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Hi, I am officially starting this diet tomorrow and I would love to have a buddy or pal to help keep me motivated!  Nothing major involved, just checking in with one another every day or so! I have been on here reading for weeks, been doing higher fat raw on and off for a few years now. I say on and off, but more off than on I am afraid.  I did do 41 days all raw January 3rd of this year.  But, unable to stick with it.  The interesting thing is when I was doing it easily, I was eating all of the bananas a day I wanted.   So, I was actually much higher in fruit.  The only fat I was eating was one avocado a day.  So, I was very close to 80 10 10.  So, this makes sense and I feel it will work for me!  I do have to detox from coffee again, UGH! But, I am ready to take the plunge to 80 10 10!!!  I am super excited to see how I feel! Thanks!

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Hey, I'd be happy to be motivation buddies with you :) I'm just starting as well, and I still have to read Dr Graham's book (ordering it today). Plus I live in a relatively cold area of Canada, so it may be tough for me to be 100% raw. But I've been eating far more raw than cooked food for the last week or so, and I felt the difference within a couple of days. So I know that raw is my way to go!! Also, having a support network is helpful for sure. Feel free to message me! :)

Hey do you mind if I add you? I am starting out on the 12th or 13th of this Month and I also live in Canada :). I am also thinking about the winter here and how eatting fruit 24/7 is going to feel :) I used to live in Sechelt BC where -2 was the lowest temperature you would experience usually and since September I have been living in Calgary. Brrr

Yeah, thanks so much to both of you!  The more support, the better!!!!  I have support from my husband, but he in no way is going to do  it himself and everyone else just thinks I am crazy!!!  I will friend you both now!  thanks for joining me!!!

great idea to buddy up, Trina.  I would love a buddy too if anyone is willing..  I've hit a bit of a bumpy patch.  I was going along fine for 3 months (high carb, probably 95% raw) then I decided I needed to up the ante and go 100% and that, I think was my downfall...  I have started to have episodes of bingeing on all the wrong foods in the last week, with all the resulting health disasters but very little control over doing it again.  I think I might have put too much pressure on myself to be all raw too soon...

My life is just incredibly busy and taxing - working full time as a teacher with 2 primary school aged kids and a business on the side as well.  I think trying to be too perfect with diet was just doing my head in.

If anyone can assist with this I'd be really grateful.  I was so strong for 3 months and feeling so amazing.

Hey, don't be so hard on yourself!  You are doing wonderful!!!  I would love to be buddy's!  One can never have too much support, I say!!!!  I am also a teacher and I now have 2 college age boys.  You have so much on your plate.  Just take it one day at a time!!!  I will friend you now.  Have a great evening!!!!

Great!  The more the merrier!!!  I will friend you now.

Thank Trina for your kind words.  Being a teacher you would understand what it's like!  I teach English as well so the marking is just unbelievable!

Last few days have been not toooo bad - fruit and greens until 3pm yesterday and then I forgot to pack enough fruit for work and was ravenous so ate some rice cakes with tuna I found in the cupboard at work, and a jelly snake I found in the bottom of my desk drawer.  More fruit when I got home and then pumpkin soup and toast for dinner.

I'm finding since winter has descended I'm not wanting to drink as much water and that could be why I'm feeling hungrier.  Need to keep upping the fluid I think.

Trying to go back to my cronometer routine and start tracking again because that really worked.

Hi, Dandelion

I hear you, going 100% Raw is tough, I am having some similar issues. I have been Raw since the beginning of this year, but being Vegan is not a big deal for me. Staying 100% Raw has been challenging especially having to load up on carbs because I avoided it like the plague since I have being always trying to lose weight. I need to lose 30 pounds to get to where I would like before getting married and having my Son. But I don't use weight scales anymore. I use my clothes that I use to wear.

Can I make you a buddy?

I am also going to be working as a Teacher to Preschoolers in the latter part of this year.


Hey Trina :) I will be starting Raw food again on the 12th or 13th of May. I would like to have a buddy as well as my previous venture into raw food only lasted 2 weeks before. My husband is also supportive but will not be joining me. (He is Vegetarian though :D) 

Hi Hillary! I am so happy to get such a good response!  I will friend you right now.  Trina

Not sure I will be the Best Buddy since I need some motivation as well. 

However, I do know that having FACTS + YOUR SPECIFIC REASONS= motivation according to Dr. Graham.

The more facts and reasons you have at your arsenal, the more motivated you will be.

If you write these things down and read them daily, it will help you to keep motivated.

I will befriend you on here to see how you are making progress, hope you do the same.

Thanks so much!  I love that advice, I will do it! 



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