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Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle


Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle

I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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7 day Grocery list?

Started by Nika Nasser. Last reply by Nika Nasser Dec 9, 2015. 2 Replies

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30 day challenge!

Started by Brazilian NanaGirl. Last reply by Brazilian NanaGirl Dec 8, 2015. 4 Replies

the hollydays are comming! for us that are just beginning this lifestyle is a hard time to stick to it, so any one want to be in a 30 days challeng with me so we can support each other? i'm on rt4…Continue

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Candida!! Help!

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detox??? HELP!

Started by Nika Nasser. Last reply by Brazilian NanaGirl Dec 8, 2015. 1 Reply

Hey guys, its my second day of rt4,  and this morning did not go so well. I had a smoothie of  8 medjool dates, 2 oranges, 2 bananas, and 1 mango. As soon as I had a couple sips, I was bouncing with…Continue

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Comment by PhoenixWay on October 11, 2011 at 12:04pm

Haha, funny how my passion is coming out here...a little like DR, no doubt.  FP seems like a nice-enough guy and a promoter of raw foods...but it just rubs me wrong when people criticize others and do the same thing.  He acts like his beliefs and principles are scientifically-verified.  The fact is, that science is used by people to prove what they want to prove.  Science is also still catching up to truth...and still lags behind in many respects.  So, if you want to follow the FP program, go ahead and follow him.  Otherwise, learn to follow yourself.  You'll be happier.  ;)

Comment by PhoenixWay on October 11, 2011 at 11:51am
My response to Patenaude?  Who made him the God of Knowledge?  Anyone who defers to "scientists and medical professionals" loses my respect, to a great degree.  Who has led America down the path of sickness and disease?  These same people he defers to.  Scientists and medical professionals, in large part, don't know crap about holistic, natural health, and especially about nutrition.  Further, FP clearly lacks a spiritual relationship with his food.  Thus, in his statement "Don’t tell me that when you blend your vegetables, or chew them aggressively in your month, that you’re not destroying that “life force” that they supposedly have" he is focusing on EITHER OR instead of BOTH AND.  When I eat the food, whatever it is BECOMES ME.  We merge in both a physical and spiritual sense.  The food gives me whatever it has...whether that's life and health or death and toxicity.  So, it absolutely matters how alive and healthy the food is when we eat it.  Of course, we all agree that the healthiest food is just off the vine, but he would have us believe that boiled grains or steamed veggies have the same nutritional value as a tomato or apple that's been sitting on a table for a few days, and still tastes fresh and delicious when we bite into it.  Another sad aspect I observed is this same lack of spiritual awareness or appreciation for animals.  So, what happens when we take an animal out of it's natural environment, put it in captivity, shoot it w/drugs and hormones and western "medicines" and keep it trapped and confined?  Then, we have the audacity to feed it food that it doesn't normally eat and make a scientific discovery that the animals PREFERS the new food?  Really?  Is that a fair test?  Are there any OTHER factors influencing this preference?  If I captured you and stuck you in a f***ing cage for months and started feeding you all sorts of crap, you'd probably change your diet, too.  All animals adapt to survive.  That's what we do.  FP clearly looks down on animals, condemning their lives as bad ones that we would never want.  Yes, there is competition.  Yes, there is predation.  Does that mean their lives are misery?  He's like the missionary who goes to a gorgeous, pristine wilderness, discovers a happy, healthy native people there, and proclaims, "Look at all these deprived people who don't have cell phones and TVs and modern MEDICINE!  Let's help them and change that!"  The most helpful part of his rant was about how humans have likely adapted physiologically in the 10's of thousands of years we've been cooking food.  No doubt...we clearly don't look like Neanderthals anymore.  Personally, I believe that mild heating (though not steaming or boiling or frying or baking above 118) depletes little of the food's value...but we must measure the gains of warmness against the loss of nutrition.  And finally, his comment that there is "no evidence" that steaming veggies or boiling rice creates toxins...is just a bit ignorant.  Cooking food changes the food...to something the body doesn't really recognize.  Anything in that category is a toxin.  So, not being one to "shove my ideas down other people's throats" (I get his point about raw vegan vigilantes), I simply ventured one man's opinion.  I hope you enjoy it.  Peace.
Comment by Eric Rivkin on October 11, 2011 at 11:16am

Question everything, rawbies. Review researched, balanced, common sense advice on a raw food diet by Fred Patenaude.....


Top 7 Bad Arguments in Favor of a Raw Food Diet

Is this reliable myth-busting scientifically verified information or not...

1  We need the enzymes in raw foods to help our digestion.

2. Raw foods is the diet of our “species”

3. We didnt adapt to cooked foods

4. We are the only animal on the planet who cooks food

5. All cooked food is “toxic”

6. There is lifeforce in raw foods that’s destroyed when you cook it 

7. The Bible Says we should eat raw

Comments anyone?

Comment by B'jaia Ben-Avari on October 11, 2011 at 3:02am
Lekoma, the video you put up is fantastic and provides some serious reflection on how we embrace and live life. Thank you.
Comment by Nicolette Barnes on October 9, 2011 at 2:21pm

Wow. This is all really helpful, uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring stuff you guys! Thanks so much! Yes, I think that based on the fact that by eating this many calories a day has allowed me to continually lose weight even though I don't have much left to lose shows that I probably do need more calories. The last time I weighed myself I was 87 lbs. I am 5'6" and feel that my ideal weight (where I feel and look my best) is around 100 lbs (obviously there is no exact number as weight will fluctuate from day to day and even throughout the same day). I have a small frame. I would love to be able to completely forget about calories and calorie counting - just be able to listen to my body without worrying that I will eat too much and then gain weight. I have no problem appetite-wise! I can eat tons, I just never let myself, because again, I am afraid of gaining weight. You are right VP that 'We need to learn to be driven by love and trust rather than by fear.' I have to start trusting that if I listen to my body's hunger signals, and feed it the best quality fuel I am able to, that I will not gain too much weight.

I think that one of the hardest things for me in eliminating ALL cooked, is the fact that I am EXTREMELY sensitive to bitter tastes, so when I am craving something non-sweet, so no fruit, there are very limited veggies I can tolerate, as I find most of them bitter. This is why I will cook my broccoli, or why on the odd occasion I have some grains, because they are more bland than bitter or sweet. Other times, like when I eat some cooked sweet potato or oatmeal, I am also gravitating towards the warmth, as I am always soooo cold! (Being thin and living in Canada!!) I am doing my best right now though, and I would say that at least 95% of my diet is raw!! (I don't do any nuts or seeds either - it's mostly fruit, and a tiny bit of greens)(I've been addicted to making a banana 'ice cream'/pudding type thing - blending frozen bananas with other fruits, sometimes some pureed spinach, or soaked dried fruits.... I have this several times a day!!)

Comment by PhoenixWay on October 9, 2011 at 8:18am
I agree that DNA can become corrupted, as you say, and also that we can and do certainly (and typically in SAD USA) misinterpret what our bodies need.  What I am talking about is a healing process, a rebuilding of health and a reacquaintance with what is natural and good for us.  This is not only about eating healthier food and reaping the effects of that.  It's also about learning to walk again with bare feet on the earth, lying on our backs on the ground and napping or watching the sky, drinking fresh, pure water...getting regular, liberal sunlight on our skin, meditating and doing yoga, spending time and sharing love with good, healthy, nourishing people...and going out into forests and by the sea and letting all that INFORMATION re-educate our DNA about its proper structure and function.  We need to learn to be driven by love and trust rather than by fear...and yes, we do need to learn again to trust ourselves...the same way that babies do naturally before we and our SAD society corrupt them.  :)  Love and peace to all.
Comment by PhoenixWay on October 9, 2011 at 6:47am

Another mention is that we have to believe in and trust our original, uncorrupted bodies...guided by our DNA, which has been perfected over millions of years of evolution.  Once you start putting stuff in your body that it actually recognizes, can digest, and knows it will make and keep you strong, your body sends a message to your brain saying "That stuff is awesome.  Eat more of that stuff."  After weeks and months "faking it until you make it" (another reality when we are in any kind of training stage), suddenly you find yourself wanting raw spinach, or a smoothie, or to sit in the sun and eat an entire melon, with juice dripping all over you.  Then, you just smear it into your skin and lick your fingers.  And THAT'S when the miracle happens.  Suddenly, fast food, processed food, even some of your old favorites, no longer appears to be food.  It appears to you to be just cardboard...and even poison.  You feel as if you would never put it in your body again.  That's how it works, folks.  And it's an awesome, enjoyable process.  LET it happen.  Don't MAKE it happen.  Relax.  Breathe.  Smile.  Be.  :)

Comment by John Jasper on October 9, 2011 at 6:43am

Nicolette, you've obviously got a sound head on your shoulders and with that you will succeed.  Your thinness probably means that most of your stored toxins have already been flushed but there will still be plenty of repair work to be done.

I've been transitioning for the last 2 years and am only now seeing a slight increase in weight from rock bottom.  It might be a temporary gain so I'm not celebrating just yet.  My system's had a good clear out and hopefully the process of breaking down the old stuff is now being exceeded by the slow buildup of healthy cells.  All that repair takes energy but that doesn't always mean you need to eat more.

In hindsight, without the benefit of this site and the 811 mindset, I'm sure that I was undereating a large part of the last 2 years but I never felt that I was.  I eat like a horse but was not eating horse-sized quantities of fruit but I always ate till I was satisfied or beyond with fruit (including nuts,) veggies and salads.  I suspect that my appetite was being diminished instinctively to allow the cleanup process to continue at good speed.

My only problem now is getting the fruit in fast enough so that my mealtimes don't join up :P


Comment by PhoenixWay on October 9, 2011 at 6:42am
I feel that everyone is on his/her own journey, and transition is reality.  Abrupt, radical changes to one's routine are stressful on mind and body.  I like to suggest the principle of addition.  Start adding good stuff, and you will be too full for the bad stuff.  For example, if you eat enough fruit during the day, you won't crave carbs before bed and break down and have something not so healthy.  Also, we have to moderate the detox effect so it's tolerable.  Some people are coming off of McDonald's, psychotropic or other prescription meds, processed and cooked foods, etc.  Let's avoid lecturing others about their own progress.  Our progress should only be measured against ourselves.  That being said..N, I think that 1300 cals/day may be too low...unless you're about 80 lbs and want to stay that way!  :)  Avoid fixating on the the number and check in w/your body.  If you're craving food at the end of the day, and esp. if you're already very thin, add more.  If you feel and look good, then what you're eating is fine.  If you feel and look "too thin" or "always hungry," eat more.  If you feel and look overweight and feel bloated and sluggish, eat less.  Hugs.
Comment by Nicolette Barnes on October 9, 2011 at 5:42am
Yes, I do believe the facts on how 100% raw will give the ultimate benefits, I just feel like I need to allow myself some time to get there. It's such a shame that the worst foods to buy conventional are typically the most expensive to begin with... but I try to get what I can organic. And, haha about the weaning off the cooked carbs being like going off a drug! I am doing both at the same time and it is a nightmare!! Been on an antidepressant for about 12 years and have made the decision that I am THROUGH with it!! No more - that I did cold turkey (I have tried a few times to go off it, both weaning down on dosages and cold turkey and it makes no diff.)

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