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I'm sure this has been beat to death.  And believe me, I've read a lot about it.  But reading it and doing it are two very different things.  I honestly can not figure out how to eat 2,000+ calories.  I have done smoothies, I've added in dates, I am working through a case of bananas.  I swear all I do is eat.  I'm not hungry, I'm not craving, I'm sticking to truly high carb raw vegan (my first time ever able to stick with 100% raw for longer than a day) and I can't do it.  The nutrients are there, the fat is there, protein is still low according to cronometer, but I top off with about 1200 calories a day.  And that is including the nuts I still consume in smaller amounts. 

The real problem is that I lift weights, I bike, I play competitive soccer, coach soccer, and work 8 hours bartending in a fast paced bar twice a week in addition to my desk-type job.  I obviously need quite a few calories and before going raw I didn't have any problem hitting that.

Yesterday was: 5 bananas, 18 dates, 4 cups of spinach, 1 cup of pineapple, big salad with fruit and nuts, and a two moms in the raw bar (I don't get a dinner when I work all night).  So 1300 calories, 20 grams of protein, 306g carbs, fat 15g.

For the record, I feel great and I'm not complaining.  I just feel like I'm going to crash if I can't figure out how to get more calories without adding fat.  I've been doing this for about two weeks.  Switching from a ovo-lacto veggie diet.

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how can you only eat that much??! i have a small-ish blender, (cusinart) and my smothies are between 1000 - 1500 cals each! i never bother to count the cals from greens, only fruits. in terms of cals, thats all that really matters

make it.

drink it.



if you find it hard to get your cals with a blender, your not tring!! ..sorry! :)

Does your stomach grow and get used to this quantity of food?  I really feel like I can't choke down that much food.  A smoothie for me is usually 2 bananas, several cups of greens, a pear, and some pineapple.

first thing id do if i were you, is to have a mono smoothie. its less work on your digestion so you may find it easyer to digest.

...i surpose it does although i 'learnt' how to do this on cooked food. in a three month period i went from nine stone to twelve, whilst still keeping my body fat fairly low, (strong flat stomic, was how a judged this). eat to live!!

dont worry about the greens so much at first and dont worry about counting them as a cal source ether! 2 bananas is a waste of time!!...next time you go to the blender make a five/six banana smoothie, only add water, drink it untill its all gone! (if you find this hard, the faster you do it the easyer it will go down!) make your smoothie, stand at the counter and drink it!  every two/three days up the amount of bananas by two-ish. once your at 1000cals and happy with it, then start adding things to it. some ppl have issues combing pears, so once your happy with a 1000 cal smothie, add them! ..see if you do. if you do, you know to stop adding them! ;)

*start mono

*increase incrementally

*keep it simple

*once settled, start having fun with what works for you!


You lack energy because it appears you are not eating that many carbs.  Only 5 bananas and 18 dates? Only 1 cup of pineapple? You need at least 3x more fruit. 

more dates! maybe cut out the nuts too. they don't digest well with fruits, and it's really easy to overdo it. if we were out in nature, nuts would only be available for a short period of time in the fall and we'd have to try to crack them open without our modern tools. it wouldn't be sustainable long term.

2000 calorie diet broken into four meals of 500 calories or more usually is what works for me.

If you feel great right now, don't add stress obsessing over what you should- that's what'll make you crash.

Really, you should be eating 5 bananas a meal, think of it as your base. Add the rest, whatever it is you feel like, for variety. Same way most people would have bread, or pasta, or something else in a SAD diet.

Are you underweight? Or come from a background of under-eating? I have the opposite problem- I can eat all day, regardless, whatever is nearby without much thought put into it. On this diet, it's a blessing, but the way I was eating? Chips, multiple sandwiches, snack cakes- oh boy, what a problem!

It may take fifteen minutes to eat five bananas, but I find it easiest to pull five from a bunch (which usually have seven to eight bananas on them) peel them monkey style while still attached to each other, and slice them or nibble on them the way I would nibble at potato chips. Maybe you could do this either the night before  or in the morning, and put them in a baggie in their 5banana servings to carry around with you during the day.

Breakfast: bananas and whatever else you feel like.

Lunch/break at work: bananas in a baggie

Soccer practice: bananas in a baggie

Bartending/Dinner preparation: banana in a baggie, handful at a time.

Put it in a bag, make it "snack food" and, to me, at least, it's manageable fun snacking without guilt.

Maybe that doesn't work for you... but I guess the question is not how many calories are you getting in, but what your relationship is with the actual process of eating? Is it pleasureful, or fun, for you? Or is it some chore you'd hate regardless of the type of food you'd be eating? One raw fresh egg only has 72 calories, one medium banana has 105- this should be easier, not harder.

Good way to look at things.  I'm overweight and have quite a few issues with food.  One of those people that has been on a diet since teenage years.  In the past I have eaten well, then binged on pizza or something equally awful for you.  I just need to learn to binge on fruit I guess.

I did end up eating an apple and about 20 dates for lunch.  So everyone's suggestions are very appreciated and I feel like I have a little more direction now.  I think switching from high fat raw last year to low fat raw might be part of my problem.  I've read so many things about doing veggies instead of fruit and limiting sweet fruits for candida and blood sugar.  I guess it feels like information overload and difficulty breaking old habits.

I keep reading about how much to eat, none of it seems feasible.  Thank you all for trying to help me how to figure out how to fit in food.  

Look, it's absolutely nothing to beat yourself up over- that's what makes this such a great community; we're all going through this. I've been doing it for a bit over a month, and I'm still not perfect at it... I *just* had to stop myself from binging on some snackfood in the kitchen because some part of me says "You had the amount we agreed upon, you can't have bananas for another few hours" and I admit, I did have a handful of chips before going to the bananas and filling up two cups of water. Because I had to stop, say "I'm NOT done. And I don't need permission to have more." To myself. Because no one is controlling me but me.

It's like... well, for instance, at my grocery store, they've had reusable bags available for a long time- and a large majority of our customers, wanting to do the right thing, bought them- have HUGE quantities of bags... yet keep forgetting to use them! Leave them at home, leave them in the car... either buy more, defeating the purpose, or, worse, say hell with it, and use the plastic bags.

A lifetime of habit is REALLY hard to break. But they get it, eventually, and then it becomes natural to bring in their bags and not feel like they are breaking a rule somehow by having bags in the cart when they're shopping.

We'll get this. I'm not sure why the stigma over fruits... delicious wonderful fruits... but I do know, for me, the difficulty lay with still having the mindset of when I was five, and my mother scolded me for eating all the grapes in one sitting when we had JUST gotten home from the store with them. It all stems back to me having to give myself permission to do what's best for me, what my body wants me to have.

i had very serious candida issues due to being on a cocktail of antibiotics for 8/9 months. acidosis is all gone. candida is all gone. energy is high and very, very steady!  if you continue to struggle eating enough carb cals from raw food youd be much better off, (in my experience) going to clean cooked carbs, as oppossed to nuts. if you still eat alot of raw fiber, (a saled) with these cooked carbs this helps with digestion   ...if you fill in the gaps of hunger with high fat foods you are likely to have issues..




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