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Hi Everyone,

First I am so grateful to everyone for being on this site and so freely giving away advice to others based on experience, changes and success.

I am in recovery from alcoholism and currently in a treatment facility in Venice CA. I go grocery shopping have my phone etc so have alot of time to read and learn and find success and hopefully change my life. Going 100% raw has become such an inspiration Freelees story just captured me. I am currently about 30lbs overweight im 5'2 140 and 27 years old i have access ot the gym for about 45 mins 5 times a week. I could really use some help on what to do because i obviously dont know how to ltake care of myself LOL and need some serious guidance. Workout tips or exercises, what and when and how much to eat?

Also how do i let the staff now iam doing this for my health and mind and soul if they get suspicious. I want to succeed and then be able to help others just like myself find the raw way of life.

Thank you all.

Peace and Love



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Hi Jackie!

What a beautiful way to start the morning  with your mail! Thank you for sharing! I think you're amazing! Your honesty and openness about your lifeprocess and challenges moves me and YOU inspire ME! I am new to this community and 3 weeks ago I transitioned to a raw vegan lifestyle and I love it. I am also happy and grateful for being part of this raw community. What I do to maintain staying on the right track and path that my whole system is saying YES to - is that I make sure to surround myself with positive supportive people - especially in moments when I feel extra challenged by things coming up from within that are releasing as a result of choosing this lifestyle. Spending enough time with myself,strong and close to my core essence is essential to me. And as long as I make sure I stay in a loving state  - doing activities that support a healthy relationship with myself - nothing is disturbing my continuing process of living my purpose and sharing with others what I find meaningful. I choose still meditation, my own yoga and dance movements at home to keep my body soft and smooth and keep on letting go of stiffness. It gives me amazing results! What I also find helpful is to write on a daily basis - whatever I feel I need to express. It has been a great help for several years now. And I will keep on doing it. Wish you the best on your journey! Blessings to you Jackie! Love, Lena

WOW thank you soo much for you warmth and kindness!! i really appreciate it. I would love to add you as a friend but HAHA i dontknow how! so new to this stuff! have you seen any major changes in yourself iin the past 3 weeks?

Oh yes!! My overall health is changing big time for me. It's amazing experiencing this. I'm 100% raw. I have less pain where I have had extremely pain. Water in knee is almost gone. My skin is so much clearer. I loose weight and it feels so great 'cause I do not think of it. I just see and realize that as a part of this lifestyle. I sleep better. I go to  bed around 9pm and get up between 5 and 6 am. I feel happier. I am sensitive to feel what's going on inside of my body too. I can see more clearly now - energetically. I am more patient with myself and I feel that I am more grounded, naturally still and able to listen within to what feels right for me at every moment as I go along with  my life. I have to say that I love life more than ever before. I experience that a lot within my bodily system is re-balancing itself and that creates good health for me.

I feel blessed by finding out about this community. This lifestyle means A LOT to me. I am beginning to change even more into vegan way of living. Texture of clothing etc. Feels right and oh, so good! Lena



I second what Lena Merete wrote! Yoga has helped me when I was in a bad place, it helps sort my thoughts! As for exercise, I like bodyweight exercises! And also long walks and sessions on the elliptical! I make sure to really try to understand what my body is telling me, what it needs and what it wants. I know can distinguish between cravings (physical) and wants (mental cravings). I could never do that before and it feels so good to understand that I don't  need a large warm meal of pasta doused in oil and a fatty sauce on top. I just remembered something I associate with that, maybe because it was my mother's recipe, I miss my mother. Then I just talk to her instead! And the cravings disappear! 

Wish you luck on your journey to better health and a more fulfilling life! :D

Thanks soo much any feedback on which excersices or routine? what about food do i eat only three meals or can i graze throughout the day on fruit little by little?

I only do as much exercise as I feel for. Today, for example, was only a 30 minute walk with my dog. It's not important to get crazy amounts of exercise. The point is to be active, to eat enough fuel to make life FUN! For some, that is running marathons, riding their bike across the country or being a yogi master. For others it is about being able to have the energy to do the job they love and also having enough energy at the end of the day to play with their kids. 

This lifestyle will give you loads of energy, the exercise is just a way to use that energy in a constructive manner =) But it's also a lot of fun! Just do something you enjoy! Take dance lessons, lift weights (search youtube for good exercise routines), do yoga, start running (be careful to go easy at the beginning and build your stamina over time), bike around your neighborhood, explore your surroundings! Take a hike with someone close to you or alone, it doesn't matter. Just be sure to do something that you know you will stick to. If you HATE weightlifting, just don't do it. If you hate something, you won't stick with it. 

As for food, whatever feels good to you. Some people can't handle large amounts of food in one sitting, so they spread it out over the day. I have 4 meals a day, my breakfast and evening meals are the largest. This is just personal preference, as I tend to be hungriest in the morning and evening. Lunch and dinner are not big faves, so I try to eat my greens here! Not much calories, but a lot of nutrients! My fruit meals are where my calories come from. In the beginning, I had to snack throughout the day between my meals to get enough calories. Now I can eat 1500 cals worth of food in a sitting, no problem! Just start with as much fruit as you care for and progress from there =) 

Well it's awesome your going to detox from a lot of poison you already have in your body so just know its going to be a great challenge. I think you just tell them what your doing I mean you are in Venice I am sure there are many there, Also live life and have fun because when you eat fruit and raw you have so much Energy its amazing.

Wish you the best I have been there where you are so I know its a huge challenge. Not just the fruit but the recovery also.

If you ever need to just talk message me I don't mind lending an ear or you get cravings I read many people on here do I don't know I am blessed so far I have not it's very weird lol.

thank you this really means alot. i will definately be contacting you for advice and hopefully support and i hope i can offer something to you aswell. how long have you been CLEAN food body and mentally?

i recently read the book 'Potatoes Not Prozac' as recomended by DR. if your dealing with addiction, especially alcoholism, i would very highly recomend it. the book is about how some brains are wired for simple carbs, (alchool) to reak havoc. i would VERY much recomend you read this book.

regards, james :)

Hi Jackie!!

I am so happy for you! I have many people in my family that deal with alcoholism and I pray everyday for their recovery. I think the most important thing is concentrating on healing your body and wellness and when your body is healed and healthy, you will lose the weight. It is just natural. When you sleep enough (9+ hours a night), eat enough (3000+ calories a day), drink enough water (3+ liters a day), and focus on being good to your body (think of it as spoiling yourself with the truly good things in life: sugar, water, sleep, rest, prayer (doesn't have to be religious: it could be meditation), and healthy relationships), your body will shine, like your insides do. When you are good to it, it heals from the inside, out. So you may not lose weight right away, but when your body is healed and ready, it will drop the weight. Don't focus too much on getting enough exercise or the "right" exercises in (of course there are exercises that can tone certain places of your body: abdominals if you have a big belly or squats if you want to improve your rear and legs), but focus on just being active. The fun part of this lifestyle is that you can just do the things that make you happy and you enjoy as exercise and you will get fit. You don't need to do mundane, drab elliptical or free weights exercises to get out all of the fat and toxins from a Standard American Diet/ Lifestyle. You can just swim, hula hoop, hop-skotch, dance, run, jump, play, tennis, basketball, walk, etc. Just get active and enjoy the world around you! Especially in Venice! I love Venie Beach so much! I love to rollerblade and they have such a fun culture and clean area to do that safely (without getting hit by a car). You should try that if you can make it down to the waterfront. Or swim in the ocean! I feel nothing to be more cleansing and beautiful than playing in the beautiful natural bodies of water mother nature has to offer. I am so happy for you! please friend me and if you ever need any help, don't hesitate to ask. You have come to a beautiful, supportive community and they are people here who will look out for you and help you. I am so happy for you!

Hi Jackie!

First of all I just wanted to say: Way To Go! 

It's wonderful your program lets you do your own grocery shopping.  From my experience, staff in facilities like yours are mostly watching for eating disorders.  Clearly you're bringing in lots of food, they just might be surprised in the amount and wondering how you can be consuming that much without it coming back up.  If they're not commenting on the bags of unhealthy food others are bringing in, they shouldn't bother you about what you're eating.  Still, if I were you, I'd be prepared to answer the basic questions about protein, sugar, fat and such.  If you're lucky, the bonus comes when you get to have a discussion about nutrition with an obese nurse--that's really a lot of fun!




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