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Where do folk buy your dates in UK? 
Have you found fresh ones?

There must be some kind of wholesale "date people" type dealio...though I have not found anything. At all. 

The only dates I have come upon are those dried up Suma ones. Are they good to eat?
I'm in Bristol and dates seem to be lacking....

Please share your date informations here. 

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I just bought the most gorgeous dates online from a UK distributor of Palestinian products.  Palestinian dates are truly superb: http://www.yaffa.co.uk/category_s/48.htm

Hey Fellow Bristolians.. I should let a secret out, although It might meen I'll have to get up earlier to get my dates!


St phillips trading estate / fruit market, the organic section every weekday between 8am-10am. The BEST mejool dates I have come across. Also extremely cheap!! I go in and buy around 50 for anything between £7-£10 depending on the guys mood!





Have you tried yaffa.co.uk they do 5kg boxes and deliver in the UK...


I have just ordered 10kg!


Hope this helps!

Thanks for the resource, but these are really expensive :( I've been buying fresh Kalmia dates in random Middle-eastern fruit shops for 1.89 each per standard box. I am not sure about their production and they are not organic but they are good and fresh. I tend to buy deglet nours organic for 1.49 per 250 grams.

Hi Holi, I've just moved to Bristol for uni. It's great to find someone else in the area!

So far I've found Harvest on Gloucester Road the best place for dates (cheaper than scoopaway anyway). You can get them by the scoopful and if you mention you're a student they give you 10% off whatever you buy :)

Sainsbury's and Tesco sell trays of organic medjool dates. Around 9 for £2. They're very good.

i was in sainsbury's today and i came across some organic 100% dates, no preservatives or oil (sainsbury's so organic range). £1.89 (if i remember!) for 250g bag, they were in the dried fruit baking section btw.

ok i just opened a bag up to try so i can let you guys know, they are YUM. they're really sweet and juicy. :p they say they're deglet noor dates on the pack but taste and look like medjool dates to me. :)

i just looked on the website to see if i got the price correct and they're not listed.. maybe they're are a new stock?? anyway it reminded me of the crazy jacks organic dates. same weight and price of the sainsbury's ones and they're not too bad from what i remember.

Sainsbury's have two types of organic dates, the range that you're talking about also have nice dried, dark apricots and very good dried figs. The dates are not as nice as the medjool dates which are usually in another area in the supermarket. 

I get mine from http://haverawcakeandeatit.co.uk/raw_food_uk/DATES.html

They deliver once a month and are organic and raw.  I get 10kgs a month but I'm trying to cut down - they are so good! :)

Thanks for, that just got a box and they are great ;)

There are organic medjool dates at Tesco for £1/100g as well as 'conventional' halawai dates for £0.50/100g and neglet nour for £0.66/100g. Not the best deal ever but they are free from oil and syrup, I'll be going on a 15h flight soon so I'll definitely be buying some for that :P


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