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Hey New Zealanders, the last post about a catch up was over a year ago so was just wondering if anyone out there would like to have a catch up day/ eve to chat about it all plus nice to meet some like minded ppl and help each other out or just swap stories???

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That's a great idea - I would totally be up for that!

Let's see how many reply and take it from there.

Awesome here's hoping we can motivate each other through winter :)

yes, I'm keen

ok, so just a few people. We could meet at the Wise cicada in newmarket. When we met last year we thought our next meeting could be there. Last time we had like 6 people so it will be a small group I assume so totally do able at a cafe.

Happy to suggest dates so we can get this idea going. H

How do we feel about Saturday at 10am August the 10th.

Sunday 2pm August the 11th.

Saturday at 10am August the 17th.

Happy for other suggesting but thought it was a good idea to start somewhere

Saturday the 17th suits me as away the weekend before but can try to be more flexible if it doesn't suit.
Wise cicada is awesome have not been there in a while :)
How long you been on the lifestyle sarah? Ill be the big fat preggers person anyway easy to spot :)

I have been on the lifestyle about 4 years. It took awhile until the abundance way of eating sunk in. I still struggle with getting enough calories in and so when I get to hungry try to eat high carb cooked. So I still try to balance that.

Cool, you will be easy to spot. I'm 34, with huge blonde hair (trying to think of a way to spot me and I will prob have the biggest hair in the cafe).

see you then

Hi guys,

I work on Saturdays, so can't be there until 1.30pm - Would that work?

Sunday could work for me too :) 

ok. lets try for saturday the 17th at 1.30pm.


This Saturday.
I'd be up in Auckland from the 10th of September for a few days, keen to catch up!

Fantastic! We will have another meet up when you come up :D



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