to me.

Hey Louise :) I buy dates in 5kg boxes from Natural Organics. They're in Albany on Rosedale road but I just order online.  $180 - not cheap but works out to be cheaper than buying from a supermarket!

 $180 for 5kg is $3.60 per 100g !

that's exactly the same as organic medjool dates from my local packnsave bins.

gourmet Californian dates are like $2.60/100g and I quite like those as well.

there must be a way to get them cheaper by the box...



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