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Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle


Beginners in a fruitarian/raw vegan lifestyle

I created this group for supporting each other during transformation to raw vegan lifestyle. Also here will be given some tips how to suceed in a fruitarian diet, whats the most comon mistakes made by raw food eaters and a lot of more usefull info.

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Juicing vs. Blending?

Started by Valheru. Last reply by Valheru Aug 22. 2 Replies

I keep hearing about Juicing in negative connotation but Freelee has blended drinks all the time. Is blending not juicing? Or is juicing just extracting the juices from fruits and not having the…Continue

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Low calories on certain days?

Started by KikiKooks. Last reply by KikiKooks Aug 20. 2 Replies

So I've been doing a RT4 style diet for a short time now. I'm starting to feel the desire to move more in the last day or two but haven't been exercising yet. So not active yet.I eat till I'm full…Continue

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Started by Maddie M. Last reply by Maddie M Aug 16. 7 Replies

OK so I'm 18, live in Australia on a student budget and have been vegan for a while but decided to harden the flip up and go HCRV (it's actually so much cheaper haha)!!  I just bought my first tray…Continue

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Is Cron-o-meter reliable?

Started by Ana Banana. Last reply by KikiKooks Aug 14. 3 Replies

I'm not talking about specific vitamins or amino acids. I'm asking about calories. Do medjool dates really have 66 kcal? I had 40 dates, 5 small bananas and 2 apples, and apparently I had 3300 kcal.…Continue

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Comment by Nicolette Barnes on December 17, 2011 at 6:59am

But I don't see there being anything wrong with eating immediately, so I don't plan on changing that. I find drinking water very unappealing. I know it is good for us, but I just can't make myself drink much. I could easily go weeks without drinking any water apart from the water I put in my smoothies. I try to drink a little throughout the day, but I never get in more than a small glass, maybe about a cup worth. I have tried before several times to force myself to drink more water, but I always feel so heavy and bloaty when I do, and I am constantly going pee! I also don't have a juicer, so making juices is not an option right now. Even when I get one, which I do hope to do, I don't think I would want to do juices in the morning before eating. I have actually heard that it is good to eat right away, as this revs up your metabolism and gets your body flowing with more energy after it's nightly fast (hence the word breakfast...BREAK - FAST) But regardless of the different theories, I just know that I feel best eating right away! I wouldn't say breakfast is my biggest meal though. I don't really do "meals" per say... I just eat all throughout the day, probably around 6 or 7 times.

Comment by bob jones on December 16, 2011 at 9:42pm

   nicolette    Iam the same way... when i get up in the morning iam so hungry and eat as soon as i get a shower,,, breakfast is usely my biggest meal.... and at time it doesnt matter how much i eat ,, i steal eat more....   with in a very short time

Comment by anabea on December 16, 2011 at 9:25pm

thank you Lekoma.  Just great advice.

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on December 16, 2011 at 2:23pm

Don - why would you say "but better to have to scale things back than to not be able to eat enough food to get the amount of calories you need."  I would WAY rather not get enough calories in the first place than be overweight and have to cut back - that just seems like such a tease.

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on December 16, 2011 at 2:15pm

Well, I know I am not eating enough, but I have always been one to need something to eat as soon as I get up. Even before my eating disorder when I did nothing but eat all day it seemed, I would be the same. I actually find that when I eat more, I am more hungry... I think it simply comes down to having a really fast metabolism, so it doesn't matter how much I eat - it won't last me more than 5 hours!! But that is fine with me - I don't see any downside to eating as soon as you get up, or to having a fast metabolism. The fact actually is really comforting to me, as it means I can eat more food before I start gaining any weight!! And while I need to gain weight, I would hate for the weight to come on after only eating a small amount!

Comment by Nicolette Barnes on December 16, 2011 at 9:35am

Wow that is really cool about your farm!! 

For me, I am ALWAYS starving hungry for breakfast as soon as I wake up. And sometimes even if I wake up really early just to use the washroom I am starving then. I think it is just that I have a really fast metabolism, because I usually eat a lot right before I go to bed as well. I am not active at all either. I know I should be more active, but right now I would definitely be considered sedentary. But I would barely last 30 minutes without eating after waking up!! haha. I know what you mean about not feeling up to par if the elimination is not going well. I pretty well always have a nice movement after drinking my green smoothie in the morning. If I eat something else on occasion - for example the other day I decided to just have an apple, a banana, and a mandarin orange - I don't usually have a movement till much later in the day and even then, it is usually smaller, and I just don't feel as clean. 

Comment by jimmy on December 16, 2011 at 8:22am

Wow Shelby,thats some heavy gut issues there,any wonder you're having a tough time with all this.How in hell did all those issues arise,how did the nerve damage come about,man,thats a lot to deal with.

I hope you're not taking any allopathic medications,dunno what I'd do if I had all that to deal with.

Fruit works on the lower man,the metabolic functions,nourishes the intestines and plays a major role in blood building,any fruit,as long as its ripe.Do you have a good juicer?,like one of those slow turning ones.I'd be adding a lot of green,carrot,green apple juice,maybe beetroot,try to add some fresh tumeric and ginger and lemon.You might need to eat some root vegetables as well as they work strongly on building up the physical nervous system,if you cant handle them raw you can steam them.I'm not a professional,so I cant advise you on supplements,maybe you need more therapeutic remedies,but like you said you were taking already 60 pills.so I dont know

Yeah ,the farm here,my brother,his partner and myself lease 300 acres property here,its sub tropical climate so we can grow bananas and other fruits and vegetables year round.Its certified organic property but we only use bio-dynamic methods since coming here 5 years ago.we only cultivate maybe 5 acres and theres orchards and pasture,the rest is natural forest and regrowth forest from previous clearing of rainforest for banana plantations and dairy farm. 


Comment by jimmy on December 16, 2011 at 7:34am

Hi Nicolette,thanks for the kind words.

Yea,the breakfast thing,you could say I eat breakfast but its about 4 hours after I get up.There's no way I'm truly hungry immediately after waking up,maybe I eat too much the night before and have to work it off the following morning,who knows.Usually after eating at night I dont do much,just laze around on the computer,watch a dvd or just crash soon after eating.I've tried eating soon after I wake up,it does'nt agree with my body clock,I'm not hungry so there's no reason to eat.I like to feel empty at some point in the 24hr cycle.The nitty gritty of it is this.Soon after waking I visit the loo,regular as clockwork,even if I've visited the previous evening after eating.I c*** on about elimination but its just as important as the nutrition,believe me,you cant feel good if the outgoing is not fully enabled.Sooooo,as I was saying,after the early morning ritual,I feel like doing stuff,not eating,as the morning goes on I feel more energized to the point where I start feeling pretty hungry,usually around 11am depending what time I wake up.Ok,some days you may not feel quite as brilliant as other days,everyone has their energy peak days,but its fairly consistent.Maybe I got into this routine years ago when I used to cycle 40 kms to work every day,I first read about the no breakfast thing in one of Paul C Bragg's old books,not sure which one,maybe it was 'The Miracle of Fasting',not sure.He described,how in the old days in rural US of A,the old folk used to get up early in the morning,do the milking and other farm chores,then about 4 hours later they'd come in and eat a hearty breakfast,after all the activity they'd be primed for eating so there'd be no trouble with digestion,and they'd remain in fine health,although they may not have been on some 'perfect' diet or whatever.So,maybe this inspired me to try it,I guess I must've eaten breakfast in my childhood but its all a bit hazy.After all that,what I'm getting at is if you're not actually hungry,one is not ready for food and the digestion and elimination is not gonna be as efficient,I'm talking about hunger felt when you're in a fairly relaxed state,not immediately after doing strenuous exercise or uncomfortable feelings in the stomach,etc,etc,if you get my meaning/,there's different things here.

Anyway,enough of me,here's a bit of a rave about bio-dynamics,probably explains it better than I can


peace,love and all the good things! 


Comment by Nicolette Barnes on December 16, 2011 at 5:43am

Wow Jimmy - I love how you are so relaxed. I find it so nice when there are people who do the raw thing like you without being so strict and hard on themself if they do have a little cooked!! Your post made me happy and was really encouraging!! Haha, but I can never understand how people can go any length of time without "breakfast"! I am always starving when I wake up and eat right away after brushing my teeth after getting up! That just shows how different we all are! And what exactly is meant by biodynamic foods? Is that like sprouted things? I got soo excited today when I noticed that my quinoa I have soaking sprouted little tails. I mainly do the soaking for the reduction of phytic acid (because yes, I do cook them), and had normally been keeping them in the fridge, but after doing some research I learned that it is best to keep them at room temp or a little warmer, so this is the first time I kept them out of the fridge and they actually sprouted!! YAY!!! I was especially surprised as I added a little ACV to the water to help with the neutralizing of the phytic acid.

Comment by jimmy on December 15, 2011 at 10:00pm

hi Shelby,I tried to explain my experiences as simply as I can,hope you can get something out of it.Theres many ways to go about on this trip,everyone finds their own individual methods in their own way and time,depending on their situation,you'll end up doing likewise.If something is working for you keep doing it,if not then try something else.Once you understand the basics feel free to experiment within that framework.If you're comfortable counting calories do it,if its a stress then forget it.Sometimes you'll wanna combine stuff,other times you'll be happy with mono,nothings set in stone and no ones opinion,method,experience or any book is gospel.

I know there's a lot of information to deal with in the beginning but dont get caught up in the detail and let it freak you out,my advice for what its worth is focus on the basics,which everyone sort of agrees with,simplifies things somewhat,dont you think???Having some health issues to deal with must make things more difficult for you I must say, Shelby,what exactly is your gastrointestinal disorders you mentioned,specifically?and who diagnosed them if you dont mind me asking



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