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Mentioned to my herbalist how good i felt on this diet, and she thought the 6 bananas a day i was eating was way too much, and apparently you can overdose on potassium well i think it was potassium she said. What is the safe amount to eat every day?

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30 bananas a day is the right amount.  Anything more than that is too much. ;)  Love your cat, by the way.

i disagree steve, 30 bananas a day is the right amount for an average person if he eats only bananas in that day, but i don't see any problem in eating more than that. in fact, very tall, muscular or athletic people would probably do best if they ate more than 30 a day, at least in the day they eat no other fruit.

i don't see why eating more than 30 is way to much. do you have any evidence to sustain that? if not, then you are merely stating an opinion.

I guess, you do not get the joke - 30bananasaday.com = 30 bananas.  You can eat as many bananas as you want.  Relax, man, it is Friday. ;)

i'm sorry steve. i think i'm a bit too serious nowadays... didn't get the joke...

With a healthy body, you can't really overdose on potassium.  It is your body's kidneys which filters out all required minerals for the body.  Anything in excess will just get peed out.  If you have kidney disease, you might have problem with mineral filtration.  Having said that though, bananas do not have a high enough potassium content to cause a worry.  A large banana contains about 195 mg of potassium.  An adult's daily requirement is 4800 mg.  If you're healthy and have no kidney problems, you are fine.  If you're still concerned, why not put your food into the Cronometer online and it will calculate all of these contents for you and compare to the daily requirements - it's quite amazing to see actually.

My question is: why do you (still) have a herbalist..? :)

Honestly,excess potassium is not an issue from eating bananas or any other fresh fruit or vegetable.All these naturally have high levels of alkaline minerals.It seems in this day and age there is a tendency toward fragmented thinking,dividing  every food into its different elements which can then be weighed and measured,then so much is eaten to fit into some so called expert scientific idea of the amount needed on a daily basis,etc.etc.Of course this has its benefits but there's also a downside,for example with bananas/potassium.If a person is hungry and they eat bananas regularly,they might munch down a dozen large bananas or more,no problem,until they are satisfied.Are we thinking in terms of potassium,protein,fat,etc at this time,I dont think so,its more our natural instinct leads us to choosing a perfectly ripe banana,mango or whatever and hunger dictates how much of it we eat at the time.  

Thanks for the input I have got the message You can't overdose on bananas! I just wish I LIKED bananas the only way I can eat them is blended with other fruits I wouldn't be able to eat 1 by itself i'd throw up & I've found to my cost grapes & bananas give me bad indigestion. Wish I hadn't bragged how good I felt last 2 day's have found me with acid indigestion I never suffered from it before, woke up this morning my stomach felt like it was filled with concrete splitting headache couldn't keep my eyes open slept from 1pm till 4 pm & only managed my smoothie of 3 bananas 2 mandarins don't want to see any more food till tomorrow.  Rawbert i've only been on this diet about a week i've been taking my herbal medicine a couple of months coming to the end of the bottle in a couple of day's, Suffered real bad with sweating real dizzy loss of appetite no energy just wasn't functioning, hit me for 6 I lost the love of my life Angel my cat in Dec to cancer, then 2 month's later lost my oldest cat she was ready to be picked up from vet then they rang to say she was screaming in pain & they had to put her to sleep, I'm just starting to feel better i've suffered from depression since & couldn't stop crying, taught me a lesson you should never have favourites I worshipped Angel we were the mutual admiration society & i'm not ashamed to say i've slept with her favourite toy ever since!  Back to the drawing board with the bananas tomorrow this gal doesn't give up that easy.

Sue hang in there with this diet. You have a lot of other issues going on and some of the symptoms you are describing may not have been due to what you were eating just that day. This could also have been a stomach virus or a detox only you can tell that now that it is a few days out. How are you doing now?

I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved pets. Losing them so close together is a real shock to your system and doing whatever it takes to honor the loss and then fill the gap with loving energy is vital for your future health.

Stress and losses can take a toll on the human body a year or more post shocks. There is no time frame for moving through the phases of grief and loss. Honor the process. However if it is interefering with your life then seek help. There are many non-drug ways to cope and move through the process easier. It might be talking about it, prayer, meditation, long walks or other exercise, deep breathing, yoga, flower or gem essences, homeopathics, herbs, etc. Do what is right and loving for yourself while you move through it.

Some even get another pet. If you do that get one for their own joy and not as a replacement for your other loves as that's a burdon for the new one to have to bear. Animals have truly amazing gifts to share with us including helping to heal the heart wounds.

As for never having favourites as a lesson just shows the pain you are in at this moment. I pray your heart remains open to loving the whole animal kingdom and beyond.

You did not say what you were taking herbal medicine for or how long you were on it so I can't make an assessment of that part of your life and diet.

Many people come into this lifestyle to become healthier because they are not in a state of optimal health that they desire at the time they start it.

I have personally prescribed this diet for patients and even diabetics with great results. However while they were transistioning we still used herbs and homeopathics and Oriental Medicine including acupuncture. As they became healthier we wean off of the my modalities and use food as the main medicine.

I use a lot of juice therapy for different conditions like eye problems, digestive problems, people who might be experiencing cancer symptoms, mental symptoms, etc. If they include the juices many of my patients get well faster.

One point I am trying to make is one week of being on this food plan will not instantly cure you of every ailment you have. Enjoying this way of eating has long term health benefits that can be a foundation for many years in the future.

Some people need to go through a detox phase where they feel more uncomfortable before that brilliant burst of feeling good most of the time. That might take days to months depending on the person. Sometimes it is because of reactions to certain foods. IE Kale can give a lot of gas to some people. Does that mean one should eliminate kale from the diet? Depends on the person and what their goal is. Kale is an extremely healthy veggie. Finding the right food combinations for your system can be vital to your comfort.

Do your best to get as many ORGANIC NON-GMO foods into your diet as possible. It realy can make a difference.

Gas can be a normal elimination from the body and healthy people fart 14 times a day passing 1/2 liter of gas daily. (a study I found online. It had a cute chart I will attach).

I wish you the very best health. Enjoy the 80-10-10 lifestyle along with the food.




Thank's Sunny, my herbalist thought I was ill because I was grieving cos the symtoms came on straight after, I can't understand it cos i've lost many animals over the years but nothing has ever hurt like losing Angie, she wasn't even nicey nicey she made me laugh she made me cry she made me wan't to pull my hair out sometimes, & when I first set eye's on her I wasn't very impressed a bent ear, 1 eye stuck together with gunk & to top it all a broken leg which she had to have amputated.  I used to get mad with people who lost an animal & said they'd never have another now I know the pain they went through, I can understand! Still sticking to the diet, but really fell off the wagon the other day, biscuits a big lump of cheese & chocolate and yesterday I was eating raw onion I was craving even though i'd had my 2000 cals I was full but still felt starving!  I've always been underweight been veggie for years but struggling with the vegan cos since a kid I crave fat didn't like meat put wouldeat all the fat off a joint, & as a veggie heavy on butter, milk & crazy on cheese I'm really missing fat & craving it real bad, fridge is full of bad things cos hubby's a meat eater. Finding it a chore trying to eat so much i'd normally eat small amounts every hour or so, never could eat a big meal. Grapes seem to be causing problem juiced 1000 g today & yesterday gone straight through me! Struggling with lettuce so juicing it & mixing with blended fruit.  Suppose it will come right in end.

I have eaten 50 plus in a day. You just poop a little more. No problem.

Makes sense Don, thanks. Hmmm... It does seem like a fine and tricky line then- between getting enough and getting too many calories. I have felt that I would rather be on the safe side and eat more then wake up in the morning feeling bad or craving because I under-carbed. I will definitely take your words into consideration. I saw you speak at the festival and enjoyed your talks and wisdom very much. Thanks for the comment!


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