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so, i just had datorade for the first time and i have to say, i'm in love! i was worried at first that i would think it was too sweet but it's SO nice. has anyone tried this and if so, have any good ideas for additions?

my boyfriend loved it as well and he's wanting to try flavor combinations by adding different fruit. i remember reading about datorade recipes on here the other day but i couldn't find that thread again. i think i saw that some people like to add cinnamon and vanilla beans but i also read that cinnamon is toxic and unnecessary so i was a bit confused. 

ideas? it's great on it's own, for sure, but i'm always up for something new and creative!

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What about adding figs or mulberries?  I haven't tried it, but I intend to.  Has anyone else tried adding figs, mulberries, or any other types of dried fruit besides dates when making a dried fruit blended shake (ie, "datorade")?  It would be great to find out others' experience with this.....

I would imagine that it might NOT make sense to add fresh watery fruits to the mix, because these normally digest faster than dates (and faster than bananas), but maybe when the fruit is all blended together with water, perhaps it doesn't matter????  This is one area of experimentation that I haven't gotten to yet, but hope to get to soon, so any tips would be appreciated!  Thanks, Bridgette, for taking the initiative to post the question and start the dialogue!

i've never had a mulberry! what is it like? i've never seen them around here but then, i've never looked. i will be sure to look for them at the health food store next time as i'm interested now. thank you! and i was thinking the same thing about the watery fruits - my boyfriend was thinking mango but i'm still not great with food combining so i couldn't remember if that would work or not. 

thanks for the reply!

Mulberries are a very perishable berry like sweet/acid fruit of many colours,black,red,pink or white (grows on a large tree though(silkworms!!!!!!),unlike most berries.They are normally eaten fresh from the tree,or soon after(in date smoothie maybe!!!!!!!,like you would with other berries,like strawberries or blueberries.They are not normally seen in shops or markets in the fresh state being so perishable,only frozen are sometimes seen or dried powder form.


Dried mulberries can be found online and in certain health food stores.  They are very tasty, and I feel like they seem to have a sort of grounding quality that most other berries or fruit doesn't have, probably because they are high in minerals.  Having said that, I don't eat them very often, because I'm not a big fan of dried fruit, but I plan to experiment with blending them with water and see what happens.  I don't think it's a great idea to eat dried fruit without first re-hydrating it in water, though; the dried fruit sugar sticks to the teeth, which is very bad, and, besides that, dried fruit is not great from a digestion standpoint, but I think that rehydrating it by blending it with water (or at least soaking it in water) makes it a lot more digestable....

thank you both! i am intrigued!

I had a datorade today with 13 dates and 4 bananas! Just added a tiny bit of water to get the blender going! Yumm, creamy sweetness ensued! 

we've been waiting for our bananas to ripen, so i can't wait to try this!

Strawberries! I'm in heaven just writing it...

Raspberrries are also OK. But can't beat STRAWBERRIES!!! imo :)

ooh yum! i might try that today!

oh. my. i just tried it with strawberries and i'm tempted to go make another right now! SO GOOD. thank you for that suggestion!

My favorites:

8 dates  plus 1 banana

dates, papaya, strawberry

I'm going to buy some dates today, sounds so good.  Do you have to peel the dates?  I saw Freelee doing that in a video.


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