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I have been doing a week so far, and not sure how long or if I can stay on this diet.  I am forcing myself to eat fruit, as it's simply not ripe/sweet and is also bland and slightly hard.  I have not done too badly with cravings except in the first couple of days when I was ill prepared.


As I am not enjoying the fruits like I see other fruitarians on you tube who usually live in california or asia and are recommending ripe fruit which they often pick straight from the tree, I am tempted to fall back on my delicious marinated tofu sandwich, until I see that my iron and vitamin k count would suffer.  I am lacking biotin, sodium and omega 6 everyday on this diet.


I am tracking on cronometer, and finding that my protein is always around 4%, I am eating half a pound of spinach a day, as I can't stomach anymore greens than that.   What other plants are good to increase my protein? 


I am also really bored of eating spinach every day to get my iron and vitamin k and don't like fruit dressings on spinach, so I am cheating by having olives and sometimes sundried tomatoes to make the salad palatable as I crave savoury.  I ate 2 honeydew melons for breakfast, I felt bloated and full only to realise that immediately after I still felt hungry for something heavy.  Also watery fruit and veg do not satisfy me even if my stomach is full, what is wrong???


Anybody else in this situation with crap fruit????

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yeah, I'm living in norway, it's something of a struggle only the nanas are really sweet. I have aspirations of moving permanently to thailand,chanteburi. 


how can u live permanently there, what about visa???

I once had two galia melons for breakfast which are less water and they were okay, but honeydew filled my stomach but i was still hungry.  i know it takes time for the stomach to adjust in size.

i do well on bananas, cherries, lycees, avocados.  Every time i find a fruit which fills me up, it goes out of season.  the bananas here are not ripe and go off before they go sweet.  i'm eating a punnet of green grapes now, which are slightly tart like lemon, not sweet.  if they were really sweet i would love to have them in a smoothie with a romaine lettuce!  i hate it when the fruitarians go on about how unhealthy other peoples diets are when they eat fruit at its best.  i don't think they realise how priviledged they are.  some of them also grow their own, which is not an option if you live in a flat with no balcony.


i'm not sure how to increase my protein without increasing my fat.

that's great u r off all your meds.  i am lacking in protein on this diet, around 4%, along with omega 6, biotin and sodium.

positive advice, thanks.

I'm from the UK and I agree..   i would love to do this diet but i do not enjoy the meals as I find it is impossible to get good produce ..... and believe me I've done my homework over the last few years.  It seems eating bland or unripe tropical fruit is the penance i have to do to be healthy.

I know Doug Graham lives in the UK so that makes me think perhaps I'm doing something wrong but perhaps he has better options in the South of UK or knows something I don't.

I would love to sit down to the kind of luscious meals people talk about but it seems if i want to eat fruit it has to be liquidated blended slop for every meal.

This must be one of the biggest issues for most people wanting to go 811 so all useful suggestions would be really appreciated.   



i'm from london and although i have tropical market next to my house the mangoes are actually hard and go off before they ripen, definitely not sweet, just taste like water.  it seems to get much better in the summer, but winter is maybe not the best season to follow this diet, not cos it's cold, but due to lack of fruit.

how can we find out what Doug Graham is doing right?  i bought an expensive very small cherimoya, it had started to go off but i could tell that in it's ripe state it would have tasted like candy!!!  also when i holidayed in spain and cuba i had no problem eating the nectarines, mangoes and oranges and i wasn't even vegan at that stage.  i am eating grapes now that are even tart like citrus, if they were sweet i could have them with romaine lettuce in a smoothie.  it means i am adding tonnes of dates to everything which is sending my ratios mad.  i don't know how to increase my protein on this diet, i eat one large packet , about 1/2 a pound of spinach a day, getting really bored.

I contacted Doug Graham a while ago and he said he did have plans to do a raw food class in UK but it would be some time off.  Maybe if enough UK people contacted him he would agree to assist??

do u know how to contact doug?

He's a member of a very good raw vegan site called 30bananasaday !!  : )

Do a search on the members section...

And please let me know if you get something together... 

Thats a tight spot to be in but there's no way you can do this if you cant get decent fruit.You'll be starving yourself in a short time,creating deficiencies and digestive problems.I dont think its natural eating tropical fruit in high latitudes,especially in winter,its madness,there's not even any local fruit at that time,totally unsustainable.Of course the fruit is no good,its coming from thousands of miles away,probably picked green.You might have a chance with bananas if you can get them but who can live on just bananas.No wonder you're feeling bloated,and craving something heavy and savoury,you're not getting any nutrition from the crap fruit.

In my opinion,the bottom line is if you're not in a position to access fresh,ripe,fruit as it should be along with decent fresh greens,etc,that actually have some nutritional value and satisfy your nutritional needs and cravings either move somewhere else(a huge call for most of us),or forget about it,better to eat cooked whole vegan foods,like grains, organic brown rice,beans,potatoes,plus of course any local fresh,ripe,in season fruit and vegetables that are available to you.You can still be 811 and high carb vegan but you just wont be 100% raw.Probably does sound very appealing if your goal is LFRV and high fruit,sorry.

Maybe others that live in high latitudes might have better advice??,I'm not in that position myself so I have'nt experienced what you are going through.

thanks, it's a real shame as eating large volumes of fruits has been a challenge, but not impossible for me.  i actually really enjoy sweet fruit.   it's better in the summer here, so maybe winter is a time to go cooked.


i just hate the way that many 811's tell us about the merits of this diet, without realising that not everyone is in a priviledge position of living in warm climes or being able to grow their own.



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